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  1. I was thinking to do the same but I wonder how hard it would be to get rid of a Level B ticket for the Gala--seems there's still quite a few being sold. Also the level B gala tickets I get in my cart are better than the ticket my friend got me a month or so ago lmao
  2. Yes, haha that's the goal--end up with extras that I can get rid of here where I know people WILL want em and go to enjoy (and not, you know, to scalp other people)! Saaamee, I couldn't believe it either (still can't--I literally have to have the ticket to believe this all)--and this ticket could go for double or triple at some websites too!
  3. lmao thank youuu I'm going to hold my breath (and try buying on the site still) until I get my hands on that one but for a bit I wanna celebrate--YAY~
  4. I got a message from the person (him? Her?) and (s)he says we'll wait until the tickets get delivered in November and then (s) he'll contact me again. FINGERS CROSSED
  5. Okay I don't wanna count my tickets before they're hatched, er, in my hands, but I contacted someone who's selling their level B FS ticket for the same price as on the website pls dear Lord God Buddha Allah Jesus Zeus Thor?? Idk everyone let me get this one ahhhh
  6. I think they weren't available at cosport before--and then this recent wave of tickets came (but cosport is overpriced, hah), so the gala tickets being sold on the website is a better value.
  7. I know right? That's going to be super useful for the next season also thank you
  8. To anyone who catches the FS: pls pls pls try buying a ticket for me I'll pay you back paypal bank transfer anything my tears too if you need them
  9. FS? Niceeee Man I'm at work I can't keep checking this cries
  10. I kid no I don't have it. Lmaoo cries I thought I did
  11. I have one in my cart you want it???
  12. Lmao I was preparing myself for this lmao sigh Has anyone outside of Korea tried to buy tickets to other events though?
  13. Lmao I did my due diligence!! My patients are chillin let me have this
  14. Is it bad that I'm at work hiding in the bathroom waiting???