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  1. And Sept 1 is his birthday - maybe a "live" - they better get their sub function operational before then.
  2. All the latest on Twitter is that this is real and part of his photo book coming out (in September? Maybe on his birthday?) And his choice of concept. I guess Hobi going dark for Jack in the Box has spread. It's real - but that doesn't necessarily mean that it hasn't been manipulated by him or his people... hmmm
  3. Agree - this is not real. I don't know how it was photoshopped, but I doubt JK would ever release (or take) such a picture. And the face shape is very Tae -
  4. I think phone purchases are largely based on age and updatability of a current phone and any deals offered by cell phone providers. I suppose people do go out an just buy a new phone, but they are SO crazy expensive (and the Galaxy flip is something like $1700!). Great photo quality, though. RM-
  5. I'm a iPhone Apple person but this really makes me want a Samsung. Is there any better group to promote something? I do have to remember that they are paid to endorse products and I really don't know what any one of the members think about Samsung (except: thanks for asking me to endorse this...) They wore Fila ALL the time right up until their contract to promote them ended. But Samsung is a Korean company and that probably does mean something to them. And the Maple Story 2020 posts -
  6. I thought the ad isn't premiering for another hour or so. Maybe just the teaser?
  7. It is monsoon weather. Summer is when monsoons hit Korea. This is just a particularly wet one. (Also "monsoon" simply means a change in the the direction the weather is traveling from, usually this involves precipitation.....)
  8. Hobi is looking better but I wouldn't call him anything but still too skinny. (But Yoongi seems to be challenging him on the skinny front.) Still, he looks rested and happy. The weather has been vicious in Seoul. The new Prez was unable to get out of his apartment because of high water, and many of the subways are flooding. They are telling people to stay home. (As if that would have kept the lucky ARMY who got to go see Hobi.) But, where's Jimin?
  9. I need to include this one in my list of accomplishments (beyond economic) and awards they have gotten - seriously, does the military believe they haven't already "served" their country?
  10. I actually thought that was a part of a museum. It's so "spare" and not much wood. He likes wood.
  11. Here's one, but I haven't watched it so don't knowhow good the translation is -
  12. He does look crazy skinny. Almost makes Hobi look "meaty". My dogs hang their upper bodies out the car window, too - so similar doggie behavior. And the last picture, which is looking up at the underside of a roof (and he has ceiling shots, too) are the same in all the palaces in Seoul. And, seemingly, in Buddhist temples. I'm not sure if there's significance in paint colors, but I suspect there is, because they are the same across the board (interior and exterior). (and where is Jimin????)
  13. Chuseok is Sept 10 ( so I won't be there for it and glad because it would screw up my flights - yet sorry to miss it -)
  14. Wish I could..... Here's a tweet about Namjoon's reading list - (on my way to NoCal) I wish people would stop calling them a "boy band".
  15. Bad decision is correct. Who approved this? And - why? The vocals are really good, and the harmonies, but that's to be expected. I don't think this is going to stay at the top of the charts for very long.
  16. And, again, I really hate Snoop. No video of the guys at all, which is both a massive disappointment and also pretty stupid of the producers. It would get a lot more view, like, a whole lot more views, if our guys were somewhere in it. It's kind of cute, in a way - but snoop. And no BTS. However, they sound great. It really is all them singing, i think.
  17. I really do not like Snoop at all. And it bothers me that we will be putting money in his pocket, but I have to hold my nose to support our guys. In the meantime, here's 56 seconds of Jimin cheering Hobi on -
  18. The sun is setting on the Jimin pics, so not Lake Michigan, unless it's sunrise (but no regular waves or beaches like that on the western side.) I though California but why? And why didn't he return with Hobi? Hmmm.
  19. MTV interview - And this made me laugh. No wonder Jin doesn't realize he's a bonafide celebrity.
  20. Clearly not fair. Our hope is that the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee (offices: Government Complex-Sejong, 388, Galmae-ro, Sejong-si 30119, Republic of Korea) will be able to pass something that keeps them out of regular service and given the position they already have - as global ambassadors for the country. He values what they do. I'm writing him, too. I still feel powerless but this makes me feel like I'm doing something. If I can find his email address, I'll pass it on...I want him (and that department) to fight for our guys. I think he's trying but it can't hurt to let him know we're behind the efforts. And writing the Hybe people with the same fervor. Surely the new CEO and Bang PD can personally petition these heads of departments stressing the value BTS adds to the culture, etc. (and the economy - but that won't impress the military people....I'm going with their contributions other than economical.)
  21. I found a tiny bit of slightly promising news on the "mandatory service" front - In an article about the defense ministers words (and also about Hobi and some other stuff) there is this : So - I'm not giving up. (Also - lots of twitter comments on one of the usual translator's thread about issues with Weverse, and not just about the lack of translations on the "live" posts. I guess I';m not the only one who is getting notifications late and then not being able to see posts on the Weverse page when looking for those.... Hobi was posting lots today but it wasn't showing on the Weverse page, and/or people were not getting notifications. So many issues - However, South Korean parliament is currently debating a bill that may allow for major pop culture figures like BTS to serve an “alternative” form of service as arts and cultural personnel. In May, Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee called for the boyband’s exemption from South Korea’s mandatory military service, saying “It’s time to create a system for incorporating popular culture-art figures as art personnel.”
  22. I understand that this is a "sensitive" issue but the issue has been discussed for years and it looked like the last parliament was actually very close to exempting them. This guy talks about "fairness". It feels more like complete lack of respect for the members - and, fine, don't be a pop culture fan or want to set a precedent, but this is flat ignorance of what BTS has contributed to the country (totally and separate from the economic impact). I feel powerless but I am on a pointless letter writing campaign, including to everyone around the defense minister, regarding the service they have already given (and including photos of the White House and a UN appearance.) Just beating my head against the wall, I know, but I'm not letting this go until I've done what little, useless stuff I can do (including actually planning on hand delivering a letter to the Dept of Defense when I'm in Seoul in a month..) I'm not sure I'd be quite so sad about this if Yuzu hadn't retired (and the ISU hadn't kept changing rules and dissing him). It's just too much joy being taken away. And where's Jimin? Did he fly back to Korea or is he still with Hobi? (And I absolutely adore that he chose to go to Chicago because his hyung wasn't eating or sleeping well and he was concerned. He saw Hobi in a dark place and brought him light. They are so lucky to have each other.)
  23. Unless the military restricts their time of enlistment to a short period (3 weeks would be nice) or with "special" duties, why in the world would all 7 enlist in December anyway? If they can't work at "other" jobs while in the military, then they cannot be BTS. They cannot rehearse or write music or dance or be at Hybe or be together, even. Clearly, the defense minister is unaware of what goes into any sort of music production. I thought Hybe was supposed to be dealing with this - didn't anyone from management - like Bang or the new CEO - step in and explain the realities and also the negative impact on the very existence of BTS to anyone? It seems like the military people are presuming they'd all go in together but there is no reason for them to presume that at all. If, and only if, there had been an amenable agreement reached regarding terms and timing of enlistment would that be the case. And Hybe saying - sure, take them all for 18 months, prevent them from creating anything new and also, here, have all the royalties- well, that wouldn't have happened. (Not that they wouldn't individually be writing things down, like lyrics and beats, but actual creativity would be crushed and impossible... I am still just too distressed.)
  24. The subs are already up for the Vlive last night with Hobi and Jimin - and not up on Namjoon's from long, long ago on the new webpage. I'll for sure mention this in my next recurring complaint email to "support" at Weverse (along with the crashing show - and we are hopeful that it crashed for Yoongi, etc., as well, because he might actually be able to get through to someone.) Also, I wrote an email to the Social Service Policy Division of the Military Manpower Administration.... because they care so much about what I think (not).
  25. Are they all supposed to go at the same time? Does JK want to start his time in December? Will they all have they heads shaved? It's even more confusing. And they are under contract to Hybe for three more years. Who is going to tell them how long they can be out of the country? How long can a tour be? And it is totally clear that there is zero understanding of how much time and energy the members put into everything they do. The whole reason they wanted a "break" is because they have not really had any "free" time for anything. Their days and weeks and years have been so scheduled. How the hell does anyone in the military (or government) think they can continue as BTS and do their military thing at the same time? Like they had excess time? I am really sad - and I'm going to send an email to the "Military Manpower Administration" who actually responded - in writing- to me when I was pleading my case for exemption. Notice the emphasis in the official notice of "fairness". This is not fair. If I bring glory to my country by winning a cello competition, I'm exempt. Total disrespect for the entire K-pop industry. Plus, and i pointed this out in all my pleas, it wouldn't set a precedent. It would be acknowledging what these 7 have already done and continue to do for the prestige of the country, There will never be another like them, so they needn't worry about precedent. What? Like TXT (who I adore) is going to speak at the UN three times and be ambassadors for UN-related charities and be invited to the White House?
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