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  1. Ok, finished watching the top teams and my favourites. M/R of Japan - I love how much they've improved. I hope they continue, and inspire skaters from Japan to consider and take ID seriously. Outside of the podium finishers, my favourite FS was C/L of Italy. C/B - the fall was devastating, not only does it cause them -2 deduction, but it also invalidated their spin. I am so so sorry. I think the placement is fair. V/M has the exact same BV as P/C but was scored lower in GOEs and PCS, which (apart from SS in particular) is about right, imo. P/C just had a bad, bad luck in their SP. I personally like the more subtle but enchanting routine of P/C's FD, but understand completely the appeal of V/M's FD. I have the complete reaction to their SDs. The Shibs were wonderful, too. But come on, those who said they were underscored. Is this the case of 'watching skating while american' again? I check both the protocols and the judges scoring from skating scores. Look at the US and Canadian judges. I mean, it's the most colourful scoring so far (as in judges are so divided in this event), but the Canadian putting W/P in 3rd (actual rank: 7th) and the US putting C/B in 7th (actual 12th) are just wild and screamed 'I panicked!' P/C and relatively the Shibs are still young (I am actually rather surprised that the Shibs are the older ones I mean, I should know better, but). I hope they stay around longer and broaden their style a bit. Once again, congrats to all the medallists!
  2. Well, barring anything too miraculous in the Ladies', for individual events: Japan only medals in Men (1-2, tho. And I mean, Miyahara and/or Sakamoto could perhaps maybe probably pull it off, but that's a long shot) OAR only medals in Ladies (tho they would perhaps take 1-2 (and 3 - horror - if the others bomb too badly), to my eternal facepalming) China only medals in Pairs US only medals in ID Only Canada has medalled in 2 events so far (probably 3 depending on how the Ladies' goes) No more 'domineering' country (Canada could argue for its case, probably). I'm kinda wondering if that's the point of Team Event.
  3. Just woke up. Congrats!!! *off to find videos of the programs
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Zu's explaining how to do the travelling camel entry to his spin if gif. Apparently, he told Suzuki, "You tried it, right? I saw it!", and she was of course surprised. Also, this means, dear lurker Zu, any sign any time now, perhaps?
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    It's the whole thing. From the comments, apparently the male moderator asked Zu "You think you are cool, don't you?" and Zu answered, "Yes, I think so". With that voice, and the nose-scrunching to the point of eyes disappearing.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I can't breathe. Well, of course. Only the most special for our boy. That's true. When it's coming, we'll be bald. or dead. or both. I was going to say the same thing, too. I mean, there are comments on the instagram saying 'he repeats the program for 3 years, that's why I cannot congratulate him on his win', which just makes me 'whew, literally anything to justify your bitterness, isn't it, people?' But for casual Oly viewers, and even commentators apparently, they don't remember. So, ok then.
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I am actually kinda suspicious about that, since you know this boy puts a delay rotation into his 4Lz. I wonder if this is just Zu being an overachiever again, and so the 1/4 more rotation is just because he wanted to make sure it's exactly 1620 degree. While Max and Miki probably were just 'that's enough rotation according to the rule'. I mean, Zu's by-the-book approach to tech elements is why he is crowned as the possessor of 'technical omnipotence', but you know. Oh, she said far more than what I wrote. But it's a rather rambling gushing, in which she was also distracted by the Pooh rain. I was basically 'Gees, okay, calm down a bit, I can't understand everything you're saying. Pick a language (we both speak 3 languages, but it's rather dizzying when all are used), use complete sentence!'
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    As great as this article is, even Waseda can get basic info wrong. Zu is not 'only the 2nd in history', and Button is not the 1st either. I'm being picky, but fair is fair.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Hi, hi! Still riding on the rush of Zu's becoming GOAT!!! I posted my longest posted yet (500ish words) on one of my social media account, finally letting people around me know that my obsession with Zu is waaay more intense than they ever think it was. I got 2 comments so far, both from casual Olympics viewer. One is my former professor, a 70+ yo caucasian, recently retired academic. "Hi (my name), yes, we watched Hanyu just by chance. Brilliant. Great that you enjoyed his performance. (signed his initials)" One is my former colleague, a 40+ yo caucasian, elementary school teacher. "Yes I saw him too. He was beautiful to watch. Stunning!" I am so so happy to hear such comments! There were also emoticons reactions, 10 of them so far. My friend (who complain about Zagitova's high score for her FS at the Team Event - former ballet dancer, she was rather upset with the supposed ballet program) basically said something along the line of "Now, I see what you mean. This deserves that score. Look at his lines, expression, and the decision in each of his moves! *flailing hands* This program is so unlike the others', too! He looks like a porcelain doll but ready to go to a battle and win - how?! And look at all the Poohs! Is there Eeyore?!!!" (she is an Eeyore-manic, lmao! She was wearing an Eeyore snugly blanket) She watched only the FS. I am showing her the SP when we meet. So, there. There are people who can more than appreciate Zu despite not following this sport closely.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    My child. Why so adorbs!!
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Just so you know, I am a crazy fan of Yuri on Ice as well. I have more YOI merchandises than I have Yuzu's. My profile picture before the current one was a chibi Victor Nikiforov in Makkachin-style onesie. You would not see me being impressed with Chen until he developed true artistry to complement his jumps. Please do not lump all of us YOI fans into the same basket. Just like we, fans of Yuzuru Hanyu, do not like being lumped together as 'people who just like him for his looks but do not care about the sport' or 'the rude fans who cannot tolerate people who do not worship the ground Hanyu walks on'. There are rational YOI fans. There are also irrational Yuzuru Hanyu's fans. If you are unimpressed with YOI and some of the fans, it's fine. But the issue is not that. The issue is the ill-informed viewers. Not all YOI fans are ill-informed. And not all ill-informed viewers are YOI fans. Way to get the basic facts straight. Zu's 24 (we're in after 7 December 2018 already apparently), and Uno is 19 (wait, so we're still in before 17 December 2017). The level of journalistic integrity is astounding. Either that, or the Math level.
  13. #WeLoveYouYuzu

    I just realised Zu put the medal on Oda.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Ha! And there are twins going around as well *poke @cirelle My tumblr dashboard is having the same problem, esp cz we can alter even the names there ____ I'll be maniacally happy if we can have another quad of Zu competing and potentially making more history. But if this is it *knock on wood*, my biggest hope *already chocking on tears* is that Zu is truly satisfied with it and he can be at peace with things he planned but couldn't do. Zu, it doesn't matter what we want and how we might feel about 'the inevitable'. At the end of the day, we just want you happy and healthy. We will be at peace with what we want but perhaps wouldn't get. Be happy and healthy, my King.
  15. Indeed. I don't think all of us in this Planet combined, even on our best days, could bear the pressure and scrutiny Zu has to deal with. We've seen many of his competitors falter badly as well. That is why he is THE champion.