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  1. I think part of it is that the collar of the ANA jacket comes up higher than those of the other white wall outfits and it's white, so it contrasts with the shadow on his neck. The bobblehead effect is more pronounced in the last part of the video where the collar is more closed.
  2. Thanks for all this work, @Henni147! Small note: there's a typo in the intro paragraph: "conquerer of multiple career-threatening injuries he has become a symbol of hope for the people and is known for his unadorned and impactful words"
  3. Is that quote from this interview at the Japan National Press Club, around 16:40:
  4. Perhaps you're thinking of @courtneymilan The whole thread is interesting:
  5. Coincidental timing? They know who brings the fans: 4.8k views in 25 minutes ETA: And half an hour later the Olympic Channel chimes in, too: ETA: not only did they spell his name correctly (of course), they also wrote it in the proper order.
  6. It's not footage but... 飲み物飲んでる羽生くんとてつもなく可愛いから見て。#羽生結弦 #YuzuruHanyu pic.twitter.com/JFiSms16aY — Deppa:)【羽生結弦】 (@yuzuru547) May 10, 2020
  7. I think there's also one on the middle level, between the 2nd and 3rd green pillars from the right, in what looks like a white JSF training jacket. You can tell it's been added because he's in front of the railing, not behind it.
  8. And I must be seeing things because I see 11
  9. How perfect that he began a video with the theme of "skate forward" with a reference to 3.11 and ended it with HYK, then had Seimei as punctuation.
  10. Congratulations! Waseda, that's not only an impressive achievement but obviously a sentimental connection as well. It's so uplifting when a student continues to study the discipline you've taught them; I feel like at the very least, I "did no harm" to their interest in it and at best helped nurture their love for it.
  11. Collectively we seem to think it's a close race for the best Chopin between the Olympic and 2020 4CC performances.
  12. Interestingly the champions are also taller than average (in comparison to the worldwide average for men born in the same year they were), except for Scott Hamilton and Yuzuru: ETA: I wonder if there's something specific to figure skating that used to favor above average height or if it's just a manifestation of the same phenomenon that, for example, leads to taller presidential candidates in the USA generally getting more of the popular vote.
  13. True! It makes it even more impressive when tall folks do land their quads.
  14. He doesn't look 25 in this gif, though. And he often exudes a childlike (but not childish) joy-in-the-moment that absolutely is adorable, not that anyone around here needs convincing of that
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