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  1. Wow - this started out with a mention of how strict entry into Canada is. I was kind of joking when I suggested the mom have the baby in Canada with or without the dad so the baby could be a Canadian. Parents do what they feel comfortable with. Dad's were very present and welcome in delivery rooms 42 years ago and, I think, more so today. But, it's a choice. I just kind of hope that the pregnant Canadian was able, somehow, to petition to get entry for her husband.
  2. We had a cricket cage when I was a child - my father traveled frequently to Japan on business and it was a gift to him. And to have a cricket in your hearth has been a sign of good luck in Scottish and English culture (myths, really) for hundreds of years. I even have a very old cricket fashioned from metal, that was my grandmother's, that sits in my hearth still (collecting dust..)
  3. I would have, too. That way, maybe he could come later, but the baby would be a Canadian. (And that emoji has already pulled her hair out....)
  4. If I must. Is there an emoji that would represent me pulling my hair out? (Really, the frustration is more for myself wanting to go to Nova Scotia than it is for the skaters.) And strict? I think the husband of the pregnant Canadian would consider himself essential. He must have been quite stunned being turned away at the border. And is there a way for a US citizen to become a Canadian citizen when they marry? I'd have thought so. My friend in NS had to jump through multiple hoops over multiple years to get her Canadian citizenship and didn't give up her US citizenship.
  5. Ah, but I live in the land of scorpions, black widow spiders (and have been bitten by one years ago- they don't kill you, just make you sick), palo verde beetles that can be up to 3 1/2 inches long and FLY. Like a monster flying cockroach. Oh, and really big cockroaches, too. I do remove bugs from the house, if I can, and do respect their right to live. And it's very easy to spot a black widow (once you know what to look for) and they are basically peaceful. That said, I have an intense dislike for moths but a love and admiration for praying mantises. And ladybugs. And fireflies. Love fireflies. I don't really know a lot about many Japanese customs, but I wonder if there are biting, poisonous bugs there? To honor the celebration of Mushi, I will endeavor to not cause harm to any insect today.
  6. I agree with you on so many of these issues - you are right about Yuzu being able to stay home, if necessary, for 14 days once he is allowed to travel to Toronto (which, of course, he won't do if he's not assured he can train after the 14 days.) Canada has handled this pandemic so much better than the states. Even some provinces have closed their borders to other Canadians. Not only do we have a science-denying prez and zero federal response, the last week of protests (which I support, but would not attend) is going to cause a huge resurgence, I fear, of cases. It truly is embarrassing (and scary) to live here. I wonder who is training at TCC. I've seen Instagram posts of Conrad and Joseph and Corey. That's all. And I think that So Korea would be one of the few countries considered safe to allow travel from. Airlines are flying with very light loads and I think people can safely travel, if they take the proper precautions. And Jason could just drive to Toronto. Maybe he will. Again, I have NO faith in my federal gov't at present, to do anything constructive to fight this virus, but great faith in researchers and scientists, some who have studied similar viruses and have worked their entire lives on how to combat just such a virus. FYI: I'd fly to Nova Scotia in a heartbeat as one of my best friends lives there and happily isolate the first two weeks. But the airline i can fly for free on (stinkin' United) has NO flights to Canada at all right now.
  7. There are so many levels of asthma and I do not know where Yuzu sits on the scale of mild to severe, but '"A recent commentary published in Lancet by a group of European researchers called it “striking” that asthma appeared “to be underrepresented in the comorbidities reported for patients with Covid-19” ' and, just released two days ago "Interestingly, research so far does not suggest any link between having asthma and getting a more severe COVID-19 illness, or between asthma and coronavirus deaths. Whether this is because the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t affect people with asthma in the same way as other respiratory viruses, or because there simply isn’t enough data yet, remains to be seen. " Of course, Canada can designate asthma as an exclusionary condition for participation in sport, though that clearly is for the protection of the athlete and not a worry about transmission of the virus. Yuzuru and his mother would not return to Toronto is they felt he was at increased risk of getting ill, but there is not evidence at this time saying he would be at greater risk. He wouldn't want to have "special treatment" as far as restrictions are concerned. But I think this is presently moot. He's not going to leave a rink where he can practice to come back and be quarantined for 14 days. Until this 14-day restriction is lifted, I doubt he will return. I hope all restrictions, including the quarantine requirement, will be relaxed some in the next month or two. Jun and Jason and Evgenia and other skaters are also not going to be able to train at TCC for the foreseeable future. Keep our faith in science.
  8. Well, boo. Now I'm going to have to order that one, too. I suppose I can use some of the money I saved when Worlds were cancelled. A consolation prize.
  9. Good question - I'd like to know, too, but I have a feeling it's the Ice Jewels since that one is out and available, at least to the people in Japan. Does it depend on who took the photo? Last years Ice Jewels is "by" someone, who may be the photographer but doesn't seem to credit the photos (though that might be because I can't read Japanese). The only other two photo books I have, Yuzu and Yuzu II, are from a single photographer.
  10. I know there is one being released June 19 titled: YUZU'LL BE BACK II 羽生結弦写真集2019~2020 (Dancin'on The Edge3) (Japanese) Tankobon Hardcover – June 19, 2020. I pre-ordered it from Amazon.jp - is this another one?
  11. But I really want it. Perhaps when he gets a new case, he can send this on to me.
  12. And no one knows more than Yuzu about ear buds. But then, who has as many as he does?
  13. "Agent Ari Zakaryan, for example, directly says that all sports businessmen pray for Chania . His mere presence instantly makes the box office to any tournament and show, and the end of his career will greatly affect the popularity of the sport in Japan - the main spectator figure skating market today." Ari Zakaryan only cares about skaters that will line his pockets. And doesn't understand that the end of Yuzu's career (no time soon) will greatly impact attendance at ALL competitions, worldwide. But it won't affect the popularity of the sport in Japan, and I think we can expect Yuzu to continue to perform ice shows there for the next decade or more. I really don't like Ari....
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