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  1. LeadenMyr

    Team we're fewer but still good!

    I am over the moon with these news!!! Donovan Carrillo is now being (sponsored? Funded? Helped?) by a government fund for high level athletes!!! The fact that he finally has government recognition and support I really think he will do for Mexico what Javi did for Spain. I believe in him!!! Aaaaaa
  2. LeadenMyr

    Sweet Dreams are made of Yuzu!

    I dreamed again! Sadly it wasn't Yuzu this time, but Javier Fernandez. I dreamed he was signing up for a multilevel thing I was in a very very looooong time ago, and in my dream I was there to help the guy who had invited Javier to the thing and I completely failed by fangirling very very hard. He was polite and good natured and we mostly joked around about scores and Euros gossip and I wanted to pitch him a photoshoot but I woke up , he was verrrry handsome and his eyes were so big it was scary, and he looked so short and skinny it was cute xD because I always pictured him in skates and alone on the ice so mixed in with normal sized people he looked rather thin. It was weird as hell, but it was nice to see him in a dream. I blame his retirement and Gabby Daleman posting things about multilevel for this weird mix...
  3. Back spasm, apparently
  4. I agree, he did really well!
  5. Ugh someone adopt Donovan please
  6. Definitely. I don't know if it was a conscious choice, but definitely a good call if it was Wilding time Donovan being cute and TCC brothership is all I ask of life
  7. Good call on not bringing the great spirit thing to the US, Shoma
  8. Noooooooo ojo it was beautiful I hope you can catch it later somehow 😭😭
  9. Wow the crowd really is asleep I hate them Yeah! She changed the boot to the silver one because the gold bladed one was too soft I wanna redo Rika's makeup
  10. RIKAAAAAA Shut up Johnny
  11. Lol, needs no introduction...
  12. Eunsoo I love you but this dress makes me think of a car wash Sigh. This competition was hellish and I'm glad it's over.......
  13. Nah she was talking about Boyang