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  1. I love that he keeps his hair natural for this program. I love that costume. Gods, I love Yuzu so much, I wanna cry.
  2. Woooooooow, that was so good, Jason! I think this is the first time I see him not falling on the sal
  3. Gods, something about the way Jun moves always tugs at my heartstrings, I just love his skating.
  4. Very Kevin-ish, lol. Good on him to have such a recognizable style.
  5. An entire year of skipping figure skating and my hate towards the greatest showman programs has not diminished in the slightest
  6. I also was going to ask this...I guess it all depends on how everyone else does but honestly I hope nobody dies from it anymore
  7. Gods, that was truly enjoyable. So happy I tuned in for the entire FS
  8. Wow, that was one messed up axis from 2 km before the jump
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