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  1. What reason Yuzu's team had to remove the photo I don't care. Whether Johnny is in the right or wrong I don't care either. But has Johnny caused immense trouble to Yuzu (Yuzu couldn't have hinted it more he is affected in the P&G talk) with his posts in the last week knowing well enough the effect of the posts? Yes he has, and that itself is not ok with me at all.
  2. You know how in stories and games you always need to collect a set of something before you can summon the final event or missing piece...well Yuzu jumped 4Lo and 4S this morning, 4Lz last week, he will always jump 4T in the opening..if he truly obtained 4F this afternoon -- he might be trying to summon something for the last day
  3. Haha Lady Lutz showed her face and everyone forgets about the opening costume we previously spent 30 pages talking about (without even seeing it) ..it turned out much better than how it was described or drawn!
  4. So he announced the end of Masquerade, but not Crystal Memories, does that mean we are going to see it continue in some form?
  5. No wonder he hates English so much...Because he cant talk 18 pages long and it kills him not to be able to XD Also his outfit looks like he is wearing the "ANA" on him even though this is not a ANA talk show
  6. And I'm jumping 4Lo and 4T3A in practice for warm up too! Chill..What is chill...
  7. In some way so many bad news in one go.... Please let both ankles heal soon and he gets a good amount of rest after Toyama
  8. Wow that is the first time I've watched how ice rink is made! But no wonder people say show ice is bad, it's made up of such thin ice blocks temporarily put together
  9. These days whether your jump is UR or fully rotated is largely determined by *cough* your passport *cough*, so why bother proving whether bare skin help you rotate more. Also correct me if I am wrong, I thought there was a rule about point deduction for indecent attire ?Or you are not allowed to appear with indecent constume (just like how man weren't allowed to wear tights before)
  10. He popped the 4Lo attempts though, so he is not pushing it too much. 4S some popped, some success. There was a 4T3A
  11. No you are right, our situation right now is more like when the scanners/translators have the manga source, put out the word spoilers but won't be releasing the translated scans until a few days later
  12. well I guess it is not the case of landing it in competition....plus there may really be a restriction on any video or news by the broadcasting company (to boost ratings as much as possible) For example, lucky fans who won the P&G lottery to attend the Kobe practices were told not to say anything till the show is over. Although one of them have reported on twitter the content of the practices, and apparently Yuzu was also practising 4Lo, 4S and 4T3A when its his turn to practice his routine..... (If this is the case, Yuzu you are working too hard!)
  13. But he is already living a life like an anime character XD Even Yuzu himself thinks his life story is more unbelievable than manga/anime such that it would have been rejected by a publisher had someone tried to present it. When he disappears between competition it is like when the manga drawer went on hiatus. And FaOI right now is like the weekly serialization where each week we are left with a huge cliffhanger but have to wait a whole week to find out.
  14. It will be even funnier if anyone had tried to give Yuzu himself a Yuzu clear file.
  15. But all Yuzu photobooks and magazines are available from online bookstores and Japanese CD/music stores from which you can buy
  16. If the bowling shirt finale costumes are exactly what they look in the fan arts, then seriously I will take the opening costume over it anyday...It's just wayyy too normal, not even a costume. But I'm sure Yuzu will still look glorious in it.
  17. Don't jinx it! 3A is still a required jump
  18. RE the 3A....Maybe he is just simply tired - as Toshi said he was practising a bit too hard this morning Also I don't find Scott's reaction that weird..I find most Olympic champions naturally have an unspoken bond/respect for each other, because they all know how difficult it is to hold this highest prize...plus V/M also went through three Olympics and I wouldn't be surprised if they respect Yuzu a lot for going in the direction of the the third too (whilst facing people's doubts about why are you still here when you have two Olympic medals already, which they knew how it was like)
  19. That makes it sounds like laser is about to shoot from his eyes like robots in anime (maybe he is very deeply invested in his character)
  20. But we are waiting for the Yuzu version...costume looks totally different on him compared to when worn by another
  21. Maybe because its kinda...normal for FAOI standards Like not gorgeous yet not horrendous either .. I was expecting it to be more outlandish than it is (for what I can see of it now). it just reminds me of those costumes often worn by Japanese drummers at festivals, where the pattern of the material on two sides are also different (maybe that was what it was imitating)
  22. I agree good ballet is anything but stiff, and I love different styles of ballet, even flew to Russia watch it. Sorry when I mentioned Yuzu probably wouldn't be as organic if he had formal ballet training, I just meant his body hasn't been set to a certain framework of movements from a specific style of dance. Like when you watch So you think you can dance (a show that make dancers do different styles), you can still sense the Latin training when the Latin dancer does lyrical, and the ballet training when the ballet dancer does Latin. Whereas Yuzu gives off a "I am freestyling' feel when skating, and this feature may not be a prominent had he heavily trained in any particular style of dance, be it ballet, Latin or jazz. Although if you have to ask me to use the word 'balletic' (in its loose sense) to describe any of the top male skaters today, I will say Yuzu (and maybe Kolyada) comes the closest, the others aren't even close. Didn't he described this ability as if he can watch his movement 360 degrees from the outside (something along the lines of that)? I keep imagining a Yuzu spirit floating in the air looking down at himself.
  23. Your assessment of each of the girls completely coincides with mine (although I watched the Makuhari show live, and only saw Kaori live in competition before). The difference between Alina and Shizuka was quite jarring...despite one is in her golden age of skating and the other just had a child. Honestly in the future, anyone claims Shizuka was an Olympic champion by luck, I want to defend her. I actually really liked Alina for the Olympics, but now I see how the ballet theme cleverly masked her weaknesses. Rika was also disappointing because she has a very strong rote-learning feel and little grace. I don't think age has anything to do with it - look at the organic nature of 16 & 17 year old Yuzu's Etude and RJ1 - clear example of some skaters just simply have it and some don't. Both Kaori's SP and FS last year is more closer to the natural and organic feel of movements that I like. Sorry I am digressing on the girls here.
  24. Last year right after an incredible experience at the Helsinki GP , I made the big mistake of immediately going to St Petersburg to watch a Russian Ballet production the next day. And after four days of watching people glide across the ice where movements move from one to another, all of the ballet dancers suddenly appear very ungraceful and the choreography extremely choppy because half the time my brain is screaming why aren't you gliding LoL. Don't get me wrong, I love ballet, hence why I went to watch it, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed that production more had I given myself a few days to snap out of my 'figure skating' enjoyment mode. It is just this experience told me how different the two types of arts are and that they shouldn't really be compared. Also I think Yuzu's movement wouldn't be as organic and natural as it is now had he actually received long-term formal ballet training. What I like about Yuzu is the lack of a feel of 'doing choreography'' and his movements are not pinned to any specific form. Lots of skaters have a strong feel of 'I lift my hands at this point now, I look into the distance at this beat now because that is what my coach / choreographer told me' . But when Yuzu skates, you almost feel like he was inventing the movements on the spot according to the music, rather than doing predetermined movements. And this sort of gift can't be taught.
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