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  1. The basis is : The most important/popular one appears last for ice shows. Same goes for theatre production, the main roles always last. Why? To hold audience attention till the end. Plushenko is legendary yes but Yuzu is 2X Olympic Champion(Individual), Plushenko has 1 individual Gold. + its held in Japan, the host main skater is always last to appear. For Exhibition gala, yes, the winners always appear last. Pretty standard order. Except for WC Yuzu was put to appear later than Yuma the silver medalist due to his popularity. Even if there's no audience
  2. Of course, Yuzu's shirtless look was much more sexier. The last time he did that was 2012 at an ice show.
  3. On GS, Yuzuru's Fan Fest has just been updated yesterday. There's all the latest interviews up to SOI ice show schedule. Yuzu fans still go there as some of us are also fans of other skaters. Just keep out of the drama, which I find not hard to do after the Covid pandemic started.
  4. 1) Try not to read those posts or threads. Dont follow every single thread/post in social media. 2) Follow other sports. Those which are less drama for you or your country's athletes. Non judged sports have less drama usually cos its all in the speed or numbers. Tokyo Olympics is this year so I follow those sports more. With 3 to 4 sports to follow, who qualifies for Tokyo Olympics, what are the ranking points needed, etc, there would not much time to dwell on the stuff that goes on in Figure Skating. 3) With the pandemic still going on, there are far more im
  5. We dont know the final outcome about Worlds cos they did not have quarantine. And If WC didnt become a superspreader,thats cos a) they got lucky its not more than the 2 or 3 who tested positive b) some may be asymptomatic but we wouldnt know cos they are not required by their home countries to do the test unless they have symptoms. Some countries operate that way. Because there were other International sporting events where athletes tested positive AFTER 7 days arriving at the competition venue. After testing negative upon arrival. They had bubble & all that. Fortunately,
  6. Jason has said he would fly back to his hometown in USA after WC. He wanted to see his parents whom he hasnt seen almost a year. Usually Jason's parents will travel & watch him at competitions but with Covid going on they cant. So if Jason goes for WTT he will fly from US, Chicago I think is his hometown.
  7. Well, it will more interesting if both Yuzu & Shoma decided to withdraw. Hehe
  8. Yuzu & Shoma?? That's odd. I thought it would be Yuzu & Yuma or Shoma & Yuma. To give Yuma some experience competing in Team events before 2022 Olympics.
  9. Shoma will teach Yuzu how to level up at gaming. By 10 levels. Lol. Yuzu will teach Shoma how to jump a proper 4S. If he can get Shoma off the bed. On a serious note, I'm sure they'll be in separate rooms as required by quarantine protocols.
  10. LOL. Zhulin forgot Yuzu won 2018 OG with Seimei, another Japanese themed song. I remember an interview where Orser said he discreetly asked the judges(during 2017/2018 Olympic season) -> they liked Seimei. Its not like ISU judges going give him higher points for rock type song. Look at what happened with Lets Go Crazy & Let Me Entertain You.
  11. Yuzuru has been hospitalized for the flu before. He withdrew from Japan Nationals that year. If I remember correctly, it was flu+ asthma. He did get asthmatic attacks when he first went to Canada. It was said Orser got worried & persuaded Yuzu to ask his mother to stay with him long term. Though from other sources, it was Yuzu's mother who wanted to go as she was worried his health & what would he eat. The 2017 case, I read the trainer's account 1st, Kikuchi san. He said Yuzu had a bout of asthma before 2017 WC but he hid it. Yuzu has a tendency to do
  12. Because my countrymen is still competing(small country). After 2022 & he retires, that's it. Figure skating is far behind many other Olympic sports in terms popularizing the sport Worldwide. ISU just wants to stay in their own little world & reap the benefits themselves.
  13. It doesnt matter, Yuzu already has his 2 Olympic Golds safely tucked away. Just its a bit odd compared to other sports. In other sports, a 2X OG champ is treated with respect by the World Association/Fed. If for no other reason than it brings in ticket sales.
  14. They already been doing that since after 2018 Olympics. Shoma was supposed to be his successor but Shoma then went coachless, hit rock bottom before switching to Lambiel. Even the Vice President of JSF was talking about Shoma, Rika, blah blah before 2019 WC. Now they will be touting Yuma as the successor
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