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  1. Its great that Sasha landed 5 quads but for me its like she sacrifes her performances sides for that.But maybe that actually her tactic all along.She can easily wins without high pcs mark with that BV and hope she is not peaking too soon
  2. Surprisingly i like Liza sp.I cant get into Team Tut program where there is lot of body bend?neck bend?i dont how to describe it but there is a lot of that movement especially in Anna program
  3. From what i read he will not go to Nebelhorn and rusfed will decide who is going after the test skate.Dont know why though
  4. Thank you for recapping all the jumps.I'm still a newbie and just learning how to differentiate the jumps wihout the tes box.
  5. In my opinion Yuzu will not attend any competitions until NHK because i think he is still taking Covid safety precaution seriously like reducing travelling especially overseas. Besides that he is also so busy focusing on practicing the quad axel and since Olympic Beijing is not on his mind i dont think he feels the need to go to any challengers or asian open(eventhough its an olympic test event).As for Japan Open i dont think he will attend also.When was the last time he attends one?and how about the sp.The last time we heard the choreography has not even begin yet.Usually skaters from Kinoshi
  6. Finish already?i thought it will be 1 hour of Yuzu segment..
  7. I was just rewatching heaven&earth from jnats and once again i felt in love with it.I just wondering why the program didn't get much love compared to Yuzu other program.Even LMEY get so much recognition.Is it because of the japanese theme?but Seimei get so much recognition..or is it because the two times it was perform internationally it was not clean?
  8. Thank you for the video but question about bts part i think is missing
  9. Thanks.i missed some of Yuzu part earlier.Hope someone will have it recorded
  10. Hello..do we have link for todays documentary?
  11. I guess they go with the famous ,well known high profile athelete.She is well known all over the world.Eventhough Yuzuru is famous in Japan he is not well known enough in other countires and figure skating as a sport only is known in certain coutry
  12. I have a strong feeling that he will not take part in the opening.He has already given the encouragement via the jsf video.Besides usually only retired athelete from the host country will involve right?He is still active and a winter olympic athelete
  13. Same i dont think he will also.From his previous interview he seems not interested in the Olympic anymore and besides he always keep on low profile during the off season
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