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  1. This might be the only way to enjoy the sport right now... I wish we could do something like an alt scoring with crowd funded prizes, but the fandom wars would be scary as hell Oh my god, that was heartbreaking Eunsoo shouldn't be in that place...
  2. I...wanna...not...be...mad....I wanna be happy...Kaooo I love you..
  3. oh my goddddddddDDDDDDDDSSSSSDSKÑFDJKFÑA I love you Kao I love you so much!!!! She's just so cool! And her program is so good, I just can't, I'm going crazy Honestly her two programs are the ones I'm most excited about this season... I think she's my favorite lady overall...
  4. It was too good to be true Pshhh GOOOOOOO KAO MY BABY RIP THEM APARTTTTT
  5. Wow she does lead! I was so nervous! I really don't wanna look at the protocols, I just wanna be happy she leads right now...
  6. Ah, Misha! I've missed you! Oh no, Eunsoo... Waka and her game face so ON, I love you
  7. Ahhhh I love her so much. I love that fan movement at the end.
  8. I rather like Team Russia jackets this season. Gods, I love Liza's expressions. Go Eunsoo!!!!
  9. True. I'm actually watching my men's faves right now. It's a lot harder to watch the live robbery, and that's just too much for me right now.
  10. Agreed. I had such a hard time deciding whether I was gonna watch or not. I couldn't even watch men.
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