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  1. yuzupon

    Team Japan

    I just find that rather baffling cz every other skater who competed were younger than him, so if by 'young athlete' he meant younger than him, then obviously there are more than just Shun who landed a quad(s). If he just meant 'young' in general sense, Sota is 18 yo. Unless 18 yo is now considered 'old'. Plus, look at how Shun is being lowballed in PCS (2nd highest TES but 5th lowest PCS, in fact). Obviously, quads, even by JSF's calculations - however tf they conduct it, are not everything.
  2. yuzupon

    Team Japan

    Is he talking about junior skaters only there? Cz if not, that's Sota Yamamoto erasure.
  3. Let me give my unasked (and hopefully, my only) two cents on the whole 'Takahashi is/isn't taking the spot of the young people' debacle. From what I understand, and by reading the dynamics of JSF, the main reason why (reasonable) people are concerned about him possibly taking the spot from younger skaters is this: he is very beloved by his feds that they might try to prop him in Nats and then send him to international comps (or WC, that's the biggest scare) where international judges will not even put him anywhere close to what the younger ones can potentially deliver. That was the concern. And, well, let's be real. While his SP was superb, that FS was not worth the marks he received. Setting aside the PCS, cz the stsq/chsq alone does not the whole PCS make. He was messy, winded, and the program was rather empty. And yet, he scored high enough to get silver. Not to mention, he hasn't been building up his international competitiveness at all this season. But, to that point, yeah, the youngsters did not make a good case for themselves this time. Now, there were of course, over the top hate, probably come from Fanyus who are still waaaay too affected by 2012 JNats. Just, not everyone was concerned because they downright hate Takahashi, you know... Also, for those of you who keep complaining here every time the negativity on twitter gets to you, can we please not do that? Or at least indicate clearly where you heard/read those negativities from? Cz when I read the 'why are people hating on Dai so much', I was like, 'where???' I can probably spot 1-2 short posts on this thread with less-than-happy impression about it, but most of the posts here were overjoyed for him. Only 1-2 pages later do I see 'the twitter is so toxic' posts clarifying it. Very confusing, you know...
  4. When do we know the 4CC and WC team composition?
  5. They're showing Uno's ankle being treated. That's... not good.
  6. Koshiro Shimada 2T - why?! 3A (stsq) (flying camel spin) (chsq) 2S - another pop, sigh 3LzEu3S 3Lo - that's short 3Lz 3F2T (change sit spin) (combo spin) Great fight! But will not go over Daisuke. Koshiro is considered junior, right? Also, Lambiel, love, get. a. jump. coach. pronto.
  7. Daisuke Takahashi - nice costume! 3T - that's a pop 3A2T 3F - touch down (flying sit spin) (stsq) 3A 3LzEu3S - fall 2Lo - a pop again 3F - step out (change camel spin) (chsq) (change combo spin) - almost lost his footing there at the end Nice fight! Enough to overtake Keiji by PCS?
  8. Shoma Uno 3F - whoah yellow light 3S - that's a pop 4T - stream stutter, but the neg GOE must mean the landing was bad (Flying camel spin) (Flying change combo spin) (Chsq) - which I wouldn't know if the commentator didn't say it 4T2T 3A 3AEu3F 3Lo - did it, phew -- Did he ditch the Lz altogether? (Combo spin) Should be enough to top the podium. Nice fight! Might want to ditch the 4S, tho... It hasn't worked for him the entire season.
  9. Shu Nakamura - is that hair intentional or he just needs some good conditioner? 3A - step out 3A - slipped and fall, but they count the slip as 1T, I guess 3Lz 3F (Combo spin) 2AEu3S 3Lz3T 3Lo (Chsq) (Stsq) (Change sit spin) (Flying combo spin - a travelling kind)
  10. Yuma Kagiyama - remember him from JGP, please do well, boy 3A2T 3A - step out 3F 3Lo (Flying camel spin) (Sit spin) (Stsq) 3F3T - 2ft 3Lz (Chsq) 2AEu3S (Change combo spin) Not as clean, but I'll take no fall. It's really nice. I like his dynamics.
  11. He zayaked. there's the 3rd 2T on the 3F2T. But they would only invalidate the 2T, so it should be okay-ish
  12. Keiji Tanaka 4S2T 2S - no, why pop?! 3A (Change sit spin) 3A2T2Lo - touch down on the axel 3F2T - that's zayak on 2T 3Lz (Flying camel spin) 3Lo (ChSq) (Change combo spin) - I missed the stsq somewhere there Should be enough to take over the lead, not sure about the 3rd spot, tho.
  13. Gonna have to postpone the commentary... Will be back for the last group.