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  1. This is very well researched and packed full of information. Thank you. As for the states, I know that LadyLou had said how upset she is with Italy and the fact that they now have a positivity rate of 2% and things are going to be shutting down again. You all are SO lucky to not be in the states. I live in a country in Arizona that is doing GREAT, but that's because we have a positivity rate of only 3%. There are some states with a positivity rate over 20%. Cases, hospitalizations and, soon, deaths are headed up exponentially again. This is a third wave and deaths are over 220K already
  2. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to what safety precautions and/or requirements various state and local governments implement. How totally infuriating. Hockey is a smash-each-other sport. It should be in the soccer/football category and be separate from individual sports. I could understand a limit to how many people could be in a rink, but this is just non-sensical. At least little ponds will be frozen over in a month or so. Or, you can get very Canadian, and flood a playground when the temps are below freezing. Instant rink. This whole "free to do whatever I please" at
  3. He hasn't even been to Niagara Falls. Up until this summer, he's always had his studies to go back to, at his apartment. A studious and private guy, I also think he wouldn't want the commotion that would come with his appearance anywhere that tourists go to. Considering the amount of global travel he's done, I would guess he's seen less of what the world has to offer (museums, natural wonders, historical locations, etc.) than a casual traveler. Kind of sad, really. But I understand his reticence.
  4. I think the "less dangerous" part is really due to advances in therapeutics and protocols with very sick patients. At least here, people aren't as likely to be put on a ventilator and/or die as they were in Match. But long term effects are still pretty scary.
  5. She said the same to me. I think her response is different in response to the phrasing of the question. There's all kinds of ways to ask about him, but it's that initial response to the "favorite skater" that seems unpredictable.
  6. I did correct her. But she's still getting it wrong. She found Yuzu on the web and actually said he's "one of the best" and that "his warm-up routine may not be for everybody." What? I LOVE his warm-ups. I rephrased my question to "current" skater, male skater, favorite, best - I need a new Alexa.
  7. I asked in English and live in the US. I am baffled by the responses. Maybe if I asked in another language...
  8. Oddly, not my Alexa's fave. First she said Sasha Cohen and when I specifically inquired about male figure skaters, she went with Alexei Yagudin, which is ridiculous. Hasn't this Alexa been paying attention to what I watch?
  9. Brazil is like the US, and a bit like the UK, in that the leaders of our countries are a big reason the virus is not under control. Still, we do what we can.
  10. He is totally jacked up on steroids (and was a madman before he got Covid) and unhinged. He won't let anyone know when he last tested negative so it's possible he was infected many days before the presumptive date. He said he was tested daily and that's been walked back (not by him). He may be patient zero for all the recent infections at the White House. He's lied something like 22,000 times in less than four years. He is insane.
  11. Is there any national testing strategy in France? (Or any other EU countries?) We are all fatigued with the virus - the virus is not fatigued. But controlling it is so stunningly simple, if only people would follow the guidelines.
  12. There are still restaurants (though NOT in Tucson) that require a tie and jacket, but they tend to have loaners for guys who show up without them. In Tucson, there are places that literally cut your tie off if you show up with one. Then they hang it from the ceiling. Yuzu goes to many "formal" events and, I think, did get a new suit last year (?) that must have been custom made for him because it fit so nicely. Skaters legs and glutes do not lend themselves to the usual cut.
  13. Never. The last time anyone showed up with a jacket and tie for a date was probably prom.
  14. That must be such a weird experience.
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