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  1. Yeah, I'm wondering why she looks soo sad...
  2. At first I thought their dance was going to be extremely boring but then... I quite liked it. Yeah, the mesh is hideous, but I liked the color of the dress.
  3. Agree. That´s why I like Madison´s dress much more
  4. Right, not bad, but I think tomorrow I won't remember anything from this dance
  5. True. I've got used to 4-hour long Worlds replays, so I'm kinda shocked it's already over.
  6. Hi everyone! Just started watching. Oh, Je t'aime
  7. I rewatch 4CC Chopin and PC Chopin quiet often. Sometimes I find myself mentally going through all his moves again and again without actually watching the programme. It helps me to calm down when I need it. I also watch Skate Canada Origin and PC Seimei a lot. It may sound strange, but the only time I've rewatched H&L was the World 2017 rebroadcast last week
  8. A reversed version of Otoñal! Btw, the reversed 4CC Chopin I posted here a month ago is the video with most views on this channel now, so I guess more stuff like this is coming soon.
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