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  1. Yep, saw the protocols... when will I learn never to do that? They tried, didn't they? Anyway, hope Shimada stays healthy and keeps developing her technique pass puberty. All fingers crossed.
  2. She is still a Novice, isn’t she?? And wow, against JSF’s anointed girl.
  3. That’s precisely how Uno and the Tutberidze flooper-girls jump their supposed Lutzes.
  4. So, can we not have him outragously overscored this time, judges? Or are we pushing him even with those mistakes, still? I am also still asking, where is the program, Kagiyama?
  5. I think it still depends on Semenenko's 2nd event result.
  6. Yes, Sir Hopkins, as it turns out, is quite a composer.
  7. ... that has always been how Tutberidze girls jump their toe-assisted jumps, with very few exceptions
  8. Get popcorn for the battle of USFS vs JSF politicking for their annointed ones Or get booze, whichever
  9. You understimated the actual power of JSF politicking when they want to.
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