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  1. An, can be seen online somewhere with or without VPN? FujiTV didn't work to me this morning 😭😭 Thanks!
  2. What about celebrating Rostelecomm Cup for the next 5 years? They can hold Eurocup since it is a continental competition, but i Wonder how it will affect RC.
  3. Well, taking about Javi (I miss him 😭), in Spain we say: "Hasta el rabo todo es toro". So, let's be optimistic and let's see how this finishes on Saturday.. Good night!
  4. In case it is useful to somebody... There is 2 hours direct bus from Malpensa to Torino here: https://estore.arriva.it/en/Ricerca/Bus/MALPENSA - TERMINAL 1/TORINO (TUTTE)/04-12-2019/09-12-2019/false?np=1
  5. Chrischris, i didn't know you were Coming. What a nice surprised! How did you finally manage to get the tickets? I am really happy you got them. You really "fought" for them. Whre are you staying?
  6. I will arrive tomorrow around 2pm to my hotel. Someone travelling alone would like to join for dinner? It is also my first ice figure skating competition, that said, any advice a out logistics will be wellcome.
  7. I just see S and short side seats... Where are arena seats? I imagine or want to imagine yes at least to water, but i am completely New...
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