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  1. Ah, I'd assumed he'd just have to miss classes and those dates would minimise the missed days and give him time to catch up afterwards. Missing exams is obviously better to avoid if possible.
  2. I'm basing this purely off the published 2019-2020 Yale academic calendar (https://yalecollege.yale.edu/academics/academic-calendars/2019-2020-academic-calendar) rather than any actual knowledge, but I would have thought that if he had a completely free choice Nathan would probably want SkAM (October recess) and NHK (November recess/Thanksgiving). Given that the JSF will want Yuzu or Shoma at NHK, I'm guessing they'll go for Yuzu to block Nathan so they don't have to put Shoma up against Nathan (it seems likely that he'll have to do at least one GP against him, but they can at least make sure it's only one, and not at home). Other than that I have no clue!
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