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  1. Shingo training with his sister. Cute!
  2. What a day for fanyus... Is this some established International Yuzu Admiration Day or sth?
  3. This is such a gem! I love listening to Roman, this kid can speak, he's smart, easy-going and very natural. My favourite: "Even if he falls, I don't know... he falls good"
  4. How the hell they think they will evaluate it correctly? Do they plan to introduce some technology? Otherwise I see a huge circus coming. So I guess all the debate about figure skating will be even more fixated about rotation and camera angles. As if it's not been cursed enough for the last two seasons. They failed to evalute it so far so they made it even more complicated. Introduced another cathegory of flaw which they won't be able to identify clearly. Do we even need programs if all we gonna do will be quarreling about jumps close-ups? At least, giving the same BV for quad lutz, flip and loop seems to be a good change for me.
  5. My appreciation for Keiji has been growing steadily for some time, but I have to admit that this material has significantly accelerated the process. Also: (sorry for not very deep thought, but..) he looks damn hot!
  6. And now we have Keiji as Rika <dying>
  7. Satoko as Keiji is a content I didn't know I need:
  8. Also, if this change will be approved in June, what should do next a skater who is 13 rn, entering junior circuit, but not eligible to compete at seniors till Autumn 22? Compete and gain experience in current system in juniors, make his/her name or recognition and then jump to seniors with completely new rules? How to coach those athletes? What's the point of making them compete at juniors under the rules they will never face at seniors?
  9. I always thought that the core point of figure skating is excellent artistic performance built on strong techniqual base. At it finest, when each particular element has a meaning and melts into performance as a whole. I guess I was wrong. According to ISU - we should seperate those aspects. (But not judging panels, what for?) So I guess after Worlds '22 we will never see balanced programs and whole package skating again. High time to search for a new hobby Btw. I would really want to watch some explanatory video or seminar how ISU defines artistry. I have no idea at all.
  10. They train at TCC with Andrew Hallam, Joey Russell and Tracy. There's an ice dance section and students are doing really well. I guess they may have some basics classes with Brian from time to time as well. Shingo, as a single skater, also has been training at TCC for a while and Brian's been a part of his coaching team.
  11. Love them (same as BO who likes every Utashin post so far :P)
  12. Earlier today, instead of following clownery plaint by some american ignorant lobbyst, I rewatched this amazing post Oly press conference in the Foreign Corespondents' Club of Japan. Once again I'm blown away by some amazing reflections by Yuzu, eg. about Asian skaters being often perceived as less expressive or a brilliant answer for a really difficult question about meeting North Korean athletes. A lot of charming and fun moments as well (like potato chips). Not a new content but it's good to listen to a wise person while some dumb uncle pops up with sth again.
  13. A legendary TES killer Shin Amano smiling and posing in his pyjama among skaters is my favourite thing
  14. So Rika starts her days with reading fans letters to motivate herself before training and she has entire hour booked for that Precious girl.
  15. I could watch her doing exercises all day long, she looks so graceful.
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