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  1. Yes luckily! And I still feel I was in a dream, all are unbelievable, and I cant really tell or describe in words his performance or him, a Real and yet so Special person on this earth (despite just seeing him from afar)... I wont be able to go Montreal next or other competitions or ice-shows soon as it is really difficult and also a matter of luck to get tickets, but think he can feel the many of us out there supporting and cheering for him, no matter where we are or what the results will be. Yuzu, please continue to have fun skating, enjoy the Pooh rains and do whatever you like! Thanks again for allowing me/us to join the 2nd half of your journey post-PC indeed.
  2. Dear Yuzuru, Not sure if or when you may get to read this (or never), I just want to share a few words as I have been speechless for over a week since coming back from 4CC where you completed the Super Slam... It was an amazing journey when I started to recognise your name and you as a 2OGM skater today two years ago. Thanks very much again for being there and being yourself, even if you don't know me /us and you don't need to act for anyone else but yourself. Remember you are loved, not just because you can win /have won /will win again, but also because you work hard, have the great attitudes towards people, life and the sports, and can lose /can afford to lose too - believe you are the only one who dances gracefully regardless if it is at the top of peak or bottom of valley. ”Success is not final; failure is not fetal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” After all, life is such a long journey, so you don’t need to win every battle. To continue with wings, you may still choose different types of feathers, size of wings, distance to travel, destinations to reach and number of checkpoints in between... The future is bright and remains unlimited.. My favourite Pooh sayings: “Rivers know this. There is no hurry. We will get there some day”. Hope you are Happy and Healthy. May all your wishes come true. Stand with you.
  3. In the midst of coronavirus concerns and hence a little struggle to go Seoul or not, it helps the decision when knowing Yuzu will (definitely still) go and compete with the programs changed! Whatever programs he will skate are fine, as think just have to trust him and his super-computer-calculation in his brain. He will not be Yuzuru Hanyu if he thinks in ordinary or normal ways. And no matter which programs he will skate, I dont know if I would survive anyway Yuzu, stay Healthy and Happy! All the Best!!! Just cant wait to see your airport arrival photos soon!
  4. Sorry for another beginner’s question - is it only practice at MR open for watching (with all-event or practice tickets)? Not those practices at PR?
  5. Thanks v much @katonice for the venue info! In fact I am a bit nervous about how to get there, and it seems v cold in Seoul these days Sorry for my dummy questions below as, if everything (my work and home stuff) goes on track (fingers crossed!), I am going to make my own history record to watch 1st sports competition live and most importantly to watch Yuzu /Mr Hanyu /Prince /King /CEO live at 4CC in 3 weeks’ time! I booked all-event tickets luckily (before knowing if Yuzu would go or not). But i wont arrive until 7th morning, so would they still keep the tickets for my pick-up on 7th without releasing them for purchase when i didnt show up on 6th, correct? Is it just my credit card and ID /passport they need for ticket collection? And so I won’t need to get extra practice and gala tickets to get in, correct? As I bought 2 tix, will only one ticket have my name printed and the other left un-named? Wonder if my friend can get into and out of the rink freely without me together at all times? Or will her name be also registered on ticket upon my check-in? When will Gala likely finish? 3hrs from 1730-start? Asking as my friend may have to leave earlier to catch the night plane. And yes, if she must leave after FS, can I bring another guest using same ticket? (If both yes, perhaps I may invite one of you interested and don’t mind to join me and take the seat for Gala, for I know v difficult to get one even although my section isn't of good view I’m afraid... ) Sorry for the many questions (and I may have more to come, lol). Thanks!!!
  6. Perhaps less popular choice - White Legend, to echo his first 4cc competition and his first OGM- EX program. Actually both black and white swans are magical i find, like ballet on ice
  7. Yes I guess so too, and so I was trying hard to get 4CC tickets today but with no luck Not sure if there is miracle to make the first trip for Yuzu possible and sooner... will continue to hope and try!!
  8. No luck today! Is there additional day(s) that organiser will release remaining tickets (if any)? Or is there secondary channel or website that resells tickets?
  9. Just like most of you, not going anywhere or cant get to payment page after clicking some apparently-available seats
  10. Good morning! If one is lucky enough, are we supposed to book all different days single tickets first and pay at the end, or must pay for each day separately if you know?
  11. Why am I crying? Seriously, it must have been such an amazing and wonderful journey for satellites to go through the rollercoaster rides with him with confidence and love in the decade, knowing that he was going to be the shinning one and is shinning... And so will continue to shine and fly high... gracefully...
  12. How can he be always so sweet and lovely!!! Heart just melt... Since I heard his name from like-10-seconds of sports news from his 2 OGMs, I started searching and watching his prior programs, one season after another; was initially only out of curiosity wondering why he is so much loved by fans and how strong and dominant an athlete he is; but eventually found v amazing that I have watched his entire men’s competitions (until PC) without thinking to stop at any point. All programs are great and hit ppl’s hearts with different feelings. And after watching the first competition live (ACI 18) from internet, just feel the need or urgency to keep following his live competitions even if I can only do it by internet/tv so-far... For those who are “clicked” and touched by his performance, the antenna of satellites and his planet are then tuned to the right frequency and so can communicate well going forward... here it forms the constellation. Just feel lucky myself to have recognised him (at least not too late yet)! But envy those who realise his talent and character early-on and follow him all the way Wish Yuzu and you all have a very Happy and Healthy 2020!!!
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