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2 hours ago, SuperMin said:

If I saw this at a train station, I would totally miss my train....



Yuzuru was the best looking thing on ice that day - eye-catching, lithe, supremely skillful,  with cool choreography and charisma in spades.  Aesthetically, he was a dream.

No doubt he has matured so much, but when I see this I see  I understand how he could become such a heartthrob/ideal.  

PS:  This is just appreciation, don't send me to the Church. lol

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4 hours ago, SuperMin said:

Other athletes obviously admire him including Ohtani, but can someone translate the caption?:snonegai:

I can tell you that the second sentence starts with 'Tohoku', aka the region where Sendai is. The rest is a mystery...


Google Translate says the first sentence is "A wonderful person came" and the second sentence seems to be referring to the number of photos related to Tohoku at the exhibit..."Tohoku 3 shots!" ? I guess they mean 3 pics of Yuzu...

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