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  1. I emailed Prospera Place and got a response regarding food and water -"Outside food and beverage are not permitted in our building. You may bring in a small bag with you to have at your seat as long as it doesn’t obstruct other patrons. Please keep in mind that bags may be subject to search on your way in the venue." I specifically asked about water bottles and, as far as I'm concerned, the fact that they didn't say I couldn't bring in a bottle translates to being able to, at least, bring in an empty bottle and fill it up once inside. And if they want to confiscate a few protein bars, I'll be okay.
  2. Hi!!!! According to their website, prohibited items http://prosperaplace.com/a-to-z-guide/ it looks like we can't bring in even a bottle of water. Do they check everyone's little backpacks? I intend on bringing in a water bottle and snacks.... but i am going to email them about the water thing. They say no bottles of any kind, which is crazy. I, for one, like to stay hydrated. And how would they deal with someone who is hypoglycemic or diabetic (neither that I am....) so I will ask them. I'm thinking that most of their restrictions are there for hockey games. We behave in a far more civilized manner.
  3. Well, boo. It wouldn't take much for them to simplify this for fans and the staff. They could always put a scan code on the bracelet (and make them plastic because, frankly, mine suffered when showering during ACI....though it stayed green and didn't have a code).
  4. Can we turn all our paper printouts for an all-event bracelet when we show up for the first practice? Surely, they won't make us wait in a "turn-your-ticket-in" line everyday? I thought the multiple pages of printouts was weird, too.
  5. I don't gamble - and Red Rock Canyon is GREAT! I am a geologist (or was) so rocks and rock formations really excite me. Vegas has little going for it but the geology is great.
  6. But it's Vegas. I'd rather go almost anywhere else but there...
  7. Really - there are so few airlines that even fly to Kelowna and Westjet seems fine with charging crazy amounts for the days we all want to travel. And for anyone wanting to drive, there could easily be bad weather. There is at least one city in every (southern) province that would be easier, and presumedly less expensive, to get to.
  8. You'd probably be able to offer up your Airbnb here. There still seems to be some people needing a place to stay. But if you do choose not to go, I'l love to know where your seat is and possibly buy that from you.
  9. I sure hope we can. I'm certainly going to give it a try. But, so will 500 other people....
  10. I'm doubting anyone on this site will have PL1 tickets (all event, men's events) tickets they'd be willing to part with - but if you have tickets for everything (PL1) and won't be making the Thursday practices or Ladies events, I'd love to buy one (better would be two). I'm fine with our seats for the competitions, but it would be great to be super close for the practices.... And, if you can't make it to Kelowna at the last minutes and have great seats, think of me! Thanks!
  11. Thank you - and I received one, too. Now I have one of Jun and one of Yuzu. I'll check her twitter...
  12. Hi - I posted a general question a few days ago, but am wondering if you know how those little plastic (sort of transparent) 2" X 3 1/2" card that says Instagram on the top. I love buttons but these seem so easy to travel with and are fun, but I am clueless how someone produces them. If you don't know, thanks anyway.... Barbara
  13. I have booked a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo an 8 minute walk from the rink (from the 23rd to the 27th as I am flying out that evening..) - now I'd love to find someone to share it and the cost (total individual cost would be about $320 USD/$451CAD so $85USD/$113CAD a night). A really nice location. Anyone interested???
  14. Random question: Does anyone know how people create the little 2"X 3 1/2" plastic Instagram cards that are given (and gratefully received) by fans at skating events? I've been given a couple of these and would love to know how to produce them.
  15. I live in Arizona so will be traveling, which is why I want to secure a ticket, though I am still waiting to hear from an ACI friend who was waiting to har from a friend of hers who has first refusal rights on her spare ticket....I can't commit to this ticket but will keep it in mind. Thanks
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