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  1. The gala is medalist on ice right?its tomorrow?will they show it lives and which skaters had been invited?
  2. When is medalist on ice and will they show it lives?which skater had been invited?
  3. What did they ask Yuzu on ig live?a lot of question to him eventhough he is not the winner
  4. Hope this is just fatigue from the back to back asignment and travelling.Not any kind of injuries.
  5. Oh sucks.Why cant Yuzu catch a break.What universe has against him.I just start following Yuzu after olympic and since then never experience watching him winning major titles. wish i was a fan earlier..not that i'm a fan because of him winning only but i also want to experrience the joy with Yuzu when he won.Because for him if not gold its a lost
  6. Do you guys think this will give any impact to his scoring in Worlds?I mean look at how Usnats scoring help Nathan in worlds saitama.I just dont want them to have anymore reason to underscore him..and thinking that he is done in this sport.He is still just 25
  7. If in his own country they cant give him his deserved pcs..imagine in international comp
  8. He lost?hope his feeling ok.I know Nats mean so much for him.Cursed the back to back grand prix assignment and gpf.
  9. How about RT of the other skaters in final group?How shoma?only him i think can challenge Yuzu for gold
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