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  1. Wyell, my congrats once more. You're really an artist . If I would have known I would have taken part on the banner, so I could have gotten one. Seimei is my Yuzu's FS favourite programm. Looking forward to what you will do next
  2. Really beautiful flag. Wyell's design too?
  3. Thank you so much for such a translation, including nuances about Yuzu's words.
  4. I did, but forgot to post here the answer sorry. Huge NO for us as usual. Thank you for your inquiry. This is Ticket Pia. In consideration of the Corona disaster, we will be using an electronic ticketing service called "Ticke-pura" for this performance. Please note that this service is only available in Japan, and cannot be used by customers living overseas. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Hi Pammi, I have been thinking once and again about all this situation, specially since GPF final tickets info came out two days ago and I have reached the conclussion than neither the fans nor the athletes are important for this "business". I of course see your point of not postponing the OG for one year not to be prejudical to the athletes (that would be in fact my only valid argument not to move OG to 2023 if they cannot be moved to a different location). But, my reasoning on all being a business and a question of power and money is as follows: - China has being allowed to cancel 4CC, scheduled to be hold just three weeks before OG. Why? Cannot China really hold 4CC but can hold OG? I have read somewhere that the reason was that 4cc was to being celebrated in a small location.... Well, they could have really easily moved it to Beijing. Furthermore, they have hold this week the Asian Open Figure Skaing there. That is, China wasn't interested in holding 4CC and they were allowed to get what they won't and to get rid of what they weren't interestd. - GPF final. Well, in fact this is a general issue with Japan since so long... And I do love Japan, but I think the way international competitions are privileged in Japan is unacceptable. It cannot be accepted as normal that in international competitions hold in Japan more than 90% of the tickets are restricted to people leaving in Japan. Why so? AFAIK no other country/fed have such a preferential treatment. Why does ISU tolerate this year after year? I can just think of economic/political reasons underlying. Shouldn't everyone (fans) have the same right to attend an international competition in any country no matter where they live or where they were borned? And what about they skaters, wouldn't be fair that they will have the chance to be supported by their followers to the same extend no matter where they skate? With the actual privileges to Japanese skating both situations are impossible... and no one (and I'm referring to ISU and any other international fed) does anything to change that, and I wonder why. Again just economic/political reasons come to my mind. It woud have been so, so easy to move GPF final to a much more accesible country... And, it would have been so important, specially this year, for so many fans and skaters. Many skaters will retire after OG, and holding the competition out of Japan would allow their fans, families and friends to have a last chance to see them live. For example European countries, Canada, and starting November, 1st, USA are accesible to almost any other foreigner, including Japanese. That is, they offer an equitable change for fans all arond the wold to attend, both in terms of open borders and in terms of getting tickets. But no, no and no. To be honest, I wouldn't have awarded Japan a GPF final, Worlds or 4CC as long as the previous privileges prevail. I'm such dissapointed and I have such a feeling of helplessness.. (Sorry for such a long reflection, but I need to take it out).
  6. Yes they will. Ticket info is already availaible... though I don't know if non-Japan residentes can attend.
  7. FYI GPF final tickets available http://gpf2021japan.jp/ticket.html Not sure if for non-Japanese too.
  8. I don't know either. Maybe more than expected due to the lack of competitions the previous year, but definitively OG being so close in time is a handicap. I don't know how many attended in previous similar situations...
  9. News FYI. Sorry if already post it, but I don't have time/energy to go through the messages right now. SU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2022 The ISU was informed by the Chinese Figure Skating Association (CFSA) of the cancellation of the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, that was scheduled to take place from January 17 – 22, 2022 in Tianjin (CHN). The Council subsequently invited ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Members to send applications to host this Championships. No applications were received. After consultation with the Estonian Skating Union, the Council decided to hold the Championships during the week following the ISU European Figure Skating Championships in the same venue. The Council therefore provisionally realotted the Championships as follows: ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships to be held in Tallinn, Estonia tentatively on January 18-23, 2022.
  10. Same thought here... same thought here...
  11. Hello! I just got the info about your pins. I'm reeeally interested. Is there any way I can get them? Thanks beforehand Eva
  12. And any good ticket is available any more... What a bad week I'm having. Too many bad news.
  13. Being so, they should have moved the OG to a different country.
  14. Ok, thanks. I have sent an e-mail to a webpage I found looking around called triticket and ask them an enquiry about F tickets. I don't know if they have tickets in those sectors, or if they are reliable or really expensive. But I wil let you know if they answer me in case you are interested. Take care Eva
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