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46 minutes ago, FlyingCamel said:


I hope Yuzu is feeling okay about this... that awards bio I mean :/  I would like to believe he doesn't care but if I were in his position I would feel awful having my hard work and achievements erased like this...


15 minutes ago, TallyT said:


Maybe someone realised that the sheer downplaying of the People Who Shouldn't Be More Popular But Are was a bit too crude, and people were retweeting it all over the place and making an even bigger mockery of Ari's Super Special Show.


It only makes ISU look bad. The omission actually does more to highlight Yuzu's achievements since unless you're a total FS noob, it's not like people don't know about his achievements. At the minimum, they know about his Olympic golds. Even if ISU want to do the erasure thing, Olympic Channel isn't going to delete anything.

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Guys, please, don’t be naive, the whole Award circus was set up to gain back the North American markets, not reward some real achievements, so what did you expect? Just ignore it. Nothing can diminish Yuzuru Hanyu and his achievements. 

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Those who knows something about FS knows who Yuzuru Hanyu is(and even people who don't follow the sport knows him as well)he doesn't need a stupid award from ISU,I agree ignore and move on.

Silence carries the "you're not even worth a fight" message so well.

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While I wouldn’t go as far as ban any mention of the awards here, I certainly wouldn’t take it seriously. Have fun and mock them, whatever the result, folks, but don’t give them what they want - which is clicks and attention. 

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That omission of Yuzu's achievement on the awards bio only reflects poorly on those who desperately wants another skater of their choice to be seen as the tiptop skater today — that kind of omission would never cast Yuzu in a poor light, as those dullards desire, because people know the truth, the truth that Yuzu is simply unmatchable by any other skaters before, now, and probably after this era of FS we are in.


The only problem is that those who are completely new to FS and they see this and they straight up believe it. I'd like to think that this is not going to be a legitimate issue, but the fact that this is still a possibility bothers me...😒


Generally I am down for just ignoring those stupid antics by I**, U**S* and the rest of the goons but there has to be an active way to stop them fooling around like that, because seriously, it benefits no one (not even themselves)...

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And yet they still wonder why Figure Skating is not respected as a sport.


The way the World Body, ISU  conducts itself is appalling. It is not interested in promoting the sport globally & actual improvements in the sport, it's only interested in furthering their own agenda.


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I’ve never known a sport like it - imagine “forgetting“ you have a double reigning Olympic champ in your midst for your annual sports awards :disdain:!!

I agree we should ignore ... but I find it hard not to be furious with the body that governs and supposedly promotes this sport treating its most shining star and most high profile ambassador internationally in this shabby way, it’s sickening. Hopefully Yuzuru himself is taking it with a pinch of salt; us being upset is one thing, him being affected by it is another. 

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I also think that we should ignore the "award", nothing helps better than as little attention as possible to get rid of this "award" and to show ISU what we think about it.

(I think it's just so sad that skaters are deprived of the opportunity for a little carefree fun, a get-together without competition)

And for those who still want to watch the award show please keep in mind that N.C. is not responsible for what the ISU does.

As for the wrongly presented bio or generally wrongly presented facts:

I always prefer to react to something like this, but as unemotionally as possible, even if it's hard to do. If you get emotional, quick-tempered or start to hand out insults,

it will only fall back on you or you won't be taken seriously. Then it's back to: "look at these crazy Hanyu fans."

But a neutral message with the correction of facts cannot be dismissed.


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