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  1. 4a is his dream and long term goal and what keeping him motivated to skate now based on his interview.Like u said mayb he can try that after beijing (if he wants to go to the olympic)and after that lands the 4a in any isu comp to get ratified
  2. Oh that why he didn't jump any lutz or flip.For me the programs now perfect as it is but in order to win against Nathan do u guys think he need to add another quad(quad lutz)maybe?But i dont see its fit /go with the flow of the program now.Or he can skates as it is now and go for clean jumps and higher goe(if they will give him)?
  3. I think deep down he still conflicted about entering the competition.From what i understand from his recent interview that if up to him he did not want to enter this competition as he stands regarding covid spread and infection is the same as before for not entering the gp series.But since he has to fight for the spot in Worlds he left with no choice.They can't gives him spot like before when he is injured.So i think its a bit difficult for him to smile and be playful during this time.
  4. Do u guys think we will get snippet of today practice before the sp in the news?is there enough times for that before the actual competition
  5. Yes.I'm also worried about him not having any coach at the board. In my opinion eventhough Yuzu is a great skater, having a second pair of eyes during practice is important to give him feedback during any mistake or to make adjustment especially in a big event like this.Its like gpf last season all over again and the same happened to shoma for a while last season when he didn't have any coach.Sometimes psychological support from coaches also important.
  6. So glad to see Yuzu smiling and looking healthy.I'm nervous for him since he is training without coaches and with jnats as his first competition.Usually he had aci to be his 'pancake'
  7. I have been watching old Yuzu vids on youtube and noticed that he is not doing beillmann spins anymore in his current competitive programs beside during notte stelatta ex in last gpf.Did he ever mention why?Is he having back injuries issues or losing his flexibilty?
  8. I think it is not imposible for him to get a new long program from Shae-Lyn.He had experience before with her with masquerade choreo done via video call right?The only thing that will remains the same i think are the jumps layout.I dont think he will try anything new because of limitation of ice time,facilities and without coaches.In my opinion,he can still win jnats if he skates clean with 3 quads in free programme
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