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[TW] Sexual Abuse & Misconduct in Figure Skating

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10 hours ago, LadyLou said:


he's a Canadian Pairs coach. Among others, he has coached Duhamel/Radford

He is one of the top Pairs' coaches, isn't he? He had probably coached most of the recent Japanese Pairs skaters at least once. Gosh...

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The US fed stinks to high heaven; the way they handled the RC and JC cases was appalling.  Not a shock that it took a brave young woman, a true supporter of the victims, for this to come out.  Enraging that by merely voicing support privately, she was hounded out of skating and had to wait until she left before she could go public. 


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I don't know if this goes better here or in Team France...

Katia Krier, who was deputy technical director at the French Fed, is leaving. She was Gilles Beyer's ex-wife and is known to have said she was not "the Mrs Fourniret" of figure skating, from the name of a serial rapist and killer, particularly of teens and pre-teens, whose wife would help him in his crimes.

I don't find the info in English, so the link is in French.



I think I must add, though it is by no way a fact. The article suggests she might be replaced by... Annick Dumont, another ex-wife of Gilles Beyer. And ex-wife of Didier Gailhaguet, who seems to have always promoted her. Very sad if it is true. "On prend les mêmes et on recommence." (We take the same and start again.)


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On 12/8/2020 at 12:42 PM, river said:

Cipres has been charged with a felony and a warrant is out for his arrest. Good.

Makes more sense than the SafeSport 'investigation'. I never expected that to go anywhere. 

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Oh yeah, people do change within 6 months of suspension... or not. 
Only to think that Maria Sotskova is banned from the sport for ten years for basically not announcing her retirement and taking some stuff to get thinner for her wedding, while here you can get away with sexual harassment of your student with just six months. I mean doping is a serious stuff, but apparently sexual harassment isn’t. 

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On 12/09/2020 at 03:26, sweetwater said:

Les procureurs français ouvrent une enquête pour viol et agression sur des allégations de patinage
AFP - Agence France Presse 10 septembre 2020




Bon je réagit tardivement : ah OUI S Abitbol a mis un gros pavé dans la marre en fesant ces accusations et cela a fait grand bruit en France : OUI elle a bien fait de dire ces abus et voilà pour G Beyer 


https://www.lequipe.fr/Patinage-artistique/Actualites/Gilles-beyer-l-ex-entraineur-de-sarah-abitbol-concede-des-relations-intimes-inappropriees-et-lui-presente-ses-excuses/1104882  : il a avoué :yucky: et le dernier article en date du 08/01/21 le confirme   et le témoignage de P Candeloro 




OUI il faut que tout ces abus/ violences et harcèlement en tout genre cesse et le dire HAUT ET FORT et en voilà un autre avec cet entraineur Canadien .......  

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