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  1. And Young You did a BTS medley for her Gala performance-
  2. How is it that LV basically uses the Nike swirl but enlarges it and calls it their own (the sneakers...)? Give me $2000 and I will dress you all in similar fashion. The Seoul Awards, I think, are fan voted. Sad for TXT - and no acceptance speech or thank yous from BTS? They'll likely comment on Weverse? Anyway -I'm just up after watching Jun (and annoyed at negative comments about him on that separate thread, and that's with me "ignoring " two people). Gala about to start. Lazy Sunday morning. Another reason to not make Kimchi at home: my house absolutely reeks of garlic and onions and radish.
  3. Nine years ago today (tomorrow) that Yoongi was announced as a BTS member -
  4. No to the hoodie, just because it's kind of impractical, but does look cozy. I like how he wanted it tapered because woman like shaping but it's so massive, I don't knowhow it can look anything but huge and shapeless (but, yes, cozy). I do like the lamp and he wanted so many different things from it. Once he mentions stars, I'm sure someone he was working with picked up the mikrocosmos theme. And the cube shape is really simple and modern, but nothing like his original design. Cube never came up at all, so I'm not crediting JK with the final design. But no matter. I think this is the first time merch has been less expensive on the global site (the hoodie). I'm sure this will sell out SO fast. Hobi's stuff sold the fastest so I think there is increased ARMY insanity building with each release, Hopefully, there will be restocks after the intensity of the releases has died down a little.
  5. I used homemade chunky applesauce, and I don't think I'll ever try to make kimchi again, unless it's ridiculously good. Amazing amount of work. And speaking of ridiculous - wow on Jungkooks's prices. They'll all sell out instantly because there are who knows how many ARMY who were unable to get any of the other "artist made" merch and will be desperate. I haven't watched the video yet, but will now. I will say that the description of the light is intriguing, and the precautions amusing. My favorite being "Do not put your mouth or suck on it." No problem. Who would suck on it?
  6. With apple? I never would have thought apple would be an ingredient. Thanks. I guess I won't really know how successful I am for a couple of days (for fermentation). I finally found fish sauce so think I'm a go (and the cabbage is soaking).
  7. Does anyone have a favorite kimchi recipe? I'm attempting my first batch and am stumped after I get to the "soak and salt the cabbage."
  8. Good tips for buying speedily, though anything I wanted is no longer available. But good to know.
  9. Yes, and yes, and yes. And, of course, it's been a tough couple of years for everyone, but it equally obvious that some skaters have had an advantage (I'll just use Shoma as an example, because he has, for the most part, been with his coach and able to train -). Jun was 20 in October. He is young and had to deal with getting taller and taller. He's had years of boot issues. Give him some credit for how well he has done. He was only 18 when he had to isolate and stop his training. He did get bronze at NHK; it's not like he hasn't done well elsewhere. And some federations are known for cheating. And some coaches influence that. But it is abundantly clear that Brian is not one of those.
  10. Finally, something I can absolutely say I am not interested in buying. I love a zipper on a hoodie and almost find it a prerequisite, but this sweatshirt just doesn't speak to me. The mood light is fun, but unique only because it's JK and BTS. Still, we'll see how much that will cost. Hoping that the pendant or the wind chime or the earrings or the pot set show up restocked...... There's nothing quite like printing out your credit card end-of-year statement with everything in categories to realize just how much I've spent on BTS just in the past year. Merch, music, programs, concerts (online and offline). I'm not sure that the $$ wakeup call will translate to me not buying this year, but it is kind of sobering. [This from someone who is already trying to figure out how to buy concert tickets on Korean ticket sites, as if I would be able to even secure one.]
  11. There are anti-TCC people posting negative comments about Jun and his score on the 4CC Men's SP thread saying he didn't deserve the score he got and saying it's only because Brian is his coach. It really distresses me that people can be so negative when Jun has overcome so many obstacles the past two years and worked so hard. And skated so beautifully.
  12. I don't know what influences judges (except the Eteri bump and NC's unwarranted scores) and maybe who coaches means something, but what it means, ultimately, is in how the skater skates. If there was a top notch Korean coach at Brian's level, KSF would have kept Jun there and not sent him to Toronto in his early teens. If Japan had a coach proven to help a skater with quads, Yuzu would not have wanted to go to TCC. Read about what Jun has had to deal with in the past 20 months. He hasn't had coaches at all, except for some, few middle of the night exchanges with Brian. He didn't have anyone to videotape his practices so he could send those to Brian. He has overcome a lot - and that's because of his effort, his practice, his tenacity. In Korea, it is not figure skating that gets the attention - it's speed skating, and those athletes have ice time priority (when they've had access to rinks at all). In Japan, figure skating is far more revered and their skaters have had many advantages that the Korean skaters have not. I think that some countries have been far easier to train in than either of those countries. And, of course, Brian has not now or ever taken part in "behind the scene shenanigans". What is your issue with TCC and Brian Orser? You insult Jun's hard work, his energy and dedication to his sport to impugn the score he got today. The only flaw, really, was the long telegraph into his 3A.
  13. The only error in Jun's skate was the long lead up to his 3A. Otherwise nearly flawless. And I'm with @rockstaryuzu on this one - if there was any sort of TCC bump, Yuzu would have always won and Jun would have placed higher before. Really - the Japanese skaters are great, but they've had ice time and in-person coaching. Jun has not. He has spent the last 20 months training nearly by himself with very restricted ice time. He's at an amazing disadvantage to all the skaters who have had coaches with them and ice availability. Kudos to him for being so hard working and so brilliant. (And yes, he needs to work on the telegraphing, but give him some time with actual coaches and it will happen.
  14. For when you have a spare hour plus to watch the progression of the performances -=
  15. Jun's SP - brilliant. Super high energy. He is in first.
  16. 4CC way too early for me but the Free on Sunday is at dawn do I'll watch that live. Just watched Jun's SP and he was brilliant. High energy and technically nearly perfect. Truly amazing when you think he's been practicing on his own (with difficult time zone zoom coaching) for 20 months. He's in first by 10 points!
  17. FYI: even the mini-pot set was gone in just a few seconds. I would think the bag was gone even before it went on sale. As with Jimin's earrings, I had gotten to the PayPal page and authorized the payment and it went to "sold out" in less than about 20 seconds. I'm somewhere between disappointed and really, really angry. Stuff was up for resale within a minute. Rrrrrrrrr.
  18. Jun is at such a disadvantage competing against skaters that have had almost unlimited ice time and near constant in-person coaching (Shoma, NC and even Jason, though I think Jun is technically better). Manifesting a decline in pandemic restrictions and fingers crossed that Jun is back at TCC in late spring, if not early summer. It's very heartening that he does have his TCC coaches so it seems almost a sure thing that he'll be there ASAP.
  19. Cannot stop moving. Yoongi rapping at the wall. And some guy, maybe a sound guy, sitting very quietly and calmly in the corner watching a screen. Can anyone spot Jin?
  20. I love the recognition that BTS has helped so many people dealing with the pandemic. He talks teenagers, but we know it's all ages. And global. And yes to Namjoon - the man is a word wizard. The pots are definitely concrete. I wish there would be something about if there's a drainage hole on the bottom but I'm kind of thinking there is since he has the tray holding them all.
  21. From the ISU https://isu.org/figure-skating/news/news-fsk/13928-nation-special-korea-the-heritage-of-yuna-kim?templateParam=15
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