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  1. Me too, only until after almost 10 mins now. Yuzu, you did your best today and stay healthy!! Thank you!! Be happy!!
  2. Dear Yuzu , all the Best on your Birthday! Step by Step, and everything will be fine!! We, Coaches and Pooh are all here with you, No Matter What!!!
  3. Thanks Coach Ghislain for being there finally. Perhaps unpopular thought - but I do hope media give him and Yuzu time and peace of mind to catch up and prepare for the free tomorrow, and only reveal what happened and review what could have been avoided or improved afterwards. Every hour /minute /second counts now... in less than 24 hours... The birthday video is just fun to watch! It would have been nice if someone can show it to Yuzu - hopefully can either make him smile or cry with happy tears a bit to help release some of the tensions before the FP Mr Hanyu, Happy Birthday!!! Wish you Healthy and Happy always, and give yourself big claps and smiles tomorrow
  4. Couldn't sleep much and work “extra productively” today when keep thinking of yesterday. So much the mixed feelings to say, but suddenly got them behind after going through the morning OP! Thanks all for uploading the OP videos and updates!!! Those scary moments, but good that we support each other here, and this Boy wholeheartedly. It is work-in-progress, but trust he did land in a harness at certain % or he wouldnt try without it. He wont be 2OGM if he thought in ordinary ways. So trust him, as he said before, for the roller coaster rides ahead. Time will come one fine day. Let’s keep praying and wishing him Healthy Always 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  5. He is still a little Boy here! *Hug Hug* Omg this closer angle.. felt the frustration and let it out, our boy, tomorrow is a new day... Exactly feeling the same. I started after knowing him from PC OGM. Had missed the chance to accompany him for the long journey to come Top of the World Twice... so proud of him to continue competitions and strike the excellence despite adversity. Yuzu, sorry that roads are always uphill not easy, waves are high and seas are always rough for you. But the technical and mental ability to win, to lose and to comeback makes you the True Champion that no scoring systems can reveal that. If this is the second half of your competitive career, the best is yet to come - just a timing issue, it will come one fine day. After all, you are competing against yourself, the-now and the-then-Mushroom, what is harder than overcoming oneself! Trust yourself. We stand with You. ALWAYS. No Matter What.
  6. Baby Mushroom, you are loved no matter what! Hope to give you a big big hug
  7. Yuzu, Trust Yourself! Trust your Training!! just be Healthy and Happy!!! We are here, Pooh is here, Mushroom is here Step and Step, Ganbette!!!
  8. Reality is... at home Pooh twins are wearing the two olympic gold medals everyday, one each!!! Otherwise where is better to place them
  9. Good boy! Stay Healthy and Happy! You are not alone as we from all over the world are standing with you!!!
  10. Actually is he a JSF rep or Yuzu’s PA? Who is the baby though, Pooh or Yuzu?
  11. Actually this little story was briefly noted on the description plate for the gloves that he donated to the Olympic Museum at Lausanne... after mentioning his 2 OGM since Dick Button, it continued: “A few months beforehand, a competition in Canada, as he stepped onto the ice and put his gloves on, he realised that he had taken two right-hand gloves! This clearly failed to put him off...”
  12. Good boy keeps warm today (am an old grandma worrying he wore too little in Sapporo...). and has a nice short haircut (feeling good like R&J2...) Also like his luggages in gold color, and Mama’s in purple as seen in another photo... Just don't know which one of the Pooh twins come along this time Hallo, Baby Mushroom!! Sleep well, Relax and Everything will be Fine! you
  13. Haha, I read that and brought it too. Think it works v well for me. And I bought it in purple color by chance!! Apparently this color seems no longer available as I try find the link again...
  14. So finally he has won her love and she kissed him back ... no wonder he is transformed into Prince Charming again, lol (while he keeps his magic to switch and fight as a fierce Beast whenever wherever he needs) And the way that he got up is just too cute, from another camera just saw
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