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  1. Maybe they will sell a very reduced amount of tickets so everyone can keep a distance. If they want to hold a competition with spectators, it doesn't mean all the seats must be occupied
  2. Looks like some kind of exhibition
  3. It is! I consider watching it on TV while working from home
  4. This looks like a stylish wasp costume
  5. Thank you so much for such an inspiring video I hope your loved ones get well soon! Stay strong!
  6. Thanks for the translated version! The cm is great, but I wish it was a bit longer
  7. Finally some new content Thank you for the stills! This is the best way to start your day
  8. I've never seen this before! OMG they're so bold In the kiss&cry he kinda doesn't know how to sit
  9. When I first saw the COC 2014 skate, I was rather shocked like all of you, but now... maybe there's something wrong with me, but sometimes I find myself re-watching that fs and it is totally ok to me. Even the falls don't look scary. I know how weird that sounds
  10. Oh no... I'm pretty sure too they will cancel the senior GP. I thought I was prepared for this, but And all the national competitions everyone is talking about, when will they take place?
  11. Is this a parking lot?
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