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  1. I think Yuzuru also matured in his interpretation over time. So far each matchup has been won by the more recent performance. Fine wine and cheese, right?
  2. What a contrast between the results in this bracket and the other one!
  3. And I'm adding to it, except the chocolate binging wasn't just today but the last couple of weeks. When this work from home period ends I may not fit into my work pants anymore
  4. ikr? I wonder if this is one of the reasons they had a green room at PyeongChang. Like, whoever owns the broadcasting rights went, "a dozen other cameras were on him at that time and we don't have exclusive rights to this?!?"
  5. Thanks, everyone! What a wonderful treat. If having just skated to Seimei contributed to Yuzuru's great energy here, that emphasizes why he returned to it.
  6. Geoblocked and I don't have a vpn Anyone know if it's available anywhere else?
  7. The Swan, Saint-Saëns #songsofcomfort pic.twitter.com/oYbRIPc394 — Yo-Yo Ma (@YoYo_Ma) March 19, 2020
  8. Nathan didn't exactly do that, but in the press conference after GPF2019 he did say something to the effect of being miles behind Yuzuru in transitions. He might even have said in skating skills in general but tbh I don't want to watch that press con again to find the exact quote.
  9. Search score is only one of the metrics they use. They also factor in social media followers and endorsement contracts. Athletes who are high on the list but have low search scores are really high in one or both of the other metrics.
  10. Somehow these statements from the official website for Stockholm 2021 are particularly troubling after our collective experience with Montreal 2020: "All-Event tickets will be available in the end of May. Day tickets will be released in September." "The All-Event Passport is one ticket that enables access to all competitions and the Exhibition Gala at Ericsson Globe." "Tickets are not refundable. There will be no exceptions to this policy. The event schedule and the competing athletes are always subject to change." [emphases added] (not sure if this belongs here or in the Montreal 2020 thread)
  11. Perhaps we could have a separate thread for coronavirus talk? It is understandably on all of our minds and we should have a place to talk about it among friends (and in an international forum), but some of us may prefer to keep that separate from the happiness we get from chatting about Yuzuru.
  12. Thank you! It was great fun to watch these back to back... and torture to have to choose. Does this determine which version goes up against the winner of the other bracket? And I'm curious, what's everyone favorite post-skate reaction?
  13. Yes, but the way he got back up again!!
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