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  1. Ok, I know everyone keeps talking about quints, but at the moment they are worth 0 points. Best case is it gets called as a quad and you probably get a +REP so it's just not worth it. The time to start talking about adding them to programs is when the ISU actually gives them a value. And if Yuzu can get just one more quad (or get back the lutz) then they're pretty much even on number of quads too (Yes, Nathan has technically landed one more in competition but we haven't seen the loop from him in ages.) (ETA: Normally I'm a huge pessimist so I don't know where all this optimism is coming from, but I'm just gonna roll with it for now...)
  2. Yup, I've been fiddling around with Nathan's short (https://skatingscores.com/bv/ if anyone else wants to play) and I think the only thing he can really do is bring back the 4Lz+3T as his combo and do the 4F as his solo jump - if he does that and keeps the combo in the second half he can get a whole 1.7 points extra BV and I can't see that he can do anything more. (assuming that he's never going to try a +3Lo on the grounds that a) they're very rare in mens and b) he has a history of hip problems). Yuzu on the other hand could get an extra 1.8 points 'just' by changing the 4S to a 4Lz.
  3. Honestly I think the only way Nathan can get a big BV boost next year is if he can do 5 quads in the FS - and Yuzu (and Brian et al) must be aware of that too and wondering if he can. Anything else Nathan does to his tech is going to be fiddling around for 1 or 2 extra points here and there (which can add up obviously); and (though we don't know if it's true or mind games) Raf has said that he thinks it will be difficult to introduce anything new whilst Nathan is away at Yale. Yuzu has much bigger potential gains - so if he can make some of them and skate clean I think he has a good chance of coming out on top.
  4. Francis Boudreau-Audet / Nadine Wang win. Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland 2nd - three falls (one each on SBS jumps, then a throw jump), one aborted lift Junior pairs start in 10 minutes but I've already given most of today to skating and need to do other things!
  5. Francis Boudreau-Audet / Nadine Wang and Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland. Nadine's dress is very pretty.
  6. Oh dear, only 2 pairs left.
  7. He's already coaching according to this interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-9VSL2YF0Q&feature=youtu.be
  8. ISU bio says 183cm. I think it might be out of date now though...
  9. There was a moment there where I wasn't sure if he was going to manage to get up.
  10. We've lost one from the first group too.
  11. The way this thing is going they've probably got someone running a piece of paper from the judges to wherever the announcer is...
  12. Swimming has on multiple occasions. Most recently in Rio there were two Gold medals in the Women's 100m free (Manuel (USA) and Oleksiak (Can). Also in Rio there were three silver medalists in the Mens 100m fly. Of course there's no real way to tie break races like there is with figure skating.
  13. The ticketing website is just bafflingly awful. For LOLs (because there's no way I'm paying those prices) I went and selected the platinum package, but trying to add the Gala ticket that seat isn't available. However there are no Gold packages left, but tons of Gold seats for the Gala Anyway, assuming they a) don't fiddle with the pricing and b) have any tickets left this seems to indicate that Platinum All-Event tickets will be €610 and Gold will be €470 (including the Gala ticket)?
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