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  1. Silly commentator... you know the PCS isn't judged seperately anyway, it doesn't actually matter how Sasha's clarity of movement is
  2. Kaori is just fantastic!! Such flow and power, love watching her skate So happy to see her big smile again after that Asian Open fluke
  3. Satoko is so beautiful like always... pity about the flip stumble, the rest of it was magical... love this program of hers
  4. Yay we're back! Ksenia is just amazing, so elegant, love her arm movements and attention to detail, even her rippons look so nice! So far the girls are killing it :)
  5. Totally agree... sad to say. Their MB was kind of painful.. very labored
  6. True, I'm fine with that If I have to see one more team do the worm though...
  7. I kind of hate those center ice stops in the MiSt... nothing good ever happens in there
  8. Nice dance from Koko Not a fan of the music cut, but I like them so much I don't even care haha. They need to work on their MB though, all Ns this time
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