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  1. As a queer cis woman and a Canadian, I find Stojko's comments below disgusting and it makes absolutely NO difference to me if he's not attacked or has even been nice to Yuzu. I’m afraid I don’t understand why that would be a reason to give him benefit of the doubt. Stojko's views are homophobic _and_ misogynistic (the two usually go hand in hand) and if he isn't apologizing for his disgusting remarks from the interview in 2009 _and_ actively working to reduce the harm caused by those views, then he is just another of the many bigots, often white cis straight men, that normalize homophobia and misogyny in figure skating and hurt the sport by forcing kids and adults into an unrealistic gender binary while privileging anything deemed masculine. Anyway, let's not kid ourselves. If Yuzu didn't have reliable and multiple quads, homophobes like Stojko and Yagudin would probably treat him like Y treats Jason Brown. Therefore, ISU choosing Stojko and yet wants to expand its fanbase? Why is ISU picking someone who would obviously get an immediate negative response from younger fans (teens to 30s), the very pool of fans they need to attract to help keep this niche sport alive well into this century? Did they know many of them are part of the LGBTQIAP+ umbrella? Anyway I'm 50 and from an age standpoint am not part of that newer target audience, but I too feel this choosing him is a slap in the face to the queer community, young and old, and to any skater who doesn't follow narrow and toxic views of gender and sexuality or who doesn't see feminine folks (men, women, and non-binary people) and people who unironically make use of femininity as lesser beings. Betsy is eloquent on this; please carefully read their entire thread and note the multiple definitions of "queering" they use. Please note as well that Betsy is not undermining Yuzu's gender identity or making claims about his sexual orientation (whatever it is): Purposeful, serious femininity: like Yuzu, a cis guy, becoming Juliet in R&J 2.0, and mixing femininity with masculinity in Otoñal and talking about doing that unashamedly as an homage to Johnny Weir's skating. No need to apologize for or deny it. It should be celebrated, especially in a sport in which reactionary views about gender and sexuality are common!
  2. Is that Kevin Aymoz in the photo as well? A damn shame if it is and it does look like him. I had hoped better of him. I guess I will only be raising my Skating Survivors banner at Worlds and not a French flag.
  3. I'd like to think our government would actually prize Reconciliation and Indigenous peoples' lives above making Greenhouse-friendly companies $$, but I suspect the Crown will do its utmost to shut down the protests on the rail pretty soon but in such a way that they can pretend they are taking the kinder, gentler approach. Regardless, I'd look into train alternatives as an alternative, just in case. I'm going to ask a few friends who use the TO to MON section of the corridor whether Megabus or Greyhound is the better option, should VIA be down. I can let you know what they say.
  4. Ditto! Have acquired all the rest of my single tickets today (Tues + Thurs).
  5. Thank you for organizing this! And yes, let us know if you need help re: costs. I like the first (Seimei one with stars?) best. My second choice would be satellites one because there is more space for writing (I think?), but if possible with non-gender-related colours for the satellites' bows, or even no bows at all, though they do "pop" nicely against the grey and white. Maybe an alternative would be bows, but using the palette of Seimei colours (more colours than Ballade to use)? That would tie the colours to a program rather than suggesting Yuzu's fans are only represented by cis women or adhere to a gender binary. To make it simple each bow might be a different colour of the Seimei palette. Just a thought!
  6. Except I did not say anywhere that masks were "cosmetic in _all situations_". Anyway, my main point was explaining the message given out here in Toronto by public health and publicized by local media outlets like CBC to _potentially_ explain why some members of TCC might not wear a mask in public. Not going to discuss the science on what that message is, as that would make us veer into OT land. Anyone is free to agree or disagree with Toronto Public Health's stance on mask wearing, but it doesn't change what their message has been since the start of the panic, or that the message has been passed on by major media outlets in Toronto, thus potentially influencing the decisions of many living in the GTA. And we are talking about Toronto Public Health here, whose messages are aimed at people living a busy city with transit in which people will be in very close proximity sometimes for an hour or more twice a day. Not a place with low population density.
  7. If he's been following the many updates from Toronto's public health, he's been getting the message that these masks are more cosmetic than anything else. This message has been pounded home repeatedly in GTA media. Mostly masks might only be useful if you have symptoms yourself to hinder germs if you sneeze or cough. Definitely not needed on a plane, or out and about if you are healthy. I was at a hospital in downtown Toronto last week and only people with symptoms were asked to mask, as was usual before the coronavirus panic. The only change I noticed was more signs reminding people of this policy. I try not to give into the panic over the illness, which is being used here as a reason to justify nasty racist comments and behaviors towards people of Chinese and East Asian ancestry. So I would not make any assumptions about Canadian coaches based on whether they wear a mask or not.
  8. Happy to see this petition grow! Now they have upped the desired total to 2,500. If you haven't yet please sign and share!
  9. And: Cipres case was discussed a little on French TV. Note that the second one is speaking about environment at the rink where Cipres trains.
  10. From French TV: Sadly not a surprise that physical abuse also took place. I've seen that in other abuse cases.
  11. There's a petition asking Didier to resign. Please sign and share! https://twitter.com/Capspao1/status/1222932509694087171?s=20
  12. And apparently the French Minister of Sport is dismayed with Didier. He seems to have made a career out of enabling predators. I'm glad he's being called on the carpet, though I worry that there will be follow through, given how few predators, let alone enablers face justice:
  13. Another case that was largely hushed up by the French fed despite the conviction. Note Didier's actions downthread:
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