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  1. Me when reading the comments everyone just didn't read the article and gets angry because there is no Yuzu's photo there.
  2. I really can't understand how he removed the crystals. The story is here. So I just imagine he would tear them off
  3. "He found several big crystals on the sleeves, which might be too heavy and would affect his jumps. I heard he removed the crystal at that moment" Imagine Yuzu's face when he removed the crystals immediately in front of the designer
  4. I feel like it was just yesterday. Watching him can always make me smile alone (like I have lost my mind)
  5. Those good old days when fans could come close to him! Now he need security guards and it's almost impossible to get hand shakes like that
  6. I wholeheartedly agree. On top of everything that everyone has mentioned, talent, hardwork, charisma, personality... I love him because he makes me want to become a better version of myself.
  7. I realize the real dry phase when we are chatting about appearance, face etc
  8. I am one of them. I joined last year after the Olympic. I didn't know then that I would step on a very stressful road. After about a year, I feel like I went through a circle: start with the dry period, the expectation to see Yuzu appear from his cave, media day, new programs, new costumes, expectation to see him polish his programs. Then he got injured, disappeared. I waited for his comeback. He came back, my heart was filled with excitement and happiness to see him and his great performance, then he disappeared. Now with the dry period, a new circle has started I guess. I really admire fans who went through many seasons with him and still have hair!
  9. I totally agree, I I hope that he would have another choreographer for long program (I am sorry Shae-lynn, I love your programs, I just want Yuzu to have something new and fresh, and I want Yuzu have a less complex program so he wouldn't be so tired because of transition, step and so)
  10. Even some peope are able to afford it, I hope they won't buy it. So next time this shameless action will stop.
  11. Fail to gain victory for Japan, Kyoto news? Kihira is only 16, look at her amazing debut season!
  12. They should learn from the US media a bit I guess, look at the way the US think that superlative is not enough to describe their skater!
  13. I am at work, and when I go back to the thread, I see 40-50 pages more
  14. I feel the same. And I wish Yuzu will have more programs like LGC, but given it's more physically demanding than something classical or slower, a gala program would be great too.
  15. Actually no, from tourist information centre, they can show you which bus to take to go to iceRink Sendai. For anyone who would like to go to Sendai as Yuzu's fan, I highly suggest you read posts of "Angelic Yuzuru", she did a great job describing the trip there: About the rink: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/176016378127/my-sendai-holiday-april-2018-part-2-ice-rink All 4 parts: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/ Thank you
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