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  1. Hope Yuzu has been taking a good break, stays safe and healthy! Already miss him much... Wonder if he has decided to keep or change his SP music choice yet? Just went through this music chats thread again, and enjoy many of the classicals and music pieces (actually learnt a lot too, thanks satellites!). If more ideas are wanted (say if he is lurking!), as SP, gala, or the future Continue With Wings or Fly with Wings tours (I wish!), maybe we add more for his consideration too, e.g.: Pop/Rock: I was born to love you... by Queen (great to see him here too)
  2. OT. Guess this is okay to share or may delete if inappropriate
  3. Actually is there a latest thread where music choices are collected for Yuzu (or from other platforms)? Wonder if there is a way to let him be aware and check them out in case he may be interested or run out of new ideas..
  4. I watched it yesterday twice and felt it was increasing by 200-300 views per 9+ min when clicking it to rewatch for the second time. Now it is 15,998,890 as I saw! So it will likely happen within the next hour
  5. Yuzu, THANK YOU very much for the FP performance! You have worked hard and grow stronger further. Hope you take good rest tonight and have fun, stay safe & healthy in the next two days!!! Again objective met today - feeling happy, conforming and motivated from watching your performance - lives are full of challenges, troubles, lies... some battles to fight hard, some battles to let go in order to leave room to prepare for the next ones, we are all the same as said and will continue
  6. Yuzu, thank you very much for the SP performance! Feel happy, entertained and energized now, despite the difficult times - objective met!!
  7. Actually that was a different QQ room than the usual room, just not sure if it is run by same Panda guy or not. Anyway, thanks the host! Yuzu, many thanks, and stay safe & healthy!!
  8. Hi! Is this correct live one? http://live.qq.com/10134328 Just browsed the rooms randomly.. try?
  9. Yuzu, thank you for saving the earth again, and now coming home safely. Please stay healthy and away from covid, asthma and whatever evils out there I have at least two more takeaways from this wc trip, other than securing the country quota and his 7th wc medals: - he can control and perform at that high level even in such condition, as if his night-walking in a way! I watched the free again and again yesterday and it wasnt that bad (but still underscored, right?!) He is even better from his prior years as he said explicitly - also reading from interview translations,
  10. Big hugs to Yuzu along with Pooh rains, virtually in my mind... For this WC to begin with, naturally Yuzu would feel he must compete to fight for 3 quotas to ensure he contributed to his beloved country. Yet I also felt he wanted to earn his place by himself too, not relying on others and not taking seats won by others, even if not knowing he would want to compete or not at this point. The entire preparation process, trip and competition were tough all the way for him, considering no coach, covid, judging... Nevertheless, mission is accomplished now, plus the 7th wc me
  11. Thanks! Hope she and all satellites are all well these days, despite missing a lot
  12. Sorry may I ask an off topic question - is she not writing any more or just moved to another blog? Her analysis has been v informative and helpful for new joiners like me to learn about FS and understand more after each Yuzu’s competition or gala performance... and her GIFs are great..
  13. Just wish to see a final official name list of all graduates somewhere today CEO never disappoints Fanyus with his galaxy thoughts and timing to show his White Wall, Seimei pose, bye-bye hands and sunshine smiles p.s. Yuzu, could you please eat a bit more? Looks thinner (again?)?
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