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  1. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    *Momentarily out of my lurking period for this* Nobody told me they played History Maker in the official opening of GPF?? *Back to lurking*
  2. Sorry, skaters and fellow fans, after this, I am not going to waste time watching FS again. I'll watch compilations of the skaters I like, but this is it. No more. Go Lil' Bet!
  3. Would you like some of my wine? I know it's barely past lunch, but
  4. A Zagitova 3Lz3Lo 2A3T 3F2T2Lo 3Lz 3S 3F And watch her gets higher PCS than Mai. Where's my wine?
  5. M Mihara 3Lz3T (a smile, and she double checked where the board was) 2A from a back counter (That flying sit spin!) 3F 2A (wait, solo?) 3Lo2T2Lo (ah, 3 jumps with Lo) 3Lz3T (or she attached the 3T here) 3S rippon Yay! Judges, her PCS please
  6. Zagitova looks nervous.
  7. P Edmunds Sparkly white-palest blue negligee 3Lz fall (that was a loooong set up) 2A3T (dodgy landing) 2A1Lo3S so (Time to say Goodbye?) 3F fall 3Lo (iffy landing) Wait, 3Lo again? 3S
  8. MB Meite Mentally preparing myself for the music change 2A 3F3T (those knee bends) 3Lz2T 3Lo (Here comes the music change, I like the sparkle of her skirt, tho) 2A3T a popped Lz 3S Did they also change her music? Wasn't it "who run the world" before?
  9. Yep, they downgraded many of her jumps.
  10. L Lecavelier Oooh, sparkles! 3Lz3T (I think) 3F (that's at least < if not <<) 3S 2A3T fall 2A1Lo2S (dodgy) 3Lz (also < if not <<) 2Lo - a popped Wait, the music is changed! There's no more 'my daddy' creepiness.