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  1. LadySnowblood


    Yes please I've been wondering too!
  2. LadySnowblood

    Team we're fewer but still good!

    Interview with Kevin Aymoz after Skate Canada FS: http://www.absoluteskating.com/index.php?cat=interviews&id=2018kevinaymoz Includes a friendly reminder about the name for That Move... JZ slide!!
  3. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I do think it's that kind of mistake, like they showed the tweet instead of the article to avoid promoting that other site, but the announcer's words are vague enough to confuse things for the viewer. I don't think the creators meant any harm but I wish they could have been more careful. It's just sad to read replies from fans who watched that video in good faith and honestly don't know what to think about it. I'm really sorry to have added to any negativity here with my criticism. The account shared the video twice and the clickbaity tweet has over 8x as many RTs as the original. So they did a great job, it's just too bad the RTs and clicks aren't for something worthwhile. Leaving all that aside, I'm glad that Yuzu is in Japan and I am optimistic that being in his home country, even if not "at home," will help a lot with his mental & emotional strength, healing and recuperation. Still sending my support of course, to him and everyone everywhere suffering with and for him
  4. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Telling fans to retweet this is tacky, and the cynic in me thinks they are even exploiting non-English-speaking fans... Getting them to engage with the nice sounding, simply worded tweet, while the clip is lazy and inaccurate. Really feels like PC Olympics content that was barely refreshed with new photos. I finally remembered why this part was familiar... The questionable comment doesn't belong to that Twitter user, the tweet was actually protesting it: https://soranews24.com/2018/02/23/older-female-fans-steamy-comments-about-gold-medal-skater-yuzuru-hanyu-sparks-debate-online/
  5. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sigh Jack. My impression is that he wanted to counter the negative stuff circulating around Yuzuru's decision to skate with this, similar to what Minoru Sano did but from a different angle and unfortunately expressed in a stupid, ineffectual way... Would help if he didn't explain the decision as if it were only about Plushenko and fans, since we know from Yuzuru that it was even deeper than that. I like that Jack sincerely admires Yuzu but I'm not a fan of him as a journalist or writer. The whole offending section should have been omitted, the rest is OK except for the clunky sentence that almost reads like Kazuki disappointed Japan by finishing third, and maybe too much of Jack's personal musings overall... but I guess that was the fan in him leaking out. Still he must have an editor?? It falls short of toxic masculinity for me because there is no glorifying violence or aggression as a masculine ideal, but it is sexist and a big turnoff. Pretty sure no one reading Ice Time expected or wanted a lecture on manliness from Jack! Also the comparison to NBA players is inappropriate IMO, those are contracted professionals making multi-million dollar decisions under a totally different kind of pressure.
  6. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I feel like the outcome in this reading is exactly where Yuzuru is right now, so a new one is in order... Thanks @Vulnavia! Now he is looking at everything in a different light, thanks to the fall and starting with how he approached the FS. Like when he said maybe he caused this to happen (I forget the exact words), I don't think he was being fatalistic or self-blaming but really turning everything over in his mind to find what he might have missed or taken for granted, what he needs to change, etc.
  7. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The talk about skating while injured seems especially difficult with Yuzuru because he did it so many times when other people probably wouldn't have, and he maybe shouldn't have. He is still that same passionate and headstrong person, but I think he really is in a place now where he can take as much time as he needs, so I hope he does it... I don't think anyone else is close enough to 4A for him to be concerned about that, but maybe my bias is showing. I already rewatched CoR Origin and I'm doing it again today when it's on TV here... It was beautiful and inspiring, his spirit really shined through and the impression of the god-man pouring all of his divine power into the world he created, finally becoming human, was stronger than ever. Everyone's said so many amazing, touching things, I am just so proud of Yuzuru for following his heart and fighting. He didn't do it blindly and impetuously, it was a difficult and fully considered decision that was 100% him. Love him always! Still being totally unproductive and un-Yuzulike here... Time to get to work