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  1. Translation makes more sense than the eating rice one....
  2. We know the original of what he said was deleted but NC has issued an apology. Appropriate and likely suggested to him - but,,,
  3. Loved this cartoon - I don't know what to do to convince the never-vaxers, but this might help the "merely hesitant" group. https://twitter.com/DearPandemic/status/1378771039858069504/photo/1
  4. I don't know a single guy who actually wears work boots, because they have to for their job, who would pay $850 for a pair. But, remarkably, a lot of what they're wearing is nearly affordable. Also - Tae. I don't drink but if that was my waiter, I would be re-ordering and re-ordering whatever he is bringing to me.
  5. All I saw was the bulked up arms in the sleeveless jacket, too, until the blue wall was mentioned.....
  6. Seriously - with a wet spot on the ground in front of him....what were they thinking?
  7. Do you think just anybody can sit on the floor and handle the sculptures?
  8. She's also, actually, while born in Japan, has spent most of her life in the US. I still think she was a fine choice, but not typical.
  9. Tae's few seconds is the best thing in this. He classes it up so much, But nice bop.
  10. While Canada will be open to international travelers, and we all feel that Yuzu will be vaccinated because he is one of the senior skaters (Rika and Shoma have definitely been vaccinated), will his mother be? Doubtful. And doubtful that Yuzu would return without his mother. I hadn't thought about him maybe not wanting to uproot her, but that could be a contributing factor to any decision he makes. I also truly believe that he needs Ghislain to achieve the 4A, so, if Yuzu is unable, or unwilling, to return to Canada, we can hope he will get the help he needs to achieve his dream
  11. Absolutely, RM dropping his drink upside down was so classic. A reminder that, even though he's growing a little older (and looks so sharp and professional in the interview), he's still the same clumsy guy. And - yes, ridiculous that they had screens between them. We had just seen RM at Tae's shoulder, singing. Probably just a public service sort of message. All ARMY's know this was unnecessary, but this interview was being watched, no doubt, by many many Koreans who are not ARMY. I don't know if SBS always has a sign language person, but I thought it was really a cool thing that
  12. So, I watched this with the subs (which were put up SO much faster that usual.) Tae is wearing the same clothes he has on for the SBS interview so this must have been shot before they went over to the studio, though RM clearly will need to shower and have his makeup done first. I wonder what the timing of this was, like how long before they had to leave. He must have been bored waiting. And I have a feeling that the reason RM appeared at all, and the Vlive ended abruptly, is because he was retrieving Tae. They had some other meeting - His skin is absolutely stunning.
  13. I didn't even get a notification - but it was the middle of the night for me. So much to watch this morning.....
  14. It completely baffles me that Yuzu fans would find BTS annoying. (I get that the photoshop might not be liked, but that's a different thing.) Yuzu and BTS have so much in common. Hard working, talented, driven, humble and generous. The long Yuzu drought gave me BTS and they helped me through. It's not like anyone is preferring a different skater. Different disciplines, though they both have exquisite moves. I put this kind of thing in the same category as "haters" because I just don't understand that either.
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