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  1. Yuzuru did what he said he would do, considering what a mess this event was not to mention everything leading up to it, I hope he can be satisfied. I thought he looked far too subdued in warmup and agree the natural hair was a bad sign... He is still golden no matter what
  2. Happy 2021!! I found this so touching... Last year really ended with joy, beauty, and grace thanks to one amazing human
  3. Sorry if already shared! Was hoping someone would put these together, charming
  4. Post-FS interview with English subs, wonderful to see him so happy, on top of the world This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Has this been shared? SP with 6 minutes warmup at the beginning This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. I keep watching and watching again, takes my breath away and fills me up again every time! Incredible and transcendent, ineffably "him" and his unique spirit but also something greater, universal... Powerful to say the least. Order is restored!
  7. Maybe my favorite pic so far! I love all the comparisons to trash bag rock programs of younger days... the undershirt is part of that so I hope it stays (I think it looks good here, too). Cannot get over what a joy that was, happy Christmas for sure!!
  8. It's quite long too; I'm forever impressed by how LGC was so streamlined from the original yet still played like a complete song. I think the last lyric about the "other guy" will be gone!
  9. RW song makes perfect sense (especially lyrics-wise) but I was afraid of going full cornball! Maybe even more exciting in a different way, really curious about the costume now: Dark sparkly showman or more PW style, or ...?? FS looks great, I should have remembered to take time off work for this
  10. I would love for it to be the 1981 live version of Queen's Let Me Entertain You! Somehow I can really imagine that, not sure if that's despite it being extra hectic or because it's so hectic... I do wonder about edits. Exciting!!
  11. Yuzuru absolutely doesn't need people to be converted. I was negative about religion for most of my life because of bad experiences with people trying to force their faith on me. It was all perfectly well-meaning and done in a positive way (no bullying etc), but it 100% repelled me which is the exact opposite of what they wanted. Now 30+ years later I can appreciate what they were trying to do and even see how it could have helped me if only I hadn't been so turned off by the "recruitment" attempts. I can see this happening to people who might have happily discovered Yuzu on their own and I re
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