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  1. He did quad flip as the first jump in the fs? I thought it a triple at first
  2. With the depth of russian fields i don't think she even qualifies for Olympic. To gain a 4s also i think is impossible with her chronic back injuries and all.Her triple now barely rotated and muscled
  3. I just wondering the same thing regarding Yuzuru situation and payment to his coaches.He is not using TCC facilities and as far as what Brian said in interview before he hasn't been contacted by Yuzu either.So if their paying by weeks/coach time/ice time ..its a relief then.Just when i was lurking on twitter some are saying TCC already loss 2 skaters.Yuzu and Evegenia
  4. With all of the former russian skaters ,coaches and rusfed higher up agreeing and saying she made the right decision by going back to Eteri its clearly showed that they actually didn't like her decision by going to Brian in the first place.The other reason also i think since Alina not competing anymore they would like to use Evgenia image to sell tickets
  5. I think it is a relieved for Brian too...so much drama surrounding her.Now he can focus more to other skaters
  6. I don't understand if her chronic back injuries is cause by eteri method of training why go back to that? Or she just want instant result and not for the long term
  7. If its true Medvedeva returning back to her old coach is it not contradict the reason she moves to Orser in the first place? Trying to correct her jump technique and all...
  8. Wow Ted Barton is commentating?Did he has a deal with Russian tv or something.If i'm not mistaken he also give commentary last year
  9. When he said he will miss Nationals? Did i miss any interviews?Latest i heard he will skip the gp
  10. I miss Yuzuru skating so much.What should i do? I can never watch other skaters and feel the same way as watching Yuzuru
  11. I'm so proud of Yuzuru decision of withdrawing from gp series.As a frontliner fighting covid in my country i'm so thankful that there are still people taking this thing seriously.Besides i don't think the gp series will go as plan.just cancel it already isu.just focus on domestic event and next year world.And if the gp series will continue as plan i hope more elite skaters withdraw from it..there is no benefit of joining as this is not like the usual gp.no world standing point will be given and so on....so why risk the health of yourself and others
  12. If JSF didn't wants their skaters to travel internationally how about Rika Kihira going to Switzerland and even to Italy if im not mistaken.
  13. Oh no.I guess there is no monthly appearance by Yuzuru then.I read somewhere on twitter that Yuzuru name is not listed for that 24 hour charity tv show.Don't know is it true or not
  14. Any news regarding Yuzuru Citizen interview? They said in August right
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