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  1. Isn't this more like the Bieber hair when he first debuted ? It even slant the same way. Also it seems like it doesn't matter whether you are known skater or not, as long as you are little girl, you are allowed to post photo!
  2. Wow if 110,000 turned up in Sendai (which included a lot of people not from the city and needed long travels), imagine how much people would turn up for Tokyo....Half a million? Could have caused a true traffic havoc
  3. They are talking about how good he is at fan service and the scalper problems. And now we await the monument reveal!
  4. That is why I really wanted Yuzu to do a show version of Origin ... There were so many intricate details in the media day choreography that I felt got cut out or lost in the tension of the competitions before he had chance to familiarise it. I just dunno how he would feel doing it in a show if Plushenko is also there (and he is there in most shows).
  5. There is never an agreed definition of GOAT, whether in skating or other sports, because all fans will go with the definition that suits their favourite. However, in terms of being remembered many years later, there are really mainly three things - memorable programs that defined the skater (and this is a combination of both artistry and quality technique), the count of gold medals (as this is the only thing comparable across eras, with Olympic gold being most important) and whether you are the first to achieve a certain milestone or specific type of jumps (although not an absolute necessity). Yuzu has already met all three criteria many times. Whether someone leaves a lasting impression requires a combination of these things over a whole career, and not just one competition. The marks you get or how many quads you jumped doesn't mean much 20 years later, because the scoring system would have changed and future skaters will be jumping even more quads due to advance in equipment technology and coaches' experience. But the first person to achieve something will forever go down in history, which is why Yuzu wants that quad axel so much I guess, although even without it he is already in history, being the first to jump 4L, the first ever Asian Olympic male single winner and the only double one since Dick Button. And any discourse about if Yuzu is the GOAT, then anyone who beats him is also the GOAT is pure nonsense, or propaganda to to prop someone else as the GOAT when they are not deserving of that title yet. If both skater A and B beats Yuzu in a competition, then are they both GOAT? and then skater B gets beaten by skater C, does that mean skater C is also the GOAT ? you can't have that many GOATs. Skater A, B and C will need as many achievements over a career as Yuzu does to be even considered. Just one or two dominant season is not enough. For example Chan and Medvedeva both had multiples seasons where they seem totally unbeatable and everyone say they will become the greatest skater ever, but today no one will consider them for GOATs. Why? because of the lack of Olympic gold (which goes to show how much this medal means in figure skating).
  6. The course if I remember right gave a choice of 4 to 8 years to complete...He has obviously chose the latter option. I recall he mentioned before that he could speed up getting the degree by taking random subjects to fill up the units, but then he doesn't want to get a degree just for the sake of a degree, he actually wants to study subjects he is interested in properly so hence why he isn't doing that.
  7. Yuzu isn't behind schedule, the course he is doing takes 8 years to complete, which means he still has one or two years to go.
  8. I think you are overestimating Yuzu's sponsors. If sponsors = power in the skating community, then given all major ISU sponsors are Japanese companies, JSF should be the most powerful federation. Yet JSF had been completely useless again and again - with the exception of Uno, all Japanese skaters have been severely underscored both past and present. Those in power at ISU have been from the Western countries and big 3 federations for a century, and they aren't going to let late-comer Japan join the party easily. And given JSF has earned so much money, they don't feel the need to for politicking like the other Feds - whether Yuzu wins silver or gold, the fans will still pay to see him anyways, so what do the JSF care? And here is where I think Japanese audience being not nationalistic and welcoming of all foreign skaters actually hurts their own skaters. The federations earn a cut of skater's show & commercial earnings, and most of that money is in Japan currently, so they also want to milk all they can out of the Japanese audience, and the way to do it is to suppress Japanese skaters and promote their own. If Rika and Kaori are champions everywhere, do you think the Japanese will still care about Medvedeva and Zagitova as much and even give them commercials? probably not, since they have their own to support. People are baffled why ISU and JSF don't appreciate Yuzu more given he is the cash cow, but from their POV, he wasn't the chosen cash cow they have wanted to create for the two Olympics (that was clearly Patrick for Sochi and Nathan for PC), and for JSF, had he not showed up at the Olympics, Japanese men would have won gold anyways (and to the skater they prefer). To them, he is the anomaly that overthrew their original narratives. And given he is the anomaly, Yuzu acts in a way outside of their control and plans, so they actually don't know what to do with him.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but in most Nathan and Yuzu encounters - the winner of the SP end up wining the overall competition. Even when the person who lost the SP did a better FP, the judges don't let things turn around easily (e.g. GPF 2016, RoC 2017, and I will even say Worlds 2019 - had judges marked GOE/PCS appropriately and not wrongly call the UR, Yuzu could have won the FS at least). That's the impact of who the judges decided to be the first for a competition from the starting impression. And the main reason for Yuzu's excessively low GOE in Worlds 2017 because after the SP the judges decided Javi was the winner already - they were not ready for Yuzu to spoil that hence they held down his GOE to make room. Had Javi not bombed the FS who knows what crazy GOE and PCS they would have thrown out (the ones they did give were already crazy though). Which is why it is imperative for Yuzu to win the SP no matter what, as it almost decides the winner barring a complete meltdown from Nathan in the FS.
  10. Under the new rules, the BV difference between 4Lz and 4T isn't just the BV points, but also the inherent GOE scaling potential (which got widened by the +5 system). In other words, on paper, Yuzu's FS BV might only be 3 point less than Nathan, but under an all clean situation, due to 4Lz scales higher than 4T, the inherent BV difference is closer to 5 points. Add the fact the judges are clearly adding brownie PCS points for successful 4Lz, the difference is even greater. I think this is what Yuzu is referring to, that the inherent BV difference has been enlarged through GOE/PCS under the new system. I don't think Hanyu didn't realise he had to raise his BV to win until Worlds. That is why he added the 4Lz in the 17/18 season and was planning to add the 4A in 18/19 - he was never going to let Nathan run away with BV advantages but injury totally got in the way. Nathan is not the impetus for him to keep improving (as some NA fans like to claim), Yuzu has always been upping his technical arsenal every year long before Chen came. This season he was the only top skater to actually introduce something new - the 4T3A. I do think he held out a small hope that if he goes clean, his PCS will make it (since given his injuries, it wasn't possible to add BV prior to Worlds) - only to get the shock of how much the judges was willing to raise Nathan's PCS out of nowhere. Him participating in GPF wouldn't make a difference to BV or assisted in understanding the judging more because Nathan was a mess at GPF (he scored much lower than Hanyu's usual GPF scores & GP Helsinki). Honestly, if Yuzu hadn't been injured, barring some weird mental breakdown, he would have won GPF based on how other men fared. Him participating and winning though could have at least slowed down the PCS growth for Chen.
  11. JSF and fans of other skaters not accepting him doesn't equal the Japanese public - the Japanese public appreciates Yuzu very much , I mean the parades, the People's Honour awards, and the amount of people that comes to his defence when anyone try to spread negative things about him goes to show he has tremendous public support. there will always be the gossip shows and magazines - but these shows/magazines attack any celebrity in Japan, not just Yuzu (not to say some things could be commissioned by rivals' agencies...) As for JSF - we know they have preferred and conflicting interests related to other 'Japanese factions' affiliated skaters that cause them to treat Yuzu the way they do. Again nothing to do with the general public. And that very swimmer then went on Dancing with the stars to get a redemptive story by the US media Then you have the "I ,Tonya" movie whitewashing Harding for almost disabling another skater....
  12. I think Yuzu would be more popular in Korea if not for Yuna appearing first. Based on how those Korean flower girls hawked him only at the Olympics gala, you can tell he is sooo their type. But many Koreans don't like the fact he got two golds when Yuna didn't, and that he has garnered a fan following greater than she had (and its still growing). Even Orser in his interview say he has become a far bigger phenom and he has been through it all with both skaters. If Boyang had won more golds or (*in whisper* is more attractive), I am not sure China would necessarily be as warm to Yuzu as they are now. He would still be very popular, but he probably would have a bigger amount of detractors too. In some way, whether he has competitors (even in other disciplines) in a country somewhat affects his position there too. But if we going to talk about difference in Western and Asian aesthetics it's got to be the costumes... how many times has 'western' viewers complained about his costumes, yet on most Asian platforms he is considered to have by far the best costumes (a lot can't understand why someone would want to go to the Olympics wearing a sweater that looked randomly bought at Uniqulo...). And even the music too, Semei seem to be the most highly regarded programs of his amongst western viewers, but they tend to find H&L music boring, yet I find a lot of Asians fans actually prefer H&L more, particularly because of the music.
  13. I think Yuzu became popular for all the reasons listed above, but all of them come together for, what I think is the (or one of ) main reason, and that is he naturally induces in people a strong feeling of..wanting to protect him? almost like a "motherly" feeling, and there is no stronger feeling than that in the world. Remember that commentator who said to "wrap him up in cotton wool" when he was young? that is basically how to describe it. And of course after you get to know more about him as a person, including his strong will, injuries etc. that feeling becomes even stronger. There are many athletes in the world that makes you admire or be in awe of them, and Yuzu is the king of doing that, but he has this juxtaposition of being the strongest of the strongest in his field yet there is an air of fragility that makes him more endearing than your typical top athlete.
  14. I think aesthetic sense are actually pretty similar between China, Korea and Japan, because their entertainment industry in some way cross-pollinate each other? White skin, big eyes with double eyelids, small heart-shaped face, high nose, skinny long limbs and androgynous and youthful looking features are prized in all three countries. Yuzu ticks all the boxes other than the double eyelid. His eyes are only small when he smiles, they are not small when he is serious and not smiling. I actually think Yuzu's looks are more closer to China and Korea taste than Japan though? I can actually name some Chinese and Korean celebrities that I think Yuzu resembles, but not so much Japanese ones (despite I watch more Japanese dramas). But then his golden proportion body is rare. Most people have a 5:5 torso to legs proportion, some you might even have 6:4. Having a 4:6 proportion is already considered extremely good proportions. If you look at that that picture in the tweet, Yuzu is '8-heads' tall even without the skates, which means he is almost "9-heads tall' counting in the skates. His torso is only '3-head' long, which means he has a 3:7 body proportion when he is on the ice. That sort of proportion really only exists in mangas and few high fashion models. You know the famous manga drawers "Clamp" that love to draw really long limbs and crazy proportions? I used to think such proportions can't exist in real life until I saw Yuzu, he reminds me of a "Clamp' character
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