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1 minute ago, Amarante said:

Hi Liha,


Thank you for your kind guidance in PM.  I have just sent my donation thru Paypal.:joy:


Thanks! :0013:


Thank you for your contribution :10636614::7938863:

We recieved it!

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4 minutes ago, Neenah said:

I sent a donation just now on paypal but forgot to put my name


Oh it's fine, we received a donation from you before so I could figure out your UN

Thank you!!! :kitty:

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10 hours ago, obscurite said:

Just sent a donation through PayPal under my username! First time using PayPal so I hope it went through. Thanks to mod + admin teams for all your hard work :7938863:


7 hours ago, kaaaaaaat said:

Oh man I forgot to put in my username for my recent donation. :ohno: I just donated $10! :joy:


Thank you so much guys!! :10636614::7938863:

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