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  1. LadySnowblood

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Peace to Denis, his loved ones and all who love him... Some fine tributes here
  2. LadySnowblood

    Team Japan

    This sounds like "Experimentation" from dance show featuring skaters, Love On the Floor but I can't find video now... Or maybe remembering it wrong
  3. LadySnowblood

    Team Japan

    My main discomfort with the doodles is because of how some skaters are repeatedly drawn to look very generically "Asian." I know that's just something I'm sensitive to but it is still hard to get around. I do like other drawings which actually makes me more annoyed/confused about the Asian caricature shortcuts... seems to show that they are really not necessary yet the artist keeps choosing to use them.
  4. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

  5. LadySnowblood

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in NIIGATA

    Link is to blog post from NST Niigata Smile TV. I just love this picture
  6. An angel, a prince? Mystery, disenchantment! This strange child, "Dory"
  7. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sorry for the late, late reply but learning that anyone sees Yuzu as a twink might have broken my mind... I hope it just means the word is used differently than I remember I think alpha/apex predator is a great way to describe his place in the skating world, especially because of how it fits with the concept of him as an alien or super-evolved human. The first of his kind (on Earth), a class unto himself, unprecedented and unmatched!
  8. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Did anyone vote for "Hello, I Love You"... I did Re: Yuzu not singing "Hana wa Saku," I feel like part of that is the flip side of being such an audiophile... Loves hearing every detail and nuance in music he enjoys, how could he evaluate himself fairly (especially considering his perfectionism and not wanting to disappoint others)? I think it would be very painful! For this he would have had to be OK with "good enough" which I can't imagine happening for something like this. I think at the start of the video he's supposed to be feeling comforted by the song again, as always, then the drums kick in and now he's taking strength from it. Both of those qualities are carried through to the end, which is nice. The way it's done is terribly corny but that's on the director... I only expected Yuzu to be smiling & holding the flower, but I guess they just had to get more from him.
  9. LadySnowblood

    2017/18 Retirements

    Bittersweet! Good interview
  10. LadySnowblood

    Team Canada

    Sharing this because it has the voting link
  11. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I really like the part about breaking out of his shell: Hanyu: I've learned how much versatility I have in performance, what movements I like, what kind of movements enable me to skate with my heart. I still have room for improvement in my jumps and landing of the jumps. I'm trying things with my spins too. So I want to break out my shell more than I did going through the Olympics, though I might have to do it by breaking thin shells one by one, and become a new me. As you know, the song I skated to this time was a song about "wings". I skated to it with a hope to become the new me who can spread its wings to the full. ETA Tumblr link for the translation, forgot it wouldn't show from quoting like I did:
  12. LadySnowblood

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KANAZAWA

    It seems like the fans who are most vocal about "defending" or "protecting" Yuzuru, are thinking of themselves and their pain over the perceived harm being done to him, than Yuzuru himself. None of this is really about him, or helping him, at all. Which is unfortunate considering what he said at CiONTU and elsewhere... He never said, "Online bashing hurts me so please don't do it about me-- but it's OK for everyone else!" He has acknowledged that we're all hurt by this stuff. I am not big on putting every word and action under the microscope but I feel the only takeaway is, don't feed the beast as others have said. Maybe Misha is like this in real life, he "knows" he's right so he keeps trying to reason or argue when he should just quit.
  13. LadySnowblood

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KANAZAWA

    This is too bad. My feeling about Misha & the social stuff is just, he wants fans to accept whatever the situation is and not give skaters & friends a hard time. If they get Yuzuru news/pics good and if not, it's still good even if it's not as exciting for them. Of course no one ever really knows what's in another person's mind, but I think he's sincere and there was no real disconnect between the two messages... Plus it kind of makes sense that the crankier post was on Twitter, the friendlier post was on IG. I saw some English-language Twitter replies scolding him for the Yuzu pic like it was the ultimate betrayal, couldn't keep going. If Yuzuru feels that Misha harmed whatever mutual trust and friendship they might have then OK, but that can only be addressed between those two people. Feel very bad for both but I guess it is to be expected at this point.
  14. LadySnowblood

    Random Thought Theater

    This is a bit flaky, but curious if anyone's interested in astrology? I used to be really into it but then drifted away. Didn't realize there was a big change (Uranus entering Taurus after 7 years in Aries) until I started looking this month, after things seemed almost universally crappy and/or overwhelming. Learning that Uranus actually entered Aries on 3/11 was unsettling but shows why it's considered such a disruptive force... I can't say I believe in astrology but it's still interesting, I like coming back to it. Kind of like extra spice or color to make you appreciate things in a different way. I also really love mythology so it's fun to read stuff like this:
  15. LadySnowblood

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This might be my favorite "Wings of Words" picture so far! Excited to see this performance Don't know if this is a good English translation but the words are quite fitting: Found this for the full song (more lyrics):