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  1. As someone who was brought back to FS by YOI, I am eternally grateful to Sayo and Kubo for their obvious admiration for fs, and for making such a _beautiful and well-written love letter to the sport_. The creators have always been extremely respectful of skaters and their biggest desire was and is to make more people love fs. And because it was a brilliant and huge hit globally it's a major reason, and let's be honest about this, many people became interested in FS (or became interested again) before the Oly season, especially outside of Japan and Russia where fs is much less popular. Numerous real skaters were delighted by the show. Honestly, I do not understand the depth of fs fan hostility towards the minority of (probably primarily younger or newer) fans who excitedly link Yuuri and Yuzu. Compared to the vicious nonsense actual long-time fs fans throw daily at Yuzu since he became a threat to their fave(s), a youngster noting that yes, Yuuri (a beloved and charming character) and Yuzu (the super popular and beloved GOAT of FS and an all-round Good Egg) share the same general body shape (and love of the 3A) is so obviously not intended as an insult. Let's not forget Yuuri also once wore Yuzu's R&J 1.0 outfit years before we first meet him as a character. Minami the fanboy of his senpai Yuuri wears it in his honor at a sectionals competition. So it's not shocking that some people take these few parallels and run with them (because fans are fans, no matter what they are into). Like any good work of fiction, the main characters in YOI may be inspired by multiple models, but become their own thing during the creative process. It's pretty clear Yuuri is inspired more by Machida and Takahashi when it comes to the type of talent he has and his temperament. Honestly, Yuzu is reflected much more in Victor's role than Yuuri's: Victor is the one celebrity skater whose presence brings the media running to a small town; he's also the uncompromising artistic skater who exerts such control over his creative process, the kind celebrity who cares about treating fans with respect, and the GOAT of his fictional fs universe who is the supreme complete men's skater, the one who has been difficult to chase for years. But even so, Victor and Yuzu also have many differences in temperament, situation (Victor gets burned out by success, Yuzu is far from burned out), and fave jumps (the 4F being Victor's signature jump). Victor's costumes reference Jeff Buttle and Johnny Weir; and physically Victor is inspired by the American actor John Cameron Mitchell. But like Yuuri, he is also a unique creation thanks to the skill of his creators to meld these influences into a unique character. IMO, Yuzu doesn't need to be protected aggressively from this well-intentioned ignorance that is def not meant to insult. At most a polite reminder to the person that the two are mostly different is all that is needed. More knowledgeable YOI fans including myself have pointed out the many differences between Yuzu and Yuuri multiple times in YOI circles, but one can only do so much in such a big and diverse fandom. Not everyone hangs out in one convenient space (again rather like fs fandom!), so such info will have to be repeated as new people encounter YOI and FS. I've never seen it as ill-intentioned, so perhaps we'd better spend negative energy elsewhere?
  2. Honestly, I think individuals should be allowed to choose whether they prefer or not to refer to their own country symbolically or via text on a banner they carry. If some pro-Chinese government fans are saying that something as innocuous as "Hong Kong (or Taiwan) Loves Yuzu" or something similar by a few fans would somehow hurt him, that smacks of concern trolling to censor fans from Hong Kong and Taiwan. I strongly doubt that would hurt his standing in the fs world. If individual fans from Taiwan and Hong Kong don't want to display their national symbols or country names for any reason whatsoever, then that is a different issue, because that is individual fans being empowered to choose what they feel most comfortable with. Having some kind of a "global" alternative for those who don't feel a connection to their country or who feel uncomfortable about their national identity for any reason is a fantastic idea. There are some good ideas being put forward here. However, shutting down all nationalistic banners primarily because some fans who support a powerful government want to keep less powerful groups silent and invisible would be heinous. It would be like a Canadian fan being mad if someone chose a provincial or a First Nations/Métis/Inuit flag instead of the Maple Leaf. In short, censorship in order to protect the powerful and providing an alternative to empower individuals are two very different things.
  3. Sadly I forget if SCI last year had an opening ceremony. So either skipped it or it was unmemorable
  4. Thanks all! I got row DD section 116 for Men's SP/Pairs FS and same section on Mon-Tues rows DD and EE. But system says P6-7 sold out for Wed. Cheapest available would be around 130. Not sure if will take or not.
  5. Hence my waffling. I base that on experience, and talking with someone else who has resolved to avoid fs events where she's farther away, because she wants those wonderful details. I might be ok with a bit higher, but I'll see how I feel in a few hours.
  6. Hello all! Am considering buying practice tickets on Mon-Tues and maybe splurging on the Thursday tickets or Saturday (trying for P1 on one day). Might get nosebleed tickets the other days and move down for less popular events, or even leave after Thursday. Idk. At any rate, I'd doubt I'd justify attending the gala, given the amount of time it lasts and ofc no guarantees on who will perform. Any suggestions re: best sections to try for? I go back and forth on giving in to SC after them shafting so many people. Plus, the distance from the rink may not be great. Once you get more than 10 rows up the details are lost. There's still the crowd feeling and the lovely socializing, but the viewing experience would be mediocre. It would be rather tragicomic if I spent half the week in Montreal watching it on a tv or laptop.
  7. V/M have just made their official retirement announcement: https://twitter.com/kattwts/status/1174179059494006784?s=20 I'm not sure if the wording they use means they will stop doing shows after the RtR tour?
  8. Tim Koleto retweeting Origin fanart gives me life: https://twitter.com/Timkoleto/status/1174180055817302018?s=20
  9. SheepSkeleton, the artist I commissioned to create the striking fanart for the Masquerade badge I gave out at ACI has posted the art publicly here (as always, please no re-posting the art without permission): https://sheepskeleton-art.tumblr.com/post/187713893906/yuzuru-hanyu-masquerade-a-commission-for If you click on the art, you can see it in HQ!
  10. Part of a good thread that includes this ominous precedent on the result of a fan-inspired movement critiquing judging (with the caveat that there easily could be multiple causes): https://twitter.com/illogicalpins/status/1173504520686465024?s=20 Also this: https://twitter.com/BlueFlame4YUZU/status/1173476640736677889 Considering we don't fully know the internal politics of the ISU (people can speculate ofc, but humans are messy and simplistic conspiracy theories are often wrong), I'd really not race into anything. This would take serious, mature thought and consultation across cultures. I'm sure we don't want to make things worse for Yuzu or any other skaters.
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