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  1. Yes, Mr Lakernik himself in that interview confirmed how things look in FS - abuse and violence is not a problem of ISU, ISU cares only that because of "such an issue" a good pair may be not competing in their big events, so it's a loss for the sport. They don't give a s**t about any victims. He has no shame to say that straightforward. There's really no hope for this sport. Also: once again Lakernik, who has the highest position from all figure skating officials in ISU, say things to russian media, although no official comunicates/decisions on those matters were released yet. Very fair, highly proffesional and not biased at all.
  2. Oh really Mr Lakernik, problems were solved this season? show me where! or maybe by the problem he meant calling Eteri's girl's lutz once? this one was solved very quickly, indeed. Go retire, it's high time. So irritating interview, I regret I read it, no needed such a sh*t rn at all.
  3. A really nice podcast with Gabriella Papadakis (by Lilah Fear in her show) - she's so interesting to listen to, very honest, not avoiding difficult topics like anxiety, depresion and darkness or costume malfunction at OG but also very self conscious, mature and funny. I didn't know she's interested in studying foreign languages. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/gabriella-papadakis/id1358459893?i=1000469537587 I find this kind of converastions much more interesting and inspirational than many of materials prepared by "proffesional journalists". Focused on what interlocutor actually thinks, feels and wants to say, taking time for that and not looking for a sensational quotes. You can learn so much more about a real person from that. [Quite long but not boring at all and I guess many of us have some spare time at home rn.]
  4. So how do you think, under which nickname TAT is hiding here?
  5. Roman's new vlog. He (with his team) managed to find some open rinks for few pratices, one for hockey, another one very small. He recorded some fun material. I love the relationship they have with his coach As mentioned in comment section, those rinks are now closed too.
  6. I don't think so, as Takahashi's agent denied that (as mentioned). Very few cases are "established" in FS world - that's the core of the problem and that's what this article is about. But I appreciate that they listed it as a significant case to show it's a problem of entire skating world, no matter what country and culture.
  7. Last call if anybody else wants to help Yuzu troll USFS Idk why I care, probably because I'm bored of sitting at home and reading bad news, so I welcome any kind of Yuzu-entertaiment.
  8. Haha, CBC Olympics reposted Yuzu interview, they want even more likes
  9. According to this source, Chris had some sudden cardiac case. So sad and shocking, in such a young age. May he rest in peace.
  10. Idk if it has been shared, but Camden Pulkinen said few really nice words about Yuzu in some recent podcast:
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