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  1. I spent last week in New York City, two blocks down from the Kinokuniya bookstore....And for the very first time had a chance to buy something Yuzuru Hanyu-related. I went a bit berserk - about 5 magazines, the first Ao Hono book, and two books on Shoma Uno. I don't dare think how much money I spent, but it was well worth it. Now I only have to speed up my Japanese learning so that I can read the articles. In the mean time, I have absolutely no problems just admiring the pictures. One of the magazines has pictures of every program he's done, all the way back to tiny bby Yuzu (soooo kawaii!!!) - but the pics of Let's Go Crazy are so steamy you practically have to be in private to look at them....
  2. Can somebody tell me why the new revised judging rules seem designed to hit Yuzu in particular? Do they want to get rid of him so much? It hurts my heart, it does. Here he is, trying his best and achieving magic on that ice, keeping figure skating alive if not single-handedly, then at least being a significant reason why competition and ice show tickets are sold, and ISU seems determined to make sure less accomplished skaters win over him.
  3. It's practically identical to what we saw on the ice! (Am I salty? Why yes, I am very salty.)
  4. I think Alina was literally fighting for her skating life - if she doesn't win this, she's out.
  5. I'm glad she got a good skate, but even as a Zhenya stan, that should have been Liza.
  6. Hi everyone. Finally finishedwith clsses and tuning in. Saw Gabby on the phone on the bus home, but skipped Bradie.
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