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  1. Wow, is everyone going to Toronto?
  2. The Ukrainian junior Pairs team, Kateryna Dzytsiuk and Ivan Pavlov, and their parents were just excluded from the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation. According to this website, Pavlov's mother trained to become a coach based on her experiences with her son - successfully training him to jump the triple axel and a quad jump, but since she couldn't get a job with a sports school, she could only get accreditation at international competitions. Alla Pavlova was their official coach at ISU competitions, but unofficial coach at national comps. At JWC their official coach didn't submit the paper work needed, so Pavlova didn't receive accreditation at the pair's first world championship. Their official coach left Kateryna in tears at the official practices, so they trained off ice with Pavlova during the competition to regain confidence, and that was the infraction needed to ban them. Apparently the wife of the Winter Sports committee and head coach of UFSF was Pavlov's coach until 2015, and she wanted revenge for him leaving her to be coached by his mother.
  3. Do you guys think this is a continuation of the divestment of Hamada? She seems to be sending her top students elsewhere, at least part-time.Perhaps connected to Nobu's case?
  4. I hope sooo much that people will be able to snag all of these and put them up on google drive or megalink so that the rest of us can see them when we want to!
  5. Does anyone have the full broadcast of Fantasy on Ice 2015 in Kobe? In the media list there's a google drive link, but it's dead, so I was wondering if anyone snagged it and could share. In fact, if anyone's got full broadcasts of Yuzu's ice shows prior to 2017, I would love to get a hold of them. There are a lot of youtube videos of Yuzu's performances, and I've made sure to snag them (the Great Purge of 18/19 taught me that!), but I like to watch the whole broadcasts instead of all the clicking between clips. I've downloaded those available on Kaeryth's Ice Shows compilations lists, but a lot is on dailymotion, or nicovision, neither of which I can download, or even watch as easily on my tv, unlike youtube.
  6. Don't the competitors at the Universiade have to be university students under the age of 25? I thought I read that somewhere. And yeah, it was so wonderful to see Mai win last year - I love her princess-y programs, they suit her so well. Unlike Yuzu, who emphatically claims NOT to be a prince...though Romeo is a sort of prince and he did that fantastically.
  7. Yeah, the judges are scoring not based on what's performed on the ice, we totally agree on that. I sincerely believe that Yuzu and Javi drove them to desperation bit by bit (or podium by podium) between 2014 and 2018 . Yuzu because he kept breaking records, and Javi for following him up the podiums despite being from Spain, of all places! Clearly, if they judge fairly and without inflation, the wrong skaters win. And they cannot have that.
  8. I think scoring is a mess just like the next fanyu, but remember, the GOE is different. Alena can get a lot more points per element because her top GOE is +5, while Yuzu was capped at +3 for the same elements . If I've understood GOE correctly, it adds up to 50% of the base value of the jump - which means that we're not talking 2 points more, but percentages points more. 5 is 166% of 3, after all.
  9. I swear, that smirk looking directly at the camera in Parisienne Walkways just kills me ded every time I see it. It's such a knowing smirk - as in, he knows exactly what he does to us with that sensual program.
  10. Whew! That makes me glad. With the Knierims and Denney/Frazier, the US pairs are in enough upheaval already. There's no chance Knierim/Frazier will be ready for the season whenever it may start, seeing as how they're unable to train together as yet. Calalang/Johnson seem to be on an upward trajectory, so that is nice.
  11. Does anyone know whether Timothy Leduc has retired? Someone commented on the figure skating confessions tumblr that Ashley Cain-Gribble has gone back to being a single skater because Leduc has retired, but I can't find any serious outlets reporting on it, and I don't follow the two skaters on social media. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it.
  12. Do any of you have a link to a shopping service for Satomi Ito-san's book? I haven't kept up with PH since Christmas due to a family member's serious illness and passing, but I did order the music booklet from Music with Wings thru one such link. The booklet is currently in isolation, as a friend picked it up from the post office and she got COVID-19 before I got back to town and could pick it up. It'll probably be May before I can get it, what with how the virus can live for so long on paper. Anyway, I wondered if anyone had a link to a shopping service so that I could order Ito-san's book from amazon.jp, since they don't deliver to Norway. I love embroidery, so I really want those pictures!
  13. If Jason doesn't get 95+ in pcs the judges need glasses... but with Yuzu's 91 they need the Hubble telescope it seems!
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