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  1. Dynamite has had 356K views in less than 2 hours. It will be a billion before i wake up. And I'm hoping for a Vlive celebration. Also - interesting k-pop documentary - BTS is first mentioned 3+ minutes in but a good half of this is about them (and their choreographer whichis cool.) It's before they toured in the UK.
  2. There must be some way to find this out---- And i tried to multi-quote but screwed up, so - I found 5th Muster already up and it's from last year so I don't know how much is going to be live and when that would be. Also - I bet that now that Dynamite is less and a million views form a Billion!, that every ARMY in the world will be watching and re-watching, hoping to be "the one" who send it over a billion. And, yes, I will be one of them...
  3. Good point. The concert in Brazil isn't live, but would they subtitle a concert anyway?
  4. I really do hope they aren't just having them on at those exact times only. The first one would have me up late, but I'm staying up all night to watch (nor would I likely be able to...). If they have them on loop, it would be fun to watch the Sao Paolo show. They really like Brazil. Also - don't know if this has been out there before - a shortish video of the 7 working on improv choreo for Dynamite. (But they call it "freestyle".)
  5. Thanks for the link. It really is staggering to think of just how much time went into practice and rehearsals. And all this while most of them were still attending school. So little sleep. But, they were young and teenage boys are capable of performing on so little sleep. My personal experience with a teenage boy shows me that they like to sleep about 12-14 hours a day - unless they are doing something they love, and then they can survive with almost no sleep at all. I think it is the duration of so little sleep that is the most amazing. These seven truly gave everything they had in them
  6. i am surprised that Ramadan wasn't considered during the scheduling of this but my understanding is that the "fasting" is not required from sunset to sunrise and that observant Muslims can eat, etc., then. They are to avoid "all forms of sinful behavior" - but only during the fasting hours. So Muslim ARMY can watch from sunset to sunrise. That may mean that some, worldwide, cannot watch it live, but they'll still be able to catch it later. And the first thing I did when I saw the time was check on Yuzu and when he'll be skating. We have a merciful higher power and are not being asked to ch
  7. A couple of thoughts here: has everyone seen "You Quiz on the Block" in it's entirety? Kind of an odd variety show but good with the seven. In the interview part, Jimin (or maybe it was one of the other's talking about Jimin and his work ethic) used to listen in to the vocal training that Tae and JK were getting. I'm not entirely sure how long he was in that dorm before he was officially a member of BTS, but wouldn't he have been getting vocal training as well? And what about Jin? Was he trained separately? Totally different note - I have listened/watched Film Out so many times and no
  8. #BANGBANGCON21 is actually at a not terrible time for me as Seoul is 16 hours ahead, so it's 11pm. Kind of late, but do-able. But is it just a repeat of last year? Or a new one? And if it's Bangtan TV, is that something we can get on YouTube or through Weverse? I think it's just older stuff being re-streamed, but for free. If they offer up last year's concert for free, maybe we could do that on Wewatchtogether....
  9. Wow - I am stunned at just how wrong you are. All great athletes have great coaches. Period. Yuzu would have done well, because he is driven and phenomenally gifted, but without the correct coach, he wouldn't have been able to rise as he did. He went to TCC to work on quads - so he knew he needed that coaching to achieve the best quads. And comparing Brian Orser to Johnny Weir? Are you kidding? Not only is JW not a coach, his attitude is mercurial and self-serving. Just, wow.
  10. I believe Brian Orser - why would he not speak the truth? There are a good number of seemingly conflicting reasons for any decision made about Yuzu's return to TCC. And they are all moot, at this point. Until there is possible travel allowed into Canada, any comment of Yuzu's plans are purely speculation. I, personally, hope he does get back to Toronto because I think it will be beneficial to Yuzu - but also because it would mean my chances of seeing him skate live again shoot up. Brian and Ghislain and Tracy have been nothing but supportive of Yuzu. They will continue to do what they ca
  11. Masquerade is from Phantom of the Opera.
  12. There is this we can watch perhaps another time and it seems to beg for another part (at least in the title). They were babies, and super hard working. Oops - forgot the link https://www.facebook.com/IzzaWithBangtan/videos/172082811409297/
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