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  1. The progression here is so touching... Someone shared another angle of the face but I can't find it now. I love this moment
  2. Sorry if this was already shared, but his expression here! Looks like when he first noticed the colors...
  3. I think Crystal Memories would be more likely as an ex, if ex = parting gift to fans... It's so pure, beautiful, and heartwarming. I would love to see Masquerade as SP!
  4. Sorry if already posted... What a killer
  5. His face when he's looking up at his glove/mask... I just love to see him like this! So much feeling, can't wait to see the whole thing
  6. I loved the fight and the "work" in WC Origin, it really felt like he was building his house piece by piece and it was gripping to watch even though it was almost grim... But I think his scores did suffer from that, and *then* the judges rewarded Nathan for his relative effortlessness (on top of everything else). If Yuzu presented Origin in competition like those glimpses on media day, I believe it would work but he just couldn't get there this time
  7. I have been listening to Rufus Wainwright's Want One since last week. He is my favorite singer and this is probably my favorite album... His expression of always striving and yearning for more but not knowing how to get it (and falling along the way), reminds me of Yuzuru this season. And one of my favorite lines from this song, "Is there anyone else who's too in love with beauty?" reminds me of finding Planet Hanyu
  8. You're right, I meant his individual tweet... Rushing to placate the hater so stupidly. It's like poor customer service, legitimate concerns go unaddressed but bad actors get immediate attention (and their nonsense is legitimized). But if that person is a Shoma fan then they're not happy about his response either-- my petty consolation!
  9. So many better ways VP could have replied, especially since it was a bogus complaint from a Yuzu hater. He seems genuinely clueless but Poohs damage "impartiality"... All gifts would need to be banned at all events worldwide for this to work in any fashion. And poor Shoma, being completely erased... How about showing some care for your own skaters instead of prostrating yourself for every other fed to walk all over??
  10. Yuzuru is perfectly aware of what's going on, he sees the need to adapt and evolve to "win resoundingly" on his own terms as much as possible. He knows it will be more difficult than ever but he said he will take care to heal and protect his body first, and I believe him. I hate to think of him in physical or emotional pain but he has been suffering for a long time, and he hasn't regretted it yet. Whenever he finds it's not worth it anymore, I'll be glad because I know he will have decided for himself and it will mean he is growing in a new direction. For now he seems to have recommitted himself to competing and if he's refreshed I don't much care why, as long as it helps him (he still should have won the free!!)
  11. This pretty much matches what I heard (somehow couldn't get this without the first tweet):
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