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  1. How that everyone know that he is in Japan?
  2. Hello.Just want to ask how did anyone know that Yuzuru is in Japan? Did i missed any news about that.I rarely post here since my english is not so good
  3. Let say they really cancel World next week...any chances of it to be postpone to later date.How about next year entries for World then?
  4. Lets say they really cancel world next week..any chances of postponing it to later date and what will happen to entries for next year world?
  5. If Isu didn't want to cancel maybe they can do the closed competition without the audience ?Some of the skaters already there already.They can still make the money with the broadcast and why not so much concern during worlds junior? No one asked for cancellation during worlds junior
  6. When will the practice schedule with music rotations come out?
  7. Has the practice schedule/group rotations come out?the first practice is on the 16th right?usually when will they come out.Are they planning to cancel and thats why it hasn't come out yet?
  8. I noticed that all eteri girls get 1+ goe for their 2a but other skater get less than 1 even with beautiful transition and flow
  9. I also wish for Yuzu to skate clean both his sp and free for the upcoming Worlds...but since the change to 4 min free skate duration he has never skate clean once in his free.During skate canada he almost done it.Do u guys think by shorten the free skate duration its effected Yuzu the most?
  10. Oh yeah now i remember the asahi one has like 1 million views..i didn't know that its was taken down before
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