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  1. Ćao Lana i dobrodošla na forum I ja sam iz Srbije isto, baš lepo je videti ovaj thread, neznam puno ljudi ovde koji vole klizanje. Ja pratim od 2015 a Juzu mi se dopao 2017 kad sam videla H&L Koje programe najviše voliš?
  2. Now that I've gotten that out of my system... Shoma was easily the greatest thing about this sp! That program is really enjoyable, I like the new red costume
  3. Looking at protocols, Satoko has got a StSq4 after all. Mai's PCS are a joke however... ranging from 7.0 to 8.75 on SS alone... Russian judge really lowballed her
  4. Beautiful like always... Always amazes me how centered her spins are, she is like a ballerina on a music box
  5. Completely forgot this was happening! What happened to Sofia? I remember in 2018 her dominating everything... Russian ladies skating is brutal on these girls, it's too bad, I really do enjoy her charisma
  6. I think the last he said was that he was around on it but couldn't land it. But I could be remembering wrong 😅
  7. Oh what a program That slip was so funny I almost thought it was part of the choreo haha
  8. Gosh her arms and posture are so lovely... and such gorgeous spins! Out of this world... Really enjoyed that
  9. More costume violations Very fun! Maybe P/C should have had costumes like this instead?
  10. Just beautiful watching his perfect control over every part of his body, even his hands and head are part of the choreo, just amazing
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