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    The hand sliding down his leg in the final spin at 2020 4CC
  2. After the pooh rain was cleared some of the sweepers went back out and were picking up small debris off the ice. Pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if part of the delay was because they had to identify the debris to make sure it wasn't part of Yuzu's costume (which if I understand the rules--hah--would have resulted in a deduction).
  3. Maybe he'll bring back everything from PC and go with Notte Stellata, even though he already did it in Torino. I would love to see Otonal, though.
  4. Happy for those who'll be able to see him but.... Please tell me it's unreasonable to be worried about Nessie making an appearance here (in preparation for 4CC/Worlds).
  5. I think they're thumb holes, which according to google facilitate holding the sleeve in place while putting on another layer and/or prevent gaps of exposed skin between the sleeve and a glove.
  6. Expecting Chopin but kinda tickled at the idea of He could use a couple of different kinds of music and add a lecture on musicality, too. Although if he were to do stroking exercises at a gala, I think Worlds would be more appropriate as a commentary on the awards show.
  7. Probably also thanks to Google that PyeongChang Seimei on YT just hit 7.1 million views. It's still 4 hours to go 'till 2020 here in Hawaii, but the fireworks have started ramping up already so Happy New Year, everyone!
  8. First post! Sorry it's a little long. Thanks for letting me orbit the planet with you! Programs and music have come up a few times lately... ...and it crystallized something I felt while watching a bunch of videos getting up to speed as a new fan. With most skaters, how I feel about their music makes little difference in what I think of their program, but it does make a difference with Yuzuru. I think this is because most skaters either skate with music playing in the background or skate to the music, but Yuzuru skates with the music. In the first case, the skater is doing what they do and there's music playing at the same time, but there's little connection between the skater's motion and the music. In the second case, the skater matches much of their motion to the timing of the music and in some instances this reaches a level of musicality where they are also interpreting the music, using their skating to highlight or communicate something specific in the music. For me, Yuzuru does something more: he uses his skating to weave together the music, the feelings of the audience, and his own feelings into something greater than its individual parts. It's part of the reason why two performances of the same program can feel very different, because the audience and Yuzuru are different every time. (I hope someday to experience this in person.) Or as rockstar said much more succinctly and eloquently: Because H&L's music is quite different from what I usually listen to, I had to watch it several times before I understood and could feel its music, and it wasn't until I did that I really liked the program itself. (And learning more about skating helped, too.) So I think "gateway" programs like Notte and Seimei appeal to a lot of people in part because their musical language is familiar to many (although I don't know much about music theory so my opinion is informed only by my own experience).
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