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  1. Just… use the ignore button, honestly. I, too, sometimes get tired at seeing all the negativity, despite being one of the people here who is the saltiest about fudging. In the similar way I am tired of all the positivity, which really, at this level of fudgery? I used to admire people who can still be positive in awful situation, but eh, not anymore. Some of the people I ignore are either too positive or too negative, and some of them post a LOT. Sometimes I will get an entire page empty bcz it’s the people I ignore, lol. I figured, if it’s something important about Yuzu, I’ll see the post eventually. But, well, I am a fandom,,, hmm, middle-age? Cz I am not sure I am a fandom elder, but definitely not a newbie either. FS is dying to me. Yuzuru is quite literally the only reason I am still tethered reluctantly atm. I don’t even want to love the sport as he urges his fans to do. Or, perhaps as he used to urge? Cz his subtle comments post-Beijing had taken a different tone, if I am reading the translations correctly. I’ve seen enough, attended some comps in the past enough, have enjoyed it enough, and have been fed up enough. And so, I now use the ignore button liberally
  2. Technically, not necessarily. As I understand it, the -5 is for the fall itself, but the other bullet points for positive GOE still apply. I.e., if it hits some bullet point to, say, get +3 GOE, then if the skater falls in a particular jump, the final GOE would be +3-5 = -2. The rules do not say: "When the skater fall, the jump automatically gets a final -5 GOE". The only "final GOE must be -5" in the rule book is for a jump in SP that is not according to the requirement. Someone do correct me if my knowledge is now outdated. lord knows I can't keep up with ISU ever changing, vague rules.
  3. I’m seconding Tsuki,,,, Zuzuuuuu, drop your full thesis!!! And kind translators, please translate, even though I know it would be a major, and I mean, major undertaking. ETA:
  4. Cheesecake with yuzu flavouring, someone get a slice for me please! Sincerely, a lactose intolerant who nevertheless loves cheesecake, yuzu, and Yuzu [NEWS] news, right?
  5. It’s from People’s Daily official weibo account. People’s Daily is the official CCP newspaper and the largest newspaper group in China. They made a wuxia type video of Chinese athletes…. plus Yuzuru, the adopted athlete.
  6. They said Yuzuru Hanyu from China once, and then This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  7. The song Li Yugang wrote for/about Zu is on spotify [NEWS] (is this news? I tagged it anyway, hopefully correctly)
  8. Definitely old clips. This is the Lz that Chen has lost. Not that the score reflect it or anything.
  9. Bringing this for a bit of lightheartedness https://hanyusan.tumblr.com/post/677559267649306625/the-reason-why-hes-harrassing-all-the-mascots-he
  10. It's so cute, but also, when I opened the tweet, twitter told me it's sensitive content
  11. He posted in on twitter, 2 years ago, criticising Yuzu's attempting 4A, writing him off as being too old for it. It's deleted now, as I understand it. Couldn't be bothered to find if anyone screenshot the thing, cz it's unpleasant, and I too, used to like Barton. Even if his increasingly excessive Russian stanning has gotten into my nerves even before he tweeted that. Ngl, tho. You sould probably ignore me (as in actually click the ignore button on my profile), cz even Max is on thin ice with me. Basically, those who had helped perpetuated the Russian girls 'quad' domination, are on my sh*t list, regardless of whether they praise Yuzu, too. Cz I can't quite justify them seeing Yuzu and his striving for technical excellence, and then turn around to gush over the cheated, unhealthy russian girls' "quads" and average (at best) programs/skating skills/postures. Esp with the current scandal.
  12. Barton, unfortunately has changed his tune recently. He called Yuzu attempts at 4A, and I am paraphrasing cz I can't remember his exact words: doing it as a 26 year-old man, is not wise. Barton also gushes over Tutberidze's girls excessively, and has been the english commentators for russian national comps, probably precisely because of that. During the days when I was still watching junior GPs, he was always very critical about prerotations & underrotations of skaters from small feds (for the Japanese and Korean skaters, his go-to is 'expression is not there yet, but it will come', no matter the skater), and suddenly couldn't see any of them when it's the big3 feds. He has joined many, many commies who used to gush over Yuzu in his early years but then for some reasons have lately turned into 'couldn't wait for him to disappear' camp.
  13. I’m in the camp of ‘Yuzuru doesn’t need to go back to TCC’. I just realise, we discuss this in the vent thread and not here. Yuzuru does not need to go back to TCC, he doesn’t need them anymore. Especially not with the latest revelation re TCC main coaches, what on earth??!!
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