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  1. To tell the truth I really wouldn't mind it.
  2. Do we have any information about planned content for the FS tomorrow? How many quads?
  3. Elena Radionova with a surprise performance after the pairs event. Don't miss it! I'm trying to watch the ladies without paying attention to the scores, but the commentators keep talking about extra points As far as I know, nU, nC etc. show up when an element lacks a basic position required for that type of spin.
  4. Ladies SP results and protocols Right, only Valieva and Usacheva got extra points. Interesting
  5. I'm here Second group of ladies is on the ice.
  6. Same. I don't even see usernames, they are all hidden behind profile pics.
  7. The plank one is precious. A good reminder not to give up on my daily exercise
  8. The text in the post says it was test skates
  9. Ghilardi/Ambrosini are skating to Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Oh my teenage years
  10. She sounds like she's not being entirely honest IMO. She doesn't seem very happy either.
  11. Well, I think the result of this change may be already visible this weekend at the Cup of Russia. Let's wait and see. I'm trying to stay away from the drama and just hope Zhenya will be ok. Maybe Eteri is not such a bad option for her considering the circumstances. The back injury everyone is talking about seems to be quite serious though, I find it much more disturbing right now. If it gets worse...
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