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  1. Just wish to see a final official name list of all graduates somewhere today CEO never disappoints Fanyus with his galaxy thoughts and timing to show his White Wall, Seimei pose, bye-bye hands and sunshine smiles p.s. Yuzu, could you please eat a bit more? Looks thinner (again?)?
  2. Haha, thanks and you are probably right! My mind seems not working properly once jumping to guess that we may hear about him in 32 hours Luckily it’s Friday, no more work this week!
  3. What’s their server capacity... wonder if they ever imagine how many Pooh bears may be attracted...? lol Off topic - saw this from weibo by chance: was that a plate of cactus toy among the mountains of gifts for Yuzu (5th pic) ?! Had he kept it himself?... https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4545222895469779
  4. Omg, how can Fanyus time the 10M viewing done today to celebrate the confirmation of Yuzu’s graduation status!!! Is it within Fanyus’ or Hanyu’s calculation?
  5. Perhaps plus streaming to simulate the entire competition week from showing up at airport, OPs per day, 6-mins, SP, FP, award ceremony, gala too, to help train the heartbeat and do the breathing exercises! Or idk how to survive when he is ready and competes again
  6. Seriously, can you feel the “special” love today? His love to himself/family, coaches, fans, ppl working in the sports and related industries, medical professions etc... How can one not love /admire /respect this boy more each day, when he keeps raising the standards as an athlete, OG champion, university student, leader of the sports... while being an ordinary human-being, a kid after all I hope Yuzu would know - thank you very much for your decision, we are happy that you are healthy and happy, so you can be happy as fans are happy too. Will be patiently waiting to see you again soon
  7. Everything he thinks and does is just so Extra Ordinary. The boy never fails to impress or deliver - with his 300% efforts and 120% response level Out of my curiosity, in japan universities, what are recognitions like honors or Dean’s list available for the best in class? Just ask first so that I would understand should it be announced later on Thanks first! And for all the postings and translations!
  8. Yuzu will support his two Pooh-san companions too! Actually can someone ask the boy if there is a chance in the future - whether he primarily keeps one in Canada and one in Japan, or carries both wherever he goes?
  9. Yes I thought immediately the same thing too! Wash your hands first please If he wasn't meant to show the watch, it might hint he is actually doing “something even harder or crazy but I am not telling you” lol
  10. Talking about this kid... wonder if there is a longer version of the footage where he patted Brian’s shoulder and ran away (8:07)? So cute and such a big contrast, vs the king showing up with the troop of army at the beginning of this mad...
  11. Rebooted my mobile phone twice yesterday wondering what went wrong Just realised today is already 6 months from Yuzu’s 4CC SP record day! Was my first time watching him live!! Coincidentally, today is also the day (unplanned) I got his Aoi Hono books!!!
  12. So he did a moving spin holding his legs (don't know how to call but love it!) like what he did in RJ1 or White Legend, but not in Origin or Otonal? The cool mist in the ice rank makes the scene even more fairy tale like as Yuzu skated...
  13. Just want to share that I finished re-watching Yuzu’s all junior and senior performances, interviews and etc since Mar. Life has been unbelievably, extremely tough for him in many many ways, physically (asthma, injuries, illness...), environmentally (rink closure, earthquake, not-favorites, unfairness), financially (expensive sports esp in his baby/younger days) and mentally (pressure from himself within, others, etc)... It was quite hard to watch certain parts and multiple times, even if I watched few rounds before. But he has made it thru, and made the journey extra ordinary, with his brain and thoughts like no others, and his first-class conduct and personality (just so unreal)... Trust no one on earth when facing all those same situations would act /respond and come to the same place as he is now. Think our Best-Conduct-in-Class knows all things going on now, and might just laugh a bit and take it easy. Can imagine he would probably prefer coaches and designers to get more recognition for their efforts and great work, as he would appreciate and care about others first (while of course he has, and he knows he has, support from family and fans). What’s on his mind is likely... following Toronto timing to sleep, skate, study and play games at japan home, so that he can go rink in late nites and Zoom skating with coaches live. Or his galaxy brain is already busy thinking about themes and rundown structure of CWW Two...
  14. Found from some chats - in Satomi’s draft design page, blue was marked as an alternative if Yuzu did not like it pink. This means he chose Pink!
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