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  1. But Japanese votes still will get taken into account under subparagraph (a) - they will take both non-Japanese and Japanese votes into account to get an overall objective view. If Yuzu end up with little vote from Japan, it will also look very weird. Considering his broad fanbase, I don't think he is the skater that needs to worry about too much skewing towards his home country ( I can't say the same for some other skaters)
  2. Oh I see he doesn't care a bit about all the naysayers on recycling program...Good for him. Although I wonder if he is talking about perfecting the jump layout itself rather than necessary the exact program. Because even I can't imagine Origin repeated four years with all my love for it.
  3. You even plan to wear the watch he designed? If I managed to buy one, it will be sitting in a glass box as an ornament on my shelve
  4. Look at CWW goods to get an idea of what Yuzu will design...Blue green and feathers! Or the watch will be gold - two designs - one resembles the Sochi medal, the other like the PC medal
  5. Oh the video says Part one, that means there are more to come...I hope Part two asks more interesting or rare questions, I feel like every sponsor always ask him the same questions every year
  6. Raf is going to complain it's phsycological warfare! Although I think the campaign say there is only 600 of them so this scenery is probably not possible. I don't understand why they can't mass produce it.. it is not a very complicated model. Plus it looks cute in my opinion even for a non Yuzu fan.
  7. Imagine the future days when Seimei soundtrack and Asian dream song become warhorses (it is already starting)
  8. Whoever did this, now I am going to think of chocolate dispensers whenever I see Origin starting pose ....
  9. To be honest I will take the reveal of the salmon pink costume over say 5 sec of Mezamashi trolling us by just reporting something we already know like ACI is on next week. After all the fun we had , how can we not see it in its full glory
  10. Our favourite Mezamashi has Yuzu on tomorrow...Could he be announcing his program songs ? Or could he be revealing the bottom half of our dear pink salmon costume in a Lotte advertisement making of
  11. To be honest if I could part with that much money in a split second, I want Worlds front row seats to watch Yuzu skate more. On the other hand, whoever can buy such a watch on a whim probably already owns front row seats tickets.
  12. Is today some sort of lucky day on the Japanese calendar? Why all his sponsors decide to release new photos/campaign/videos on the same day? It is right for us to get this much water in one go?
  13. I didn't know it was possible to outdo the white onesie with yellow frills...This pink one better not be the costume for this year's Lotte clear files....what happened Lotte, you were so on point with last year's green Japanese costume
  14. Who said the suit fits not only does it not fit, it's not even ironed properly. I bet Yuzu gave Citizen a few hours only to snap as many pictures as they want and go ok I'm back to practice. Nevertheless, he still looks fantastic!
  15. I feel like you can hear a tiny tiny portion of Origin right before Seimei (could be wrong though)....And there is faint music playing in the background when he was jumping the 4S and quad combo. Anyone think it could be related to his short program?
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