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  1. When it comes to sports & events, it would be better if competitions are held implementing social distancing & temperature checks till the end of 2020. The Covid 19 situation is better in Asia countries cos 1) we had it 1st, 2) most implemented more strict control measures than Europe or North America. I'm from SouthEast Asia, cinemas in my country are allowed to open since 1 July. With social distancing between seats(marked X) like the pic in this news article : https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/07/605591/crowds-slowly-returning-cinemas-says-gsc-rep So, if cinemas are allowed to have audiences then so should stadium, with proper social distancing. There is not going to be that many audience anyway compared to before Covid 19. Borders in Asia countries have started to open for foreigners from selected countries. Foreign investor need to be attracted to come back, tourism industry needs a kick start. All helps to revive a country's economy. The governments need the taxes to pay for expenses. So, unless its a rich 1st World country, we in Asia are opening borders.
  2. I think most here already ignoring the awards. With Covid 19 & re opening of economies, most people are busy back at work. As to the glaring error in facts, it should not be taken laying down, so to speak. Because 1) It sends a message to ISU that its ok to be incompetent. 2) Such glaring error is most definitely not tolerated in other sports. The respective country would immediately complain. That is if the world body of the said sport be so foolish to do such a thing to a 2X OG champ. I have not seen or heard of another sport(Olympic & non Olympic) treating its most decorated sports person in such a shabby manner. Whenever those fan say "Its all crazy Hanyu fans", I'll say "We do not tolerate this in other sports means we also do not tolerate this in FS. Equal opportunity." and "Other World sporting bodies would not dare conduct themselves in such an appalling manner." Both statements are true statements. Example : Complaints abt unfair judging going up to IOC. This is also done in other sports, with much more aggressiveness. So my reply has been "What's the big deal? We also bring complaints right up to IOC if the other World sporting bodies do not respond." It hopefully opens their eyes to what is professional behaviour expected.
  3. And yet they still wonder why Figure Skating is not respected as a sport. The way the World Body, ISU conducts itself is appalling. It is not interested in promoting the sport globally & actual improvements in the sport, it's only interested in furthering their own agenda.
  4. On the 2nd paragraph, what he means is similar to the last paragraph. To paraphrase : " The programs were created to convey the thoughts and emotions of that specific/unique time" What he felt at the period of time when the programs were choreographed was what produced the programs, he may or may not feel the same way now. Using the same concept, programs for upcoming new season will be made. On side note, on a broader perspective he could be referring to the programs he has over the years. Which he did a snippet of each in the JSF video. The Yuzu of RJ1 in 2012 is different from Yuzu performing RJ1 in 2014 at WC exhibition. The Yuzu of PW in 2014 Olympics is different from the Yuzu performing PW at Skate Canada 2019. ** My chinese is "half pail full" only.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/79472874 There was another video showing him getting off the ice into the wheelchair but could be taken down by now. He missed 2016 WC because of the surgery.
  6. I think for Nathan it's due to the fact he had a hip surgery when he was 16 or 17. I remember Rafael saying in an interview before that Nathan was all for quads & more quads. But yeah of course, Nathan doesnt "live & breath skating" like Yuzu does. Yuzu has a relatively normal school life compared to US skaters. In US, some were homeschooled so to make time for skating.
  7. 60% PCS scoring in LP? In other words, they just want to promote their favs to win and pin it on subjectivity.
  8. Or who made the hole so big ? There were 8 or 9 skaters (after ice resurfacing) before Yuzu skated. Also, now I'm wondering did the hole make Boyang Jin pop 2 of his quads?
  9. Since someone is describing the 'hole in ice' situation, here's a video of it. Hasnt this already been posted in the forum?
  10. What I can say is it's never personal for me in terms of supporting/defending athletes, across different sports. There are more important & serious things happening in real life that needs attention. I dont worked up when such situations(backstabbing, etc) happen to me, directly. Such is human nature, the big world out there is not as ideal as we would like it to be. Hence I said the chinese saying "society is very realistic". So, for now, I will enjoy watching Yuzuru's SP a 3rd time & the other men the 1st time. While trying to do my work, at midnight, haha.
  11. Ok. Since there are members who got offended with what Johnny Weir said I had to make comparision with the content I've seen NBC produce. I'm not American but have worked in media field before & have an idea how things are supposed to operate.
  12. I do not think ultimately Johnny has a choice in the talking points or the framing of questions, looking at how offensive NBC or CBS or CNN can get. Well, that's us. The real world is very different. Esp if it involves earning enough to survive. Like the chinese saying goes "Society is very realistic"
  13. 1) For one thing, NBC even disses their own President, cos he's from a different party. What more non USA skaters. So, in comparison, what Johnny said is mild compared to how NBC treats their own Americans. It's just to spice things up, which is what American media tend to do. Basically, to me, Johnny Weir has to say what NBC wants him to say if he wants to keep his commentating job. + what Johnny says is pretty mild by NBC standards. 2) Didnt Japanese media make some remarks when Yuzu lost to Shoma at Japan Nationals? Japan's media themselves arent that complimentary of Yuzuru. Needless to say, JSF have never been all that supportive of him.
  14. Johnny Weir is commentator for NBC right? He works for NBC, he has to say those things to make USA skaters look good, esp Nathan.
  15. I'm more inclined to believe it's typo error.
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