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Yuzuru was interviewed by "Shinken zemi", a correspondence education system using postal/parcel delivery service.

@yude at GS translated it and you can find it here




This studying style of "narrowing down what I do" stayed the same before the exams of the semester. However, my time for studying had been very very limited so I started to take measures three weeks earlier than the exams, a little earlier than everybody. I mainly worked on <teiki test yosoumondaishu> and other practice questions, and I read descriptions carefully if I couldn't understand something. Repeatedly I tried the problems I couldn't solve and decreased what I didn't understand. In this way, I was able to reach my goal "always score higher than 90"."


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24 minutes ago, xeyra said:

Yuzuru was interviewed by "Shinken zemi", a correspondence education system using postal/parcel delivery service.

@yude at GS translated it and you can find it here




Even his thoughts on studying are organised!! 

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11 minutes ago, sweetwater said:

I thought I've seen Yuzu doing kancho sometime in the past and googled and found this. 
Credit: http://hanyuedits.tumblr.com/post/153236668327/introduction-post-yuzuru-hanyu
Never thought I would google images by kancho and feel nostalgic...


Never in a million years have I thought to see Yuzu and kancho in the same sentence...:13877886:well... thousand years of death.

The one I know is shichinen goroshi (seven years of death). It's an ancient technique you know:Poohgaveup:

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On 12/15/2018 at 11:03 PM, KatjaThera said:

Maybe all of us fans should spend less time acting like defenders of Yuzu's privacy - and not only - and acting like we know what's best for him and preaching and more time trying to be as gracious human beings as he is. I think he might actually appreciate that more than people fiercely and aggressively defending him on the internet. Just IMO


Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

As much as i want Yuzu's privacy to stay, well, private, i think sometimes people become overly protective of him. And sometimes it feels as bad as people trying to invade his privacy, because you're still overly concerned about it.

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For those who are planning to visit Osaka during New Year's holidays:
An exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of NHK Trophy will be held in Hankyu Umeda department store from 27/12/2018 until 7/1/2019. Admission free.
You will be able to see photos and movies of the past NHK Trophy and some costumes worn by skaters taking part in them.

Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-20:00
Friday, Saturday, Jan. 3rd: 10:00-21:00
Dec. 31st and Jan. 7th: 10:00-18:00
*The store will be closed on Jan. 1st.

Info about the exhibition (Japanese)
Info about the store (English)
Reference (photos of the same exhibition held in other places)

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6 hours ago, Mithrilien said:

OMG, such a mischievous teenage boy :D
But he could be naughty years before this "Naruto incident", don´t underestimate young Mr. Hanyu - http://hanyusan.tumblr.com/post/154633425357/when-i-started-coaching-him-he-was-in-his-second ;)
It makes me glad he had these carefree and playful years.. these days I feel sometimes like he is under so much pressure, he´s too exposed and standing on a pedestal of a moral and talent paragon (though rightly so) is hard and binding somehow.
At least we saw him totally happy, free and mischievous again after PC Olympics while messing around and trolling with Javi, Shoma, Ondrej and others :happydance: 

Those gifs of baby Yuzu playing dodgeball...so soft with the girls, then full-on ultra-competitive against the guys...so cute!

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