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  1. ISU, even you post his video, It doesn't help, I don't like you!
  2. I also think of the same thing! Idon't have a conclusion myself, but I remember his 4T in Sochi was so light and easy (more than now I think)
  3. I think your words've made me feel much better, less worried (that he is sacrificing too much). I am ok with whichever lifestyle he opts for, all I wonder was just if he is happy. And listening to you, I think that he's and happy (and I am happy)
  4. I admire him for it but at the same time I am worried. He himself said that he lives like a monk, and that skating is all his life. I am worried because he has lived like that for quite (or very?) long time, and that he may suffer from loneliness, isolation... As a young man, I really hope that he can enjoy and relax a nit more. Am I worried too much?
  5. Oh! I am a tissue box already! since when?
  6. Welcome the the planet! I have been a fan since 2018 as well and been a member of planet since then. And you know what I am still a mushroom!
  7. 3 or 4 years? I like the music but isn't 3/4 years abit... to much? I also said before that I find the choreography of Origin is too physically demanding, even for 4 quads! (though it's beautiful to watch, I am really worried when Yuzu has to compete with someone who skates around and jumps!)
  8. I am very new to this sport (2 years?) and I follow it because of Yuzu, I had never thought that a "sport" can be this ridiculous and biased! so, when he's done, I am done with it.
  9. Now everytime I hear Nessie, I think it's Yuzu's 4A.
  10. I first heard about Sendai from Yuzu I went there this spring as part of my trip to Japan because our Lord said "Please come to Sendai". My thought was exactly "I didn't know this was such a beautiful place". I fell in love with it and you know what? I've already had holiday plan for next year when I visit Japan: Sendai'll be my main destination.
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