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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/kose_sekkisei But I dont know Japanese at all, hahaha
  2. Actually SKII is owned by P&G, but not sure that’s the concern... (or wonder they realised it late in having him for cosmetics!)
  3. It took me a little while to recall this: isn't that Princess Knight by Tezuka Osamu?
  4. Mama Hanyu (or sister) would keep a full collection for him i think!
  5. Such great news in the morning! Just that, and I don't mind, my faces are these again within 2 hrs Overlord, all are happy for you!!! Stay healthy! Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We will get there! Hope you take good rest and go dinner with family!!!
  6. Still no photos... maybe we can do a guess-on-what-page-the-1st-pic-of-Overlord-pops-up game in the meantime... but no prize! Yet I saw, weibo fanyus said Mama Hanyu was there watching, smiling and waiting for Yuzu to walk back to the entrance/exit these 2 days And now I begin to think I understand more why this Bravest Boy is not skipping ice shows for recovery... cos he would be doing his jumps anyway!!!
  7. Woke up to think we might have pics from local tv news but none??!! PH is a v lovely place! We may have fun on our own until 100 pages are reached, lol
  8. After catching up 20+ pages and 2 games of French Open, there are still no pics! Overlord, staying healthy and happy is fine!
  9. Thanks all for the links and updates! Wish I were there too. Lucky some of you! Looks like his hands are all fine now? Overlord, pls use towel tomorrow!
  10. Oh! I had simply thought the white was the mask and the black was Phantom’s hand!
  11. As always, Overlord makes ppl forget about time... and I am still rewatching... fighting of the red and black hands, and the crystal mermaid... Thanks all and again for the links and this chatroom!!
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