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  1. I've never seen a yellow kiwi (and am fond enough of the green ones) but will look in Costco next time I go. Thanks..
  2. People grow yuzu trees in Tucson and can't give their extra fruit away. I's read a posting on a neighborhood site about "pick your own" from several trees in someone's yard. And, like you, have never actually seen them in the market. But I can understand that - they really can't be eaten straight. Maybe drenched in honey. But they make a grapefruit seem like candy.
  3. I tried making jam from yuzu fruit this spring and it was awful. No amount of sugar could sweeten it. I was very disappointed. I've had pastries with yuzu-flavored custard in them and I don't know how they got past the sharpness. It's just a super tart fruit - but I love yuzu gummies and yuzu hot sauce (from Trader Joe's). Trader Joe's also has a coconut yuzu sparkling beverage that is pretty good, too, and very thirst-quenching.
  4. Perhaps the Planet is the last bastion of civil discourse, bound together by the absolute certainty that Yuzu is the most complete and awesome and generous skater of all time. We try, I think, to follow his example of kindness and acceptance. He'd be the first to admit that he isn't always perfect and that he makes mistakes in competitions (the SP at GP'19 a harrowing case in point-and yes, Nathan's scores were over-inflated.) I like some other skaters, too. But Yuzu is not another skater and on this we all agree.
  5. "Dereliction of duty". He has blood on his hands. It's absolutely nefarious.
  6. Ghislain isn't all that old - and I'd go and be willing to quarantine, to see Yuzu, and I'm quite a bit older than he is. As an embarrassed American, I totally understand keeping the Canadian border closed to us. We have a toddler in the White House. But I think it's very unfortunate that citizens from those countries that do have good records with dealing with the virus (and that's nearly every country except us) are being blocked. Hopefully, a testing strategy will be implemented for international travel soon. And I don't know why, or if, Japan is blocking it's own citizens from leaving the country.
  7. There is no direct quote from him saying anything about missing nationals -it's a supposition made by whoever wrote this article. It wasn't Yuzu who said he'd miss GP - that was an announcement (white wall and JSF). Aside from what we've all seen (white wall appearances), I don't think we've seen an actual quote or interview with Yuzu about the upcoming season.
  8. Well, I'm totally wiped out by everything surrounding this pandemic. People here chock up all the California fires, the fires here, the hottest driest summer on record in Arizona, the double whammy hurricanes in the gulf to "it's just 2020". In Arizona, I cannot get a test unless I have symptoms. The university in Tucson has a rapid-result test they are testing all the returning students with and have a special quarantine dorm. Last weekend, they reported 200 new cases - all from off-campus kids. And that's before the past holiday weekend. I presume there will be a lot of Covid cases in two weeks. And to top it off, we found out today - on taped trump recordings that are part of a new book - that he knew before the first week of February that this was airborne, highly contagious and very lethal yet downplayed it, called it a hoax, not as bad as the flu (it's at least 5 times more lethal), everything is fine, it'll miraculously go away. He carried on with that for two months. No way to know if anyone else in our government or health services were made aware of the dangers. And certainly no action was taken to protect the American public. I am healthy and I don't personally know anyone who has gotten sick, but I know of countless who have lost their jobs, or their business. Those volunteer jobs I had evaporated. And the disruption to "regular" life goes on. I can't travel, even within the states, let alone out of the country. There have been no other human beings in my house in six months (except when my son came to surprise me on my birthday in May.) Isolation is the new normal. So, it is really difficult and exhausting here. And no end in sight. I think that's the hardest thing - no end in sight. At almost 200K deaths. If the U.S. had acted responsibly, with awareness of what was really happening, we'd be more like Canada now. Or Germany. Or even Spain. At least 100,000 people wouldn't have died and we wouldn't be looking at the potential for another 1-2 hundred thousand dead by the end of the year. Bottom line? Still no federal response, no national testing strategy, inadequate testing availability. Scary and infuriating. So, I guess I'm hanging in there, but not really okay. Oh, and I forgot that the US will not, at present, be participating in any WHO vaccine development or testing because the president "doesn't trust" China. This is grim.
  9. I just got his update https://www.ifsmagazine.com/2020-japan-open-nationals-update/ and it makes me wonder if, as Yuzu will likely not got to Nationals but would go to World's, maybe he will go back to TCC in a month or so, when it's safer to travel and he is allowed in to Canada. I had been thinking he may want Ghislain to go to Japan, though the quarantine issue would be a problem for him going both ways, to help him with his 4A, but it would be far better for him to train a few months with the whole team (and the other skaters). Fingers crossed.
  10. Every single quote here are so amazingly inspirational. And he was wise beyond his years. He was, really, just a boy when he said a lot of these.
  11. Ditto. I needed to see that he is real. His brilliance and cuteness and athleticism and resilience seemed almost too good to be true. And, wow, he IS real. And human. And, of course, now I can't get enough of him.
  12. Every day. I love watching his practices and run-throughs, in his black workout gear, almost more than the actual competition. Seeing 3A's and 4T's over and over and over. Heaven.
  13. As just another white wall, I thought I'd send this out there. Probably been shared before but, hey, there's been a drought. https://www.walkerplus.com/trend/matome/article/216537/
  14. One my my very favorite compilation videos is chock full of quotes, though only one in English at the very end. I had forgotten that he is mostly speaking Japanese and that it has subtitles-maybe because I've watched it so many times, and also typed out, for myself, the translations. I don't know if it's all from an interview attached with Continue with Wings, but others might know where the audio comes from and, possibly, offer up their own translations. Wonderful stuff.
  15. With all the talk about Yuzu products by various artists, and gifts "maybe" included with purchases, I'd like to point out that all of the very best Yuzu-inspired artwork and pins and keychains and magnets and postcards and stickers are made by Fanyus and given, freely, to each other at competitions. I love my photo books, but I treasure the Fanyu gifties, made with love and given in the Yuzu spirit of sharing. And the clear files given to each other, especially because they are only available in Japan. (This doesn't mean I wouldn't love to win or be given anything personalized by Yuzu himself...)
  16. It's about time - but it reads like something that was written by a non-native speaker or poorly translated from another language. The syntax is off.
  17. I don't know if this has been posted before - but I think it really shows something so special. Jeff is a really great skater and a wonderful choreographer, but seeing the two of them skating together, it's so easy to see how Yuzu elevates everything. His aesthetic take on all of Jeff's moves is magical.
  18. Well, that's interesting. I just really don't know why anyone in the JSF, or anywhere else, can love one skater and thereby hate another. Just because Yuzu is #1 doesn't mean I'm not also a Shoma fan. Or Keiji.
  19. But Nat's are a mere few weeks after NHK - will the concern for health and crowds be diminished in a months time?
  20. Yuzu is not on the list of expected skaters. Neither is Shoma.
  21. Otonal for me, too - though I , too, think Gemini's should have two. Maybe this and LGC. But I'm happy with this - I have a 5X7 of Yuzu's upper half in his opening stance next to my bed. And the step sequence is one of my favorites. Wait - I love them all.
  22. Is there no prize for simply achieving a plank? Maybe if I can achieve four versions?
  23. The only shot I'd have, ever, of even qualifying for this is they divided it into age groups. I'll go with the "very senior" division.
  24. I can understand why there is never a "if you want to cancel your purchase for whatever reason, you can" policy. But Sweden can say travelers are allowed ONLY with a 14 day quarantine and it would make attending the event untenable - they don't have to just say travelers from the states are prohibited, but can make it impossible just the same. I still want to go, but will not get an all event ticket and hold off to see how the season progresses. And the virus.
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