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  1. Don't praise the day... but this commentator has been so much more bearable than Chris so far
  2. "Former champions of course not here, Vanessa James and..." this hesitation says it all
  3. I've just realised that the first time I watched Yuzu competing (in real time) after discovering him was 4CC 2017 when he bombed his SP... The vibe. It was already nerve wracking for me but got only worse and worse
  4. Not only did Kevin fall on his 4T and 3A but also he got ur calls on both. He got 7 points for all of his jumping passes minus 2 points for falls, so only 5 points left for the jumps. A tragedy. Hope this is his worst skate ever and only better things to come.
  5. Yes, looks like we have a real problem with aging society here in Europe
  6. I think we should crown Javi 2020 European champion even if he's not competing
  7. Ok, that was a mess. Not much to love tbh, a lot of bad skates, boring programs and pyjamas. Not much sparks. My picks are Artur and Deniss so far. Happy for decent skate for Dima, but I'm not sold by this program, he has potential for much more artisticly imo. Happy also for Brezina, although his skating does nothing to me.
  8. Will Brezina be the leader after SP? Most likely. What a sweet suprise for him at this point of his career.
  9. Who would have thought that after disaster skate by Adam that will be Kevin who let him qualify to the free
  10. I'm not sure he will. And.. frankly... with fair judging he shouldn;t. Although I really like him and it hurts to write this.
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