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  1. I thought by now everyone knows that the skaters are contractually obligated to skate in SOI. Yuzu may have concerns but if the organisers want to hold it, he & the other skaters has to appear. And that this year's ice shows are actually to replace the cancelled ones from last year?
  2. I came from lunch & saw there are 60+ new posts. Was wondering what's so interesting abt gala practice to get so much attention. Then saw a lot of 4A appearing in the Japanese live reports. Yup, he loves making Orser and us lose hair.
  3. I am refering to Yuzu being criticized & bashed. Its everywhere, including livestream of ISU press conferences(comments section). That's why I said(in my repky to Kadova) it will come looking for us, no need take effort look for it.
  4. It is in abundance on youtube & twitter. Look at the comments section, including videos of ISU press conferences. Lots of Nathan fans and/USA fans will come out comment. Jackie Wong's(rockerskating) twitter comments section will have too. It is from his twitter followers that I got told - 'go watch other sports if not satisfied with the judging' as if that stops the biased judging & improves FS as a sport. Not to mention TSL. I still remember the ex judge they interviewed who's critical of Yuzu's posture. GS is moderated so forumers are more careful in orde
  5. Rafael was the one who made the comment abt Pooh bears raining onto the rink after Yuzu's skate being a psychological weapon against the next skater competing. It was reference to Nathan as Nathan usually skates after Yuzu. This pissed off a lot of people as if Nathan's mental strength is so weak that he can effected by rain of pooh toys. You wouldnt see Brian Orser or Tracy Wilson making such comments abt other skaters fans. There would be a huge uproar if even a hint. On bashing, Yuzu gets constant criticism & bashing. In fact more than Nathan depending on wh
  6. Yuzu won his 2nd Olympic Gold with Seimei, so that by right shouldnt be a factor. They just giving excuses for lowballing him.
  7. Yuzu did well enough all things considered. Too bad on the missed 4S & doubled 3T, still a strong skate. Btw, what happened to Shoma? His new boots hurting him so badly? The last time he didnt skate well in both short & long program was when he was coachless.
  8. Officially on paper, yes, of course they will not list cause of death as from vaccination. But over here, we know that the 1st batch for frontliners & politicians is Pfizer. They felt unwell after taking the vaccine, after that its either end up in ICU or pass away in sleep. Pass away within 1 to 2 weeks after taking the vaccine. Official cause given is mostly heart attack. People I know of the side effects is not just headache, fever. Blood pressure shoot up above 160/100, this is where I think it may cause heart attack like what happened to the frontliners who di
  9. The comparison I made was with those contracted the virus, not with those who died. Ratio with population : 363,000 cases/32 million population = 1.1% Out of the 363,000 cases, 1,345 have died = 0.37% death rate. The 3.5% side effects from Pfizer as reported by Health Minister are the official figures. Unofficially it is said to be higher, esp after Pfizer 2nd dose. The figures are expected to higher once they start with the senior citizens & high risk groups. Regardless, 3.5% is higher than 1.1%. A vast majority of those who tes
  10. The fact remains : its been reported by the Health Minister(who is very pro vaccine) that 3.5% got side effects after taking Pfizer. While the ratio of those contracting Covid 19 to the population is only 1%+. Those who died the official cause of death given range from heart attack to 'unknown'. These are frontliners, mostly from the medical field, they get their health checked regularly. All of which happened few days after they took the vaccine. The one reported as "unknown" was a healthy 37 yr old frontliner who had high fever after 2nd dose of vaccine, then passed out in t
  11. It's Malaysia, Singapore's neighbour up north. I have no idea there's a flag & that the forum system put me as from Spore. Like I said, we cannot choose the vaccine. Since I'm in the last phase for those aged 18 to 59, we can wait & see. Which more & more people are doing. Since its not going to reach our turn in 2021 anyway. They havent even started with the senior citizens & high risk groups yet which are supposed to start sometime end of April. After this phase starts, thats when the numbers will get very interesting.
  12. Not if its Astra Zeneca. There are countries which have stopped giving AZ to those under 55 yrs old due to blood clot issue. In my country, we cannot choose the vaccine. Astra Zeneca is on the list along with Sinovac & Pfizer. Pfizer is for politicians, frontliners, the elites. There are frontliners who have died after getting Pfizer, including those healthy with no underlying issues. There is 3.5% incidence of side effects from Pfizer, thats just 1st dose. Its been reported side effects from 2nd dose is even worse. + they havent even started with the high risk
  13. The basis is : The most important/popular one appears last for ice shows. Same goes for theatre production, the main roles always last. Why? To hold audience attention till the end. Plushenko is legendary yes but Yuzu is 2X Olympic Champion(Individual), Plushenko has 1 individual Gold. + its held in Japan, the host main skater is always last to appear. For Exhibition gala, yes, the winners always appear last. Pretty standard order. Except for WC Yuzu was put to appear later than Yuma the silver medalist due to his popularity. Even if there's no audience
  14. Of course, Yuzu's shirtless look was much more sexier. The last time he did that was 2012 at an ice show.
  15. On GS, Yuzuru's Fan Fest has just been updated yesterday. There's all the latest interviews up to SOI ice show schedule. Yuzu fans still go there as some of us are also fans of other skaters. Just keep out of the drama, which I find not hard to do after the Covid pandemic started.
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