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  1. It just struck me that the title of this topic is "2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic". Back then we had no idea how long this would last.
  2. I appreciate that they've got very different designs and aesthetics. It reflects the diversity of Yuzu's programs and his fans.
  3. At 0:29 there's a board in the background with "Dreams on Ice 2013" on it.
  4. Sounds like fun! Details from @amyuzu1012
  5. Small instance of Yuzu behaving like a respectable example, and good on Yuma for picking up the practice: Google translate: Yumachi, in an interview I saw the other day, said, "I thought it was wonderful that Hanyu turned his body and applauded the players who were commended on the four continents, so I wanted to apprentice." I was☺️ This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. Here you go, summary rather than word for word translation, courtesy of @ orangesrgd (see full thread): This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  7. Thanks to the axelwithwings team: [NEWS]
  8. C-chan waxing poetic This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. Translations of the last white wall of the year This post has been tagged by robin as [NEWS].
  10. I appreciate folks who are willing to see and respond to such comments (I'm not thick-skinned enough to do it) because I hope some people are willing to question their assumptions when they're pointed out. A lot of the Eurocentrism in figure skating is willful but some of it is ignorance, and ignorance can be remedied.
  11. Saw a gorgeous full double rainbow today. It wasn't nearly as magical as Yuzu's performance, which I still have no words to describe.
  12. I think part of it is that the collar of the ANA jacket comes up higher than those of the other white wall outfits and it's white, so it contrasts with the shadow on his neck. The bobblehead effect is more pronounced in the last part of the video where the collar is more closed.
  13. Thanks for all this work, @Henni147! Small note: there's a typo in the intro paragraph: "conquerer of multiple career-threatening injuries he has become a symbol of hope for the people and is known for his unadorned and impactful words"
  14. Is that quote from this interview at the Japan National Press Club, around 16:40:
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