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4 hours ago, madraykin said:

Maybe I'm being very dumb - but aren't the live Toyama broadcast and the Kobe broadcast going to be on at the same time?

The show is about 3.5 hours long, so if live broadcasting of Toyama starts at 11:24am, it will finish just in time for Kobe 3:00pm start

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37 minutes ago, kaeryth said:


Wow Ryohei Kato number 1! I assumed it would be Shohei Ohtani.


 Oh, he is quite handsome.....and his hair is absolutely massive.....:68468287:


Shohei wouldn't win a handsomeness poll, for me, because he's too cute. HE'S SO CUTE. A pinchable little face on a huge body -- he reminds me of the Buff Bunny Twitter meme.



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