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  1. More Jin birthday celebration posts - the first one made me cry. Second one, too - (wait, those got posted backwards....) So first up is a longer YouTube post (why can't I post in the order I want to?
  2. Anyone have any idea of 1) why aren't all the Indigo songs available on BigHit or HYBE YouTube? (Only Wildflowers is....) And 2) if you've purchased a "digitil download",as I have, why is it "ten times" to download and why doesn't that dhow up on my ITunes account???
  3. I have written the three top HYBE people in Seoul and the head of the US office about the subtitle issue. Not that they pay any attention to me whatsoever, but it really does behoove them to get the TXT Lives subbed. After at least a dozen ridiculous replies from "Weverse Support' (which is a misnomer), and Jimin getting BTS Lives subbed, you'd think HYBE would be counting on TXT to increase fan interactions and they can't do that without having subtitles on their lives. I know that Weverse itself won't sub - it has to be done by "creator of content" - and that's HYBE. Not that TXT is the next BTS because there is no next BTS, but with BTS in the process of slipping away from the public eye ()they already know that TXT is their best shot for not totally tanking, income-wise. They know they need bigger venues and I suspect the next TXT tour will be more global and with much larger venues (and also predicting something that will start late spring. Happy BIrthday,Jin.
  4. I'm feeling badly about the cat - awful on any day. And we started out with less than 7. A passionate group. I am going to re-do my spotify and YouTube and Amazon lists. I tried bnut was too heavy on all the Indigo songs when I really should concentrate on using the shorter ones more often (But Wildflowers is long and I don't care - got to stream it..."we ain't about it") I wonder, again, just how much promotion RM will be doing for this that he hasn't done already. I am so wondering who will enlist next and if it will be him and Hobi and then Yoongi after his release - but whose release will be first - Yoongi (turning 30 in three months) or Jimin?
  5. My bed is queen sized - but the dogs only give me about 6-8", regardless of what size the bed is. I know streams don't count (Spotify and YouTube) if you have the volume on the site is muted. It can be super soft, but not muted (mute the computer or phone). There is debate as to how long you have to listen/watch a song - but I think we're safe if we use a minute minimum (some say 30 seconds, but I'm not taking a chance,) I love those short songs to use as filler, BUT - keep Run BTS and YtC in there - those are the two biggies from Proof that still need pushing (I truly do not believe the YouTube view total of YtC at all, but that's neither here or there). I'll miss RM's live - it starts at 1am my time. If I have something I'd really like to say about Indigo (and I should have access to that at 10pm), I'll post the question here and someone else can ask or comment. Mostly, I'd really like to know how often the 7 have seen each other lately and if they'll see Jin on his birthday. I actually have at least a dozen questions to ask, but they fly by so fast, we're lucky if he sees any of them. Feel free to cut and paste - (it's the birthday/Jin question) 진의 생일에 볼 수 있을까요?
  6. Me - 8 pillows.. But the dogs use three of them. And a long pillow is used as if it is a big "figure". My little Chimmy, Mang and RJ have to be removed so the dogs won't chew them. (And they stay clean.) The dogs. They are cuddly and warm. I'd trade for a member to cuddle with, but Westies will have to do. So much stuff tonight and tomorrow. I really want to give RM all the attention he deserves but don't want to abandon Astronaut. Planning on working out Spotify lists that honor them both. And YouTube. And Amazon. So much work to do. They've restocked again. Only the hoodie and cushion are sold out...
  7. I am so glad I was not aware of the restocking ($$$$) but not surprised that if they were going to restock, they'd do it immediately (again - $ to Jin before he goes into the military... also F the military) Translation of RM's latest about his album. The fact that he is fine and not worrying about numbers of streams (being fully away of how PtD and YtC, as long MV's were not able to get as many streams as quickly...) makes me feel so good - "we ain't about it..." And this is a long thread
  8. Three totally different tweets - This first one is so ridiculous. Whenever i see Yoongi looking and dressed like a prep school guy and all of them seeming to not have a "hard side" , I can't help but laugh. It's so not genuine. RM making us proud - And last, but not least, 1:15 of appreciation.
  9. Hobi is an emotional guy. What else happened? The government did not give them the "service already given" exemption; they gave up their "group" apartment; they announced that they would be taking time off as "7" - though we see that isn't entirely true; they had their last few concerts for ARMY in April and then one last last concert in Busan - knowing that they won't be performing together for who knows how long. Every single solo endeavor has come with a "wish the other members were here" or "miss the other members" or "not the same without the members". They gave been together A LOT for over a decade. Big changes and the reality of Jin actually having to go away must be hitting hard. He's emotional anyway, but Jin, on the phone, saying he'd be gone and not be seeing ARMY for some time, was just hard to listen to. Wonderful to hear from Jin, and I'm sure Hobi helped to facilitate it, but it is not happy news that they won't be able to see each other soon.
  10. Is it still not 2022? Hobi so hot - and near tears (wet eyes, for sure) with the Jin phone call. I wonder why more members didn't attend, but maybe this is part of the strategy to help our withdrawal symptoms. But it really is the opposite. I want so badly to see them all together. On a Live, at least. Maybe for Jin's birthday? It's so clear that this forced separation is emotional for every member. (Damn government -)
  11. I got the keyring, too! It will fit with my other mini-BT21 stuffies. And white - like RJ. They'd get dirty so fast if actually used as a key ring. The sweatsuit and doll were instantly sold out. Maybe they'll re-stock, but I think, if there is an effort to have all Jin-related stuff ordered prior to his enlistment, they won'r, unless it's soon. (Amd, come one, let them out of their mandatory service! They have already served.)
  12. Why why why does the SK gov't not see what they have?
  13. I dread all of them having to be in the military and see zero benefit to them or the country and still hope for a last minute miracle - Someone posted lists on Reddit and I copied this, thinking there's some good info.... Fristly, I'd recommend the r/bangtan wiki page. It contains the almighty BTS Content Index and multiple beautiful masterlists. This BTS VLIVE Masterlist contains links to all vlives, sorted by member/duo/subunit/group/OT7, as well as a short summary (including Run episodes), "additional notes" (quotes or iconic moments) and music recommendations. Another Vlive option with a different interface is BTS Vlive-carrd This BTS Interview blog is another comprehensive one. Not only have they organised all (?) interviews the boys have done, they've also collected FESTA content for each year and translations to letters the member have written. On the main page there's also link to a youtube playslists for interviews sorted by year. Bangtan Hair History was somewhat recently shared here on reddit and described to be "a photo guide to bangtan's hairstyles and colors over the years*"* There are also translators like doolset who have translations of lyrics.
  14. RM the king of destruction is so on point - And I the only one who thinks that maybe it's Hobi who will be the next one to enlist? The MAMA show is said to reveal his true self (probably very Jack in the Box) but to leave people with "hope". His solo album and concert were months ago and maybe this is his last appearance. Just a feeling that he'll be the next one - and hoping the date and location are not revealed (though hope he and Jin are somehow together....) Also, I really do not remotely enjoy being around drunk people. Even happy drunks. I don't drink for some really excellent reasons - so it's surprising that I am enjoying the members' drinking shows. Tongues loosen but no one gets actually drunk drunk (usually -)
  15. One or two may go. We never know. I hope so. Hobi would have gone early to rehearse....
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