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  1. From what I've read, hockey isn't a big sport in Korea, but it's increasing in popularity. Maybe the gear was part of a promotion to increase the popularity of the sport. It doesn't get as cold there (Seoul) as it does in most of interior Canada so I don't think that it's the kind of sport kids would naturally gravitate to in the winter because there would likely be no frozen ponds (or improvised rinks, like flooded playgrounds). It's interesting to realize they were the location for Winter Olympics but you have to get up into the mountains for most winter sports - most of the country is to
  2. The tattoos on his hand definitely look homemade. That photo of the ripped JK is rather jarring, but I presume he'd been, like the other guys, working 12 hours a day every day for a few years by the time that photo was taken. And BigHit used to pay enormous attention to their diet to be sure they were all well nourished yet super slim. He's still so young, really. I am not a tattoo fan anyway, but find it upsetting when young people do something so permanent ti their bodies. It's not like having your ears pierced. It's big and obvious and just look like discolored skin as they age. Anyo
  3. I don't know how much time other skaters spend listening to their program music, but I feel certain that Yuzu listens for hours, daily. He knows every beat, every breath, every nuance.
  4. Shoma, too... It will be a great competition. We will all continue to say our prayers that Yuzu stays healthy and injury-free.
  5. They will be available on www.beijing2022.cn but aren't yet. I should imagine they'll wait a bit to see how things look in a few months. Remember that you would also need to get a visa to travel to China (which is $140 right now...). I read that it doesn't take long to get one, so no rush, though I bet it will take a little longer 8 or 10 months from now.
  6. The eye is super creepy. But, I suppose, it's not upside down when he looks at it. Odd choice. I wonder if next time he's on Vlive, someone will ask him the significance.
  7. I just watched Run BTS (and waiting for subs on RM's interview). Is that canned ham essentially Spam? And it's fun to see them all behave like regular people meeting a celebrity "in real life". They all seemed genuinely impressed. And I think V really wanted the autograph for his mother. I hope he got one. (Also, I'm not sure I'd like either of those dishes - but maybe the stir fried rice. That looked pretty good.) They must have shot this before Christmas, when Suga was still MIA.
  8. It looks like a lizard monster eye from a horror movie. But I've had a rough day. And really don't think a person of 23 can know that he won't regret all those tattoos in 15 years. That's just me. It seems like disfigurement.
  9. That makes sense. I can understand a bit why they weren't living in the same area since they were both probably staying with family (being young...). Not everyone can adapt to training in another country and I would imagine that would be a reason. Hoping he gets back to TCC.
  10. I'd hardly call that an update. ISU is so disrespectful.
  11. I am ready to push that "hostess" off the stage - she is dominating all the commentary and barely giving the guys time to talk. I think she is amazingly annoying.
  12. I loved the entire interview, and I, too, would love to see BTS in an exhibition. (Jun, really, should have first dibs, though....)
  13. I see sparklies. Lots and lots of sparklies. And some folds. I'm not even going to guess because, well, I think I'm good on a few of them, but not all, so I'll wait.
  14. Does Japan have criteria set up for who or what group will be receiving vaccines first? For instance, do they put all the medical personnel in a first group and then older people followed by people with underlying conditions (such as Yuzu)? In the states, it's different criteria based on state and county - nothing uniform across the ocuntry.
  15. Thanks - it's blocked but I have a VPN and will send myself to another country, virtually, to watch it. And then come back for the subbed interviews when they get released. Oh, the things we do (I got the VPN for Yuzu so this is a bonus from him...)
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