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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    The 2nd picture might as well be me attempting Arakawa's Ina Bauer, taken a split second before my bum kissed the ground.
  2. I missed them, so just caught up now. Such a pity for Rika random falls, and I must say I like Samodurova's FS the most. Nana was obviously very nervous, and Young You was more impressive the first time around. Still have a soft spot for her, can't wait to watch her in JWC. I must say, @Yatagarasu I am not if Kostornaya was robbed. She won the PCS. 0.04 difference is close, but as some as said before, Yuzu won by 0.03 before. So, it happens. I am not sure how fast the mental math judges/tech panel can do, but making that small of a difference to make someone won over the other is rather hard.
  3. The jeans girl was the Mary Poppins in SP, right? What happen to that on point sense of costume?
  4. I don't think I can properly see the feet, let alone count the rotation. Then there's the minimising of my youtube window when I type the reply, while youtube and chrome are sharing screen. Yeah, no.
  5. I'm here! But since I'll be watching on my tab, in the train, I can't join the jump identification game. I'm so sorry @Fay
  6. Ted, we know! The ladies were awesome earlier. I am going to go in the corner sobbing cz I will miss it.
  7. Yay! They won! No wonder their compatriot was worried. Look at the standing: Russia x2, Canada x2, USA x2.
  8. After a classical piece, we have this. Costume aside, I like this one more.
  9. A just-went-through-the-shredder dress, and a t-shirt. But the program is playful, so matched?
  10. This swan is 1 cm away from a wardrobe malfunction.
  11. There is a La Strada in this group, isn't there? There's a tutu as well.
  12. Ted is right, he handles her very delicately.