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  1. Top 20, not rounded up numbers but I don't think it makes a difference anywhere:
  2. OK, so Ghislain arriving today before Yuzu etc. makes sense if he was part of the Team Canada group as Alison's coach (I'm assuming Joey will be at the Bavarian Open?)
  3. I can understand the boys being happy to miss the two practices tomorrow, but the ladies have one less before their SP so I would have thought Alison might arrive today. Unless she did arrive with Ghislain and it's just that nobody noticed.
  4. Will all of the TCC skaters and coaches travel together do you think? Or will some of them go for cheaper flights?
  5. Playlist for most of the Men's SP - get it before it gets taken down... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4m5cc792CqcqgGfsIzo4QuwrX82LRn2Z
  6. The schedule is on the Interpark event page - about halfway down: http://www.globalinterpark.com/detail/edetail?prdNo=19016423&dispNo=01007
  7. Here's what channel things are on: So it depends which sessions you want to watch? If you want to watch everything you need Plus (to get CS Fuji TV One), but if you only want to watch the last groups you can just get Mini.
  8. It's 24 hours minimum flight time to Krasnoyarsk from both Toronto and Tokyo. I imagine he'll stay in Japan on the 23rd, then travel on the 24th to arrive in Russia on the 25th.
  9. Fuji TV can be watched here: https://mov3.co/en/fujitv/ BS Fuji will probably need iSakura though.
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