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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Brian has perhaps let that go this season. And yeah, I wonder what Oda is smelling there...
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Wasn't 'avoiding long build up to peaking' one of the reasons for repeating programs? Yuzu wants to wow the skating world from the get go. As for his health, it has become the main focus of Yuzu this year, compare to previous years, and so I don't worry so much about that.
  3. Programs We Remember

    As I was only paying attention to the ladies event during Sochi, I remember Yulia. The commentators were so hyped up about her during Ladies SP, but she fell hard during the individual SP, so I checked her performances during team event. She was brilliant in the team event, and I was marvelling at how flexible she was! This program was magical! The jumps were a bit wonky, but she seemed to make them look a bit more smooth than Medvedeva (the comparison is because they both have similar jumping technique, tho this is based on my untrained eyes, so I might be wrong). The spins (!!!) and expression were especially superb. And she does that at that age. It is so sad when skaters skating career got so affected by things that are not necessarily supposed to be a part of professional athlete's life (I'm talking about the excessive media attention). I guess the media was treating Yuzu much the same way, but I wonder whether it is the cultural difference or gender factor or both, that kept it from being as bad as what Yulia faced. I will miss her skating and will always wonder how a more mature and polished skating from her would look like, but I wish her all the happiness regardless.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    "He has gone through very concentrated training since, and his condition is great. So great that I’d say he would be ready even if the Olympics were to happen next week.” Brian is this confident. My. God. "If it were me and what I would do in terms of the layout, I would go with the layout I already have and do it properly. Well, that is the option that the average, mediocre skater like me (t/n Nobu?!!?) would go for. " Well, about keeping the layout, he is right, I think. Most skaters will keep it if they repeat programs. But saying he is a mediocre This is the same man who land 4T-Lo-3S after 4 years of r****ment. Mediocre indeed. (I second your sentiment: Nobu?!!?)
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't think it was a deflation of Chan's score. Rather it's the inflation of the other's.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Quoting this for... ...reasons. And we might get 4Lz after all. I just... will wait patiently in the corner while probably trimming my nails with eithet teeth or nailfiles, whichever is appropriate at any moment. All the talk about Oly being around the time of exam... sh*t! Whyyyyyyy?!
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I can't with all these cuties..... Me: loose sleeves showing his lower arms -> can Yuzu please skate with either loose sleeve or 2/3 sleeve or none long sleeve in competition sometime soon, please... so graceful 4T in an EX -> oh boy, here we go spread eagle-3A-hop -> but of course, why not layback ina bauer leading to 2nd 4T -> whoah! what?! and this 2nd 4T has better landing than the 1st one too! the hair antenna at the end of Hana Ni Nare -> help pick up a child who fell -> hydroblading while holding a mic with the other hand -> the blue costume baby boy hydroblading in the opposite direction to Yuzu's hydroblade -> the green jacket baby deer boy keep on falling while following Yuzu-sensei's instruction -> gpoy but also reading all the translation of what Yuzu said (why this rink is special to him, "it's ok to fall, as long as you don't give up", "I want to skate until middle age so I can skate with you" ->
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I said before I would do anything to be one of those children. But this smile. Yeah, I would be the child who trips on nothing and/or who skates right to the boards or other children when he smiles like that.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh what I would do to be one of those children... but also
  10. Costumes we love to hate

    Shizuka Arakawa is one of my all-time favourite, but I am so glad I caught her career quite a bit later. source source
  11. Costumes we love to hate

    Speaking of Adelina: Source Source and source Some are from her younger years, but still.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Page 999. It's scary how fast this thread grow.
  13. Programs We Remember

    That was great! My other comments are gonna be comparing him to Boyang's last season's FS, and Machida and Jason Brown's skating (I know, it's weird that his skating reminds me of them), so let's not do that.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry for the interruption, but came across this in tumblr and I just Oda imitating Shoma's landing and Yuzu prolong
  15. Costumes we love to hate

    There's a whole tumblr page dedicated to this, but the last post was 2016. Also, some of the costumes submitted were fine, imo. But there are some really ugly ones: What even is that???! Some of the above images might be NSFW. If so, let me know I'll remove it.