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  1. This face... He's really feeling himself! Please never change
  2. Gold underlying the green looks really luxurious here
  3. Interesting, someone identified the new Seimei color as "parrot green": (Below is Google translate from page linked in original tweet, has more detail than the separate English description) Moegiiro is a yellow-green color that resembles a young leaf that sprout in early spring. It is a traditional color name that has been used since the Heian era, and is also separately described as "Moegi". It is a color that symbolizes youth because of the color of the young green sapling, and was loved as a color for young people in the Heian period. In the Heike Monogatari, the 18-year-old Heike nobleman, "Atsumori Taira," wears Moe Ozori's armor, and the twenty-year-old master of the bow, "Yoichi Nasu," wears Moe Omoe's armor. Moe yellow is used as a symbol of young warriors, such as wearing. It is also written as "Moegi Moegi". In this case, it refers to the dark green color derived from green onions and green onions, and became popular in the Edo period. By the way, the colors of Kabuki regular curtains are "black", "persimmon" and "moegiiro".
  4. This is what I imagined/hoped his expression would be but it's even better! Color looks good here too
  5. B: You broke the computer. Y: Again! I think @sweetwater is right that the next part is "They don't worry me," like positive self-talk because he did have worrying thoughts that he then shared. Anyone with eyes and a heart watching this was like it's perfection, exquisite, all 10s!!!! I understand the principle of no 10s, but this was so exactly odd/off... like OK we'll give a you a new WR but 112 is a line not to be crossed?? Judges working to stain this peerless beauty with their unspeakable agendas, only highlights their shortcomings in the end. I'm watching this Chopin on loop until March! I love the changes in costume too, so fresh and cool
  6. The progression here is so touching... Someone shared another angle of the face but I can't find it now. I love this moment
  7. Sorry if this was already shared, but his expression here! Looks like when he first noticed the colors...
  8. I think Crystal Memories would be more likely as an ex, if ex = parting gift to fans... It's so pure, beautiful, and heartwarming. I would love to see Masquerade as SP!
  9. Sorry if already posted... What a killer
  10. His face when he's looking up at his glove/mask... I just love to see him like this! So much feeling, can't wait to see the whole thing
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