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3 hours ago, CaroSkate said:

I thought Fuji would post another old Yuzu photo. When I saw the new one, I freaked out and ran back to my room to scream, otherwise my parents would be worried about my mental status lol. :panic:And we have the new interview too. I feel that I am drowning in the new updates (not complaining haha) as I am used to the desert period.  :drowning:


Regarding the 4A, I am totally not surprised that he doesn't include it in competition. I am just wondering if he will try in at gala. :animated-smileys-cheeky-053:

We must be an online lunatic asylum. I feel sometimes like a toddler expecting a big firemen truck under the Christmas tree, sometimes I fear so much, while hoping a wonder (while I find he refines his programs with time), and I keep disturbing my husband.




I must be a spoiled child, I didn't even search something like that because usually the embedding is automatic. 0:)

And I should remember that we were told to add the [*NEWS] tag even if we were not sure it were.

Thank you for the embedding by the way!

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I don't know if it works the same for your browser, but if I wanna embed a tweet, after pasting the link I click on "display as image instead" (or something like that)

and could you maybe add the   [*NEWS]   tag (without the *), so it will go in the News&updates thread more easily?:tumblr_inline_ncmifaymmi1rpglid:

Edited because I was tagging this post as news:facepalm:

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