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  1. Random Thought Theater

    I opened my Amazon Japan account and just realized I forgot to buy the Ice Jewels Season photobook in Japan I bought every single magazine I could get my hands on but didn't get that.
  2. Random Thought Theater

    Same! My sister isn't a huge fan of the sport but she watches everything I make her watch, lmao, even when I tell her to rewatch my favorite Yuzu performances. She says whenever I talk about/watch him I sound and look like a proud mother, hahaha
  3. Yeah that was the complaint I read online too with others who bought their tickets via the preliminary lottery--that the tickets they got were off to the sides, whereas the general sales had better tickets.
  4. Welp. sigh I feel bad for those from the US who were still thinking of buying tickets. Cosport's markup is around 25% of the base ticket price (at least for the team event ticket I was experimenting with) and then shipping fee of $35 (there's no way around this??), which makes for a markup somewhere around 32%. Ridiculous.
  5. Just curious: has anyone been able to buy anything off of the Pyeongchang website recently? Out of curiosity on the tickets still available on the website I tried putting a team event ticket on the cart--says only Koreans can buy from the website and we need to go to our respective ATRs. But we could before, right? They did open it to foreigners for a time, am I right???
  6. Also: is anyone wanting to upgrade their SP ticket from a C level to a B level ticket? The seller of my FS ticket wants to downgrade from B to C and would accept money for the difference. Just in case anyone's interested...
  7. New info that I found from GS - schedule for the KTX from Seoul to Gangneung has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It's all in Korean for now (link here, scroll to the bottom of the news release for the PDF). Page 13 has the time schedule for the Olympics (Feb 10-24). Schedules before the 10th and on the last day of the Olympics is on page 11 (from Incheon - Gangneung) and page 12 (from Gangneung - Incheon). During the Olympics (from Feb 10th, at least), the earliest train from Seoul leaves at 06:00 (06:21 from Cheongnyangni) and arrives at Gangneung at 07:59. Earliest train from Incheon is a 07:00 one that arrives at Gangneung around 09:55--too close to the start time of FS events. Last departing train from Gangneung is at 01:00 and will only get up to Cheongnyangni Station. Anyway, has anyone else bought the Pyeongchang Pass? I just bought a 7-day pass from the 12th to the 18th, so that covers the Team Event on the 12th and the two Men's events on the 16th-17th. I calculated the prices and making those 3 round trips to/from Seoul Station would individually cost me 165,600 KRW (giving me a deficit of 29,400 KRW from the cost of the pass, which is 195,000 KRW), but I plan on making a trip to Daegu and Busan during the days in between, which would save me upwards of 78,400++ KRW. Unless, you know, I get my hands on the practice tickets, which would ruin everything but I'd want to go hahaha
  8. Oh wow...and I actually plan on going elsewhere during the days in between the competitions. guess I'll need to rethink those plans.
  9. Random Thought Theater

    Back home and I got mixed feelings. I miss Japan and wish the trip were longer but at the same time nothing beats my bed Also all my purchased Olympic tickets have been received by my friends, whee~~~
  10. lmao no it was around 1-2 PM when I walked through that interesting bit of scenery. And I still took that way back, hahah
  11. Lmao i experienced that google maps route too. It felt very "local" shall we say.
  12. Aww, have fun! i wanted to try for Milan too but alas, with Tokyo this month and Korea in February I think I'm pushing it too much with my vacation time I've almost used up all of it with Korea as it is. I should maybe look for Yuzu calendars too! Try to encourage me to improve my really bad Japanese, heh.
  13. Maybe I'll see you next year..in Korea?
  14. Heading to Karuizawa tomorrow lmao and then I'll only be in Tokyo for one more night (basically to sleep) and off to Narita I squeezed in as much of Japan as I could, hahaha. Wish I could stay longer!!
  15. You can go to Matsushima too if you feel like it. It's just a train ride away from Sendai, and the views are pretty nice! Wish I could meet you there for the swans, sigh.