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  1. Maybe already shared... But just in case... Rice plants in Miyagi prefecture... Yuzuちゃん shaped 💚💜💙💗 https://japan-forward.com/hidden-wonders-of-japan-kakuda-city-rice-paddy-art-features-skating-champ-yuzuru-hanyu/
  2. I haven't heard this piece before, but it really touched me. Thanks so much for sharing.
  3. I will check luggage for sure, that is, i could take them to Poohrino if you want. I also plan to write organisers to ask if back rest will be allowed in the venue.
  4. I think I am exhausted after an intense GPF ticket week. But i am thinking about spending my «summer» holidays in Japan in november if i manage to get tickets... Momiji, buying fabrics there to sew a kimono and attending ice skating NHK. A lot to organise... But tickets are the limiting step...
  5. Yes, i read about them... But even after having read that I don’t understand many things. For example, it seems a japanese friend cannot by an all event ticket for me, But they can by single event tickets and transfer them to me. Is this right? And all and only Japaneses can take part in the lottery and in the best case only buy a ticket per person?
  6. So please, who can buy please offer the New ones, such as me, a sum up on how this works. Thanks in advance.
  7. Lot of free places yet... Maybe they should think about lowering prices for the future... 🙄
  8. Please, remember to look directly in Vivaticket webpage. Last time selling links were available at least 20 minutes later in the official page than in Vivaticket.
  9. Thank u for the advice. I speak spanish, English, German, just a little of French and I am studying japanese. I wii adapt my scientist CV tomorrow so I can sen it on time. And Thanks for offering taking the Planet to nice places in Torino. I feel really excited about meeting as, many of you as possible!
  10. Did they already confim u as a volunteer? I am still thinking of it if we don't manage to get tickets. In fact, i started filling the required info the first day, but then i didn't continue...
  11. I do not know how to do it. But just 1 FREE gold in 107. No gold ticket was offered on the other short site. 112 platinum tickets available, all of them in the first three rows. What?
  12. Not in mine. I cannot pay so much. Good luck to those of you trying tomorrow!
  13. It would be better lik That's even better since there is glass every where. I think rows 3 and higher will have a better view.
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