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  1. Someone pointed out (seen on tumblr, but could be anywhere) that in the picture with Oda-kun and Zuzu, Mai-chan was wearing a t-shirt with the meme Oda-kun saying "Hanyu has no chill". I am dying.
  2. ETA: My Mai-chan looks really thin. I know she was ill before 4CC, but... I just hope she is well and healthy. Judging by that 6-jump combo, tho... Mai-bby!!! And that red looks mighty fine on her!
  3. Hi Hi, does anyone have links to Mai's skate? I couldn't watch.
  4. *come out of the coffin (read: work) I have been buried in * I... do get email notifications. What the 4Flip-ping eff???!!! Is there video yet? Also, it was @wildstrawberry
  5. With the end of WTF, err, WTT, I am officially off to spend time with more logical sports/real life. I await Zuzu's next season, along with some of my other bbys, but not the competitions anymore, unless some kind of overhaul happened in or to ISU this summer. I'll watch the performances of skaters I like, and of course, will follow anything Zuzu, but enough of this madness. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  6. She designs for men the same way I would imagine a wedding dress designer would design for the groom's outfit: all black with maaaaaybe some hint of... something.
  7. USFS, you win!!! Congratulations! Call me back when we're done celebrating mediocrity, people.
  8. Come to think of it, apparently Tom Z's strategy of "calling out" judges/TP on social media for Zhou's URs worked. It worked. Slomo video of clearly UR-ed jump and all. Who whudda thunk
  9. And that number is, what exactly? 1% of the total US population? Yes. And I know Yuzu is too classy to do this, but I wish he would then set up ice show during competition season, and we'll see which one sell more tickets (and attended by fellow skaters, lol)
  10. So, it's flag-based competition again, I see... Ok. Only if you represent the "correct" nation.
  11. Beautiful Mai is fierce here,,, But I'd like a program not by DW next season, please...
  12. @yuzuangel, @sallycinnamon Bookmarks work fine for me now.
  13. It's usually the name of the thread for "Next Unread Topic" and the name of the... err, what do you call it? subforum? for the "Go To Topic Listing". For example, when I am viewing "General Yuzuru Chat", under "Next Unread Topic" could be "Costume Talk", and under "Go To Topic Listing" would always be "Yuzuru Hanyu". Or from this subforum, I am viewing "Technical problems", under "Next Unread Topic" should be "Where can I find...?/ Is there a thread for...?", and under "Go To Topic Listing" would always be "Suggestions and Feedback". For the record, this is the same for EVERY theme available at the moment, and in every browser I own: Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.
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