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  1. I think the funniest thing about this video is how quickly Kevin adopts his "selfie face".
  2. "On his way to becoming a global star..." He already was a global star before he got his second OGM. He just wasn't noticed by the American press until then.
  3. P&G Thank You Mom made me cry. And I think it's the most genuine Yuzu because he really does know how much his mother has done for him and appreciates it.
  4. Though I think we can safely say that half of those "golden circle" seats would have had at least limited if not totally blocked views for the "gala" and awards show - the diagram put out had, I think, at least half the rink taken up with stage, etc.. Of course, there wold have been lots more very unhappy fans who paid big bucks to sit in the first few rows and then end up with obstructed views. That's the kind of info a person should get in advance of purchasing a ticket.
  5. I'm a "wait and see" about attending at all. I don't want 1/4 of my money go to an awards show I don't want to attend. How could JTB have, essentially, group rates if in FAQ, there are no group rates? And that price is insane. But, the ISU could provide some clarity on all of this - like if the dates of any competitions will be changed. Perhaps WC is truly the only fixed date and they're thinking of squeezing in a GP Final (based on what?) between it and 4CC (which couldn't possibly happen in Australia in February if AU is still closed to foreign travelers). And, as with most of us, it's really going to come down to ticket prices....
  6. Not that it'll make any difference here, but we are being told now that we only need to quarantine for 10 days after testing positive, so maybe the 14 days number will be changing.
  7. Plushenko has Sasha training on one -
  8. 4CC will either have to change it's date or location. The chances of Australia being open to foreigners by early February are slim to none.
  9. https://this.kiji.is/663187045258364001?c=39550187727945729 Tomorrow's news - English translation (not mine):  "It was revealed on the 4th that six Grand Prix (GP) series tournaments that will start in October in figure skating will be held as scheduled, according to interviews with related parties. The International Skating Union (ISU) confirmed the policy of the decision at an online board meeting held on the 3rd." So, I don't know how they can hold Skate America. We can't even get through a couple of fan-free baseball games without dozen of players and staff getting sick. And I'm curious how SCI can be held if only 50 people are allowed in the rink. Maybe a lottery? Since this is an Aug 4 Kyodo article, maybe SC have an extra day to think about it. And who could come to skate anyway if the border is still closed?
  10. I remember reading an article (ostensibly about dancers spinning) about spinning and brain changes but just found it. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/scicurious-brain/practice-spinning-tiny-dancer/ Skaters also have a slightly different way to train the dizziness response away that is slightly different than dancers. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-don-t-figure-skaters-get-dizzy-when-they-spin/ You don't have to read all of both articles to get some scientific info on how skaters can spin without getting dizzy and losing balance. Think of how many years Yuzu (and Shoma) have been practicing spins. If you had a 6 yr old do the same number of fast revolutions than a skater with years of experience does, they'd fall over. It's practice. Start with one spin and train from there.
  11. It would be SO much better if there were English subtitles....
  12. It is a given that there will never be any official information about Yuzu's whereabouts given out by his coaches, JSF or himself. Ever. His privacy is respected. Based on all manner of sources, it's safe to presume he is in Sendai, has been in Sendai since shortly after TCC closed and will remain there until he returns to Canada. And that won't be confirmed, either. We'll just have to wait for photo evidence of him appearing at TCC.
  13. Rika could increase her stamina at high elevation because there is less oxygen and the body produces more red blood cells; lung capacity is increased. When she skates at a lower altitude, her muscles would be getting more oxygen than they are used to and this would be an advantage. Jump height would only be affected by increased strength - gravity isn't that much different at high altitude. But, any advantage from high altitude training for a few weeks is not going to last for a very long time. And Champery isn't any higher up than Calgary. And thousands of feet lower than Colorado Springs. I would think she is going for the coaching only.
  14. Neither Jun or Yuzu would be traveling via the United States. I totally understand the US/Canadian border closures but won't people (perhaps with letters from their federation) be allowed to arrive in Canadian cities on direct flights from countries that have the virus totally under control (like Japan and So Korea)? Of course, they would have to quarantine, but I think I'm unclear if Canada is closed to ALL international travelers, regardless of origin. What if, for instance, someone from New Zealand needed to travel to Toronto? Landing at a major international airport, an Asian citizen wouldn't, I would hope, face the same sort of prejudice one might find at a US border. And, wow, that's sad - this is what happens when misinformation is rampant and prejudices come out, as if any one nationality is somehow responsible for this virus. In the states, we can thank our bigoted president who still calls it the Chinese Flu.
  15. I think she was planning on TCC at the end of July, so she's probably just waiting (and training there) until she can fly to Canada. Where is Shoma?
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