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  1. I'm grateful that after my grandmother was found to have AD, she seemed to still know me as a person she could trust, whether she remembered "me" or not. I think that was her heart remembering our connection and I'm glad that during the difficult times after she first was diagnosed, I never did or said anything to damage that. I came here to share a random thought about it being over a year since the "Planking with Yuzu" challenge... I can't believe that was August 2020!
  2. Dying/dead from the scream, thinking about the glove throw: The old way to me was simply saying good riddance, forget this damned mask! The new one feels desperate and uncertain, like he's giving himself up to fate... Maybe scared to lose the mask (perennial Olympic king?) because it has protected him in certain ways, but sacrifice is required to fight this terrible, strange beast (4A?) and he won't know success until the battle is over. Of course it could also mean he just wanted to change things up for the last night! Still thunderstruck by it all, by HIM.
  3. All the little changes here! Evolution from sweetheart to heartbreaker
  4. I love this picture! More tough & cool now, than cute & cool
  5. I was sure he wouldn't attempt 4A here due to not being in the best condition/circumstances but it really is perfect, and historical... After talking about his 1000+ attempts, showing where that's taken him so far, planting another marker on the road to 4A. I would love to hear more about what makes 4A completely different from 3A but that's probably going to stay under wraps until he has succeeded (I hope)...Plus it seemed like this was a fairly new revelation so maybe there isn't more to it yet.
  6. Happy 2021!! I found this so touching... Last year really ended with joy, beauty, and grace thanks to one amazing human
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