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  1. She sounds like she's not being entirely honest IMO. She doesn't seem very happy either.
  2. Well, I think the result of this change may be already visible this weekend at the Cup of Russia. Let's wait and see. I'm trying to stay away from the drama and just hope Zhenya will be ok. Maybe Eteri is not such a bad option for her considering the circumstances. The back injury everyone is talking about seems to be quite serious though, I find it much more disturbing right now. If it gets worse...
  3. Haha of course Math is not my friend today
  4. And I think members, only five left, come on
  5. I have a feeling that some coaches/skaters/choreographers intentionally don't try to do their best considering what kind of a season we're going to have
  6. They showed Eteri's reaction during Sasha's replay More drama again
  7. This music...I just don't get it. I can't call this skate a real program yet. same
  8. Fair enough. Origin 1 and Seimei are one of my favorites, but I surprisingly prefer the 4CC green one... still can't exactly explain why. Can't wait to see his new costume. Some type of sixth sense tells me that it could be green too, and I'm not sure whether I like it o not
  9. I loved Mana's program so much! She is a discovery for me. I didn't even know she had 3A. Good luck to her
  10. Looking forward to seeing Alena's program in future competitions. I think it suits her well.
  11. I see more masks than I expected. Right but still
  12. Welcome back, Misha! Loved this program
  13. Watching on my phone with the sound off The costumes are the only thing I can appreciate right now.
  14. But not all of them, so there is a costume you don't hate. Which one?
  15. I won't look, I envy them too much
  16. Stephane is talking about his red cat costume
  17. I love both of your definitions Not sure I'd like this 'midnight blues' thing as a dance pattern though...
  18. For everyone interested in watching the Ice Academy of Montreal live show on September 11th. Jordan of On Ice Perspectives will be producing this event and offers a discount for tickets (50% off) on his Patreon until September 3rd. Here is the link to his post, you'll be able to see it even if you're not a patron. https://www.patreon.com/posts/i-am-live-ice-of-41088286
  19. The 2018 Olympics - Ladies' & Men's FS one is perfect and I'd join if not for work, so I hope in late September-October I won't have to spend all the weekends at the office and will be able to enjoy the future parties.
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