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  1. From the discussions I've seen people aren't sure about whether Worlds falls into the CTV/TSN deal or not? But I did forget about Worlds, I can't be dealing with thinking about 2020 already... Honestly, as pleased as I am that we've finally got an answer and will be able to watch events there are still some questions about it for me. Some are the obvious ones like, will there be commentary? What about archiving? Will the videos still be uploaded to Eurovision Sports or will it just be YouTube? How are they going to deal with the copyright claims?* (* I assume the same as the JGP tbh, which means the men's SP for at least IdF and NHK and probably Europeans and Worlds is doomed from an archiving perspective) There's also the side of things that we probably won't get answers to - was this always planned? It seems like they were negotiating with broadcasters up until fairly recently so is this a panic response to deals falling through? How is this going to impact future attempts to monetise the streams? I can't imagine they're going to get much revenue from this* and after having a free stream I imagine there'd be an outcry at moving to a paid service unless the paid service offers a much better experience. (* does the ISU actually care about monetising the broadcast, or have they already been paid from the Infront Media deal and now it's Infront's problem?)
  2. As we've got two recycled programs already I'd really like something new... Unless it's Masquerade, but I don't think it will be.
  3. Possibly not Canada completely - CBC aren't showing FS this year so only Skate Canada (of the international ISU events) has TV coverage. So Canada might be able to see everything else on YouTube. The original announcement about Infront Media excluded Canada, China, Japan, Korea and USA, and they've done the deal for the Nordic countries so, with the exception of Canada, I expect they'll all be blocked.
  4. OK, I think what happened is there was a problem with the live stream? So the Youtube guy started using the YLE 2 broadcast stream for dance, which was delayed. But the live stream is now working for the women?
  5. Yup, they're broadcasting it on TV on delay. Ladies won't be until 17:50 local time: https://areena.yle.fi/tv/opas
  6. Do we need a GPF predictions thread? I think Alina and Sasha are pretty much definite (barring meltdown or injury). Anna and Rika are very likelies. Then the last two spots are more ??? Elizabet? How healed from the injury is she? Will she have the 4S back? She's only got two weeks until SkAM so for her to have a chance I think it needs to be healed and the Shanghai Trophy performance just be down to lack of practice. Elizaveta? Will the short to the original music get a better reception? Will she have changed her ridiculous layout in the long? Her position will probably end up being down more to how Anna and Elizabet perform than her own I suspect. (These two have also got potential 'spoilers' if there's even a hint of a problem in Kaori and Bradie at SkAM and Satoko at CoC) Evgenia? Can they 'fix'/hide the flutz in three weeks? Obviously ACI was a much stronger performance than ST but she'll probably need to be better than that, especially for SC. Again, probably going to be down to Sasha and Rika rather than her own performance unless she's the one making mistakes. (Also potential 'spoilers' in Bradie and Gabby at SC and Satoko and maybe Bell at Rostelecom, though I think she's safer there) Alena is perhaps the most difficult one as we haven't seen how they're going to be scoring her yet, but unless she can magically bring back the 3A I expect her to be behind Alina at IDF and possibly Alina and Rika at NHK. (Fewer potential 'spoilers' for her really, excluding Rika at NHK, Kaori at IDF is the only one I can really see getting in amongst her and Alina? Maybe Mariah at IDF and Eunsoo at NHK?) I don't see any of the others having much of a chance unless there are multiple problems for the top women.
  7. Yeah, they're both on 24 points now and Victoria wins the tiebreak (assuming Ksenia wins this).
  8. Stream has started if anyone is here? https://mov3.co/en/tvtokyo/
  9. A quick follow up. As the host the last quota spot actually goes to Switzerland, so Estonia are the first alternates to get a spot if someone else (such as if Georgia don't have another couple to send) don't want their spot/all their spots (Canada and Russia have 2).
  10. If I'm reading the qualifying rules correctly they have. https://isu.org/docman-documents-links/isu-files/documents-communications/isu-communications/20742-isu-communication-2235/file The NOCs with Ice Dance spots earned at World are: Canada Russia USA Georgia France Ukraine Italy So if we take all those countries out of the final ranking (http://www.isuresults.com/events/jgp2019/jgpsdance.htm) the top three are Czech Republic, Japan and Estonia. I'd expect them to get that spot and Junior Worlds tbh as they seem quite far ahead of the other team that got a GP spot.
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