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Hi everyone!


So it's almost been a year since Planet Hanyu was born (time passes so fast... :tumblr_inline_mm2wbbdJC51qz4rgp:). At the beginning, we went with a year of the best hosting plan on the current server we're using, and it cost $823.60 for the first year, which was paid for by donations (thank you <3). We also paid $264 for a LiteSpeed license to make the site faster. (And then there were other fees like getting the forum license.) 


When we signed up for hosting, we got a 34% newcomer discount. Our server provider were nice and said we could keep the discount if we sign up for 2 more years.


If we stay with our current plan, two years will cost $2399.76 USD -> $1583.84 after discount.

If we go one step lower, two years will cost $1679.76 USD -> $1108.64 after discount.


Currently we have just about enough money in donations for the second plan and not the first. AFAIK we didn't have many issues with the speed of the site, even during the Olympics, which is super awesome, which makes us think we might have gone overkill in paying for the fastest server.

So, we're thinking of going with one step lower and doing without the LiteSpeed license. We can always upgrade and/or add the LiteSpeed back if we need it anytime.


We will renew our server on June 10, 2018!


Thank you all for making this place possible :tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp: And please let us know if you had issues with the site being slow and/or think we should go with something different. We won't pay for the service just yet, just letting everyone know the plan!

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Hi everyone, we just paid the $1108.64 for the server plan we decided on - 2 years of the Prestige plan without the LiteSpeed license. So please let me know if the site seems slower to you in any way, since if it is we might want to add back some of those speedups. Thanks! :dancingpooh:

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tbh rn for me it works better than before :laughing: In the last month the Planet sometimes buffered really a lot, but now it works fine (I don't think it was my PC, all other sites worked fine, I only had troubles with the planet)

I hope it will keep working like this and thank you for your work!:10742289:

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