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  1. He is famous enough in China that someone wants to trademark his name? Geez. Hopefully ANA will sort it out, I think legally you can't trademark someone else's name, although I'm no expert on the matter. But I hope it's a warning sign to Yuzu's legal team to hurry up and trademark in China not just his name but also any other brandname he might want to use in the future such as Continued with Wings. Not that he will necessarily hold ice shows in China but to prevent any misuse of brandnames associated with him. I recall Yuzu already trademarked Cotinued with Wings in Japan.
  2. To be honest the best time to introduce a quint for Yuzu is after he retires from full time competitive skating, because right now it is not worth it if it has no known mark. After retirement, he can train it at his pace and when it is ready, just enter himself into some international challenger event whose results are recognised by the ISU, but he does not need to commit himself to a full season. That way he can build a program that is choreographically supportive of the quint (or maybe even more than one for more opportunity to succeed), jump it and get his name down in history as the first to land it. He can simply just do one quint, one quad and the rest triples if it makes the success rate higher (in a lot of these challengers, two landed quads is all you need to win) But since he is retired, what total marks he gets doesn't really matter anymore.
  3. TSL said Yuzu would stay a month in Japan around Worlds with Ghislain ....Did not happen...He arrived a day late and left almost soon after. So they really barely have info on him. I mean even Brian alot of times don't seem to know Hanyu's plans and state well himself. That is not to say Hanyu can't be training quints, since after the Olympics, he said he would like to try quints too.
  4. The reason I didn't list out BVs & GOEs is because values and no. of jumps have changed in 2018/19, so a bit hard to compare directly. Also H&L, Seimei 2.0 and Origin were all planned 4 quads two 3A programs, so the technical difficulty is roughly similar. BVs of popped programs are also not comparable to ones without pops. H&L and Origin had the 4lp, Seimei 2.0 started with 4Lz, but by the Olympics had only 4T and 4S. Which is why I find these three seasons largely comparable. Based on the protocols of the competitions I have listed, other than Olympics 18 and NHK 15 getting exemplary GOEs for successful jumps, the other ones all had middling GOEs given (since they were the first three skates of a 4 quads program). The number of and type of mistake are listed for the sake of seeing how close to being clean Yuzu managed to get on each attempt. One would think H&L with slower music and less busy choreography is easier and more PCS friendly than Origin. But if you actually compare the first three skates, Yuzu wasn't skating less clean in Origin compared to H&L, and in fact getting better PCS for similar amounts of mistakes (maybe busier choreography did get him some more marks). And overall, Origin is not that far off Seimei in terms of trajectory. Interestingly, the first time he cleaned Semei at NHK, he got 97 PCS. When he first cleaned H&L he also got 97 PCS. I guess its left to see where Origin will be if cleaned (that is if he really is recycling it this season)
  5. I was wondering whether Origin is a more difficult and judges unfriendly program, as compared to say H&L and Seimei. So I decided to compare the first three skates of the LP from the last three seasons (which all had four quads). I stopped at three as 2017/18 season only had three. I counted Worlds 2019 as the third time for Origin because RoC 2018 LP was a complete Yolo on the spot with injuries bad enough to need crutches - so really an anomaly. Also I think it is ok to compare NHK 16 to Olympics 18 and Worlds 19 because Yuzu couldn't train properly under injuries for 2-3 months. Image training can't really make up for lost competition skating and judges familiarity. it is fair to say his Olympics 18 & Worlds 19 physical state was likely where he may have been at 2nd GP or GPF had he not get injured, since it's usually when he peaks in the past too. With that in mind, the number of visible major mistakes he made and the PCS he got are listed for comparison: Hope & Legacy (2016/17 year) ACI - 2 bad landings, 2 falls. PCS: 86.6 SC - 1 fall, 1 pop. PCS: 88.12 NHK - 1 fall. PCS: 92.52 Average PCS: 89.08 Seimei 2.0 (2017/18 year) ACI - 2 bad landings, 1 pop, 1 fall. PCS: 89.5 RoC - 1 bad landing, 1 pop. PCS: 94.38 Olympics - 2 bad landings. PCS: 96.62 Average PCS: 93.5 Origin (2018/19 year) ACI - 2 bad landings, 1 fall, 1 pop. PCS: 87.9 Helsinki - 3 bad landings. PCS: 92.42 Worlds - 1 bad landing. PCS: 95.84 Average PCS: 92.05 Interestingly, Yuzu makes similar amounts of visible mistakes in the first three skates each year (although bad landings are less severe than falls). So Origin isn't necessarily much more difficult. Using PCS as a guide, it appears whilst judges liked Seimei 2.0 slightly more than Origin, they liked Origin more than H&L at similar stages. However, Seimei 2.0 may also be getting higher PCS due to it being the second season, and had a reputation already. If you compare the average PCS of the first three skates of Seimei 1.0, it is slightly lower than 2.0. Semei 1.0 (2015/16 year) ACI - 1 fall, 1 bad landing. PCS: 92.1 SC - 2 bad landings, 1 fall. PCS: 88.94 NHK - completely clean PCS: 97.2 Average PCS: 92.75 Between two seasons, Seimei was skated 9 times (cleaned on third go, but it only had three quads). In one season, H&L was skated 7 times (and only cleaned on 6th time). Like said above, Origin only had a proper skate of 3 times. So it really needs a few more outings before a proper comparison can be made. If you look at early stages, its trajectory is actually better than H&L.
  6. I know some people don't like the repeat of tributes to other skaters.... but is Origin and Otonal really that much of a a tribute to Johnny and Plushenko? Yuzu mentioned where he got the program idea and music from, but that is about all he really said. If anything, and this may sound a bit narcissistic, the two programs appears more like a tribute to, or 'best of' Yuzu himself if you actually go back to his discussions about the program concepts with Jeff and SLB. In his most recent talk with Jeff in the pamphlet of FaOI about Otonal, he did not even mention Johnny' once. The program starts with him opening a book and walking down the road of memories - so if anything it is a program's about Yuzu's journey as a skater. And Origin - the name says it all. I remember him also stating the program is a tribute to the child version of himself, reaching back to the pure roots of his love of skating. And in this sense SLB cleverly integrated the concept of Japanese folklore about the birth of a Japanese god - which I take her to mean Yuzu himself again. In other words, neither choreographer developed the programs with Johhny or Plushenko in their mind, and in my opinion neither really did Yuzu much outside of the music chosen and colours of the costume. If he really is recycling Origin, then as people has pointed out, the pacing of the program should be changed. Currently I think the prelude at the start is too long, which can wear out some people's patience, and because it is too long, it causes the rest of the music cut to be too jam packed and fast. He needs to cut down the prelude a bit and pace out the rest of the program more evenly, leaving just the fast music to the climax only.
  7. Also if you go back to his original layout revealed in the news clipping from media day last year, you will see 4T3A and 3A4T as alternatives....In other words Shoma isn't the only one planning on doing the latter... And remember in one of the interviews, it was mentioned that there exists a version B of the Otonal and Origin costumes. We never got to find out last season if version B is just an exact replica or different designs. If they can change a third of Otonal music last year to make it more COP friendly, they can do it for Origin too. If you go back to the very first revealed version of Seimei, it looks nothing like the later ones.
  8. He looks good in that 24h pink t-shirt! Although in the TV Studio, I couldn't help but want to get a pair of scissors and cut off some of his too long fringe. Checked the date and realized 24h is still a month away
  9. I think I will die of laughter if there is no news or indication at all till ACI and everyone anticipation has been raised to the highest and then BANG he comes out with..... both Origin and Otonal.
  10. Yuzu had been sharing number 1 and 2 in most popularity polls for Japanese athletes with Ichiro for quite a while already, so by popularity, only Ichiro is above him from summer athletes. But Ichiro is even more famous than Yuzu for rejecting things - he even rejected the people honours award. Yuzu has a lot going for him for the torchlighting per media , if not the final one, at least for Sendai, including the two golds, a victim of 311, symbol of overcoming difficulties, popularity and supported by ANA, the sponsor of the torch relay. The only thing against him is being a winter athlete and possibility of him rejecting it. If they must pick an athlete from earthquake affected area, there is also Fukuhara Ai, who is also Sendai born, ANA sponsored, retired and popular enough to appear in commercials and shows a lot. The only thing against her is she just only have silver and bronze medals from her two Olympics, no gold.
  11. Hmmm...Something must be kept a secret all the way till ACI...cant risk a single leak...I wonder what
  12. Japan don't like "4" too because it sounds like 'death'. In that case we should petition for 4CC to add Antarctica to become 5CC so the curse can be lifted and our Yuzu can get his final missing gold with no worries Although Pingu-san might turn out to be the most formidable opponent on ice
  13. "4" is considered unlucky by almost all Asians, not just Japan. I think you may have uncovered the source of why "4CC" is the most cursed competition in figure skating for singles since you know, singles participants are predominantly..Asian , including ones living in North America (I am joking here of course).
  14. I always thought Dono hair is the real test of whether an actor is truly handsome, or whether he had been relying on hairstyle, make up and styling all this time. And in my mind Yuzu passed the test pretty well. I have watched many Japanese period dramas before, and Yuzu is on the better side of pulling that hair style off
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