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  1. I've decided to just book a different flight back didn't wanna risk it. I used my miles too so I basically only paid tax for my flights, wheeeee. It's kind of funny how much planning I'm doing for Helsinki and yet I haven't planned anything for Oakville. For the city proper, we only really need the Helsinki day tickets for transportation, yeah? Or is it the regional tickets that we need?
  2. Yeah, that's the thing. The minimum connection time, apparently, is 45 minutes so I'm cutting it a bit too close for comfort. California. Yeahhhh I'm leaning towards not taking that flight and picking another one instead but the savingssss from this flightt lmao
  3. This is so cuuuteeee I heard they set up boxes for ACI and other smaller competitions, since they don't have the manpower to have people clear the ice prior to the next skater.
  4. I've been looking at possible flights online and I can grab a flight with miles and just pay for the tax--only the flight back home has a connection in Frankfurt for just 50 minutes. I've usually picked layovers that are at least an hour and a half long because \o/ Murphy's law, but I'm considering this for the savings. Anyone with experience in Frankfurt Airport with a reallyyyy short connection time?
  5. I like this! Edit: okay I'm stupid lmaooo good idea keke I'm glad I did not touch anything (I was using my phone)
  6. C3 row 10 should be close-ish enough, yeah? Haha
  7. Hmm it depends on what the seller's original delivery choice was? I sold a ticket here once and I just sent the buyer a link to the ticket.
  8. D3 is kiss and cry, the Cs are the judges' side
  9. Guys I got a gold ticket and silver in my cart. I'm dying this is a dilemma. I already bought a C3, row 10 earlier. I have a gold in A1, row 1 BUT IT'S A CORNER lmaooo priorities I need to figure this out also a silver in D1 also first row Does anyone want??
  10. i think these tickets are ones that people placed in their baskets earlier and ended up not buying. Now that people have relaxed and most have gotten some tickets they're back up. That said, does anyone know what skaters area might be? I have in my cart a silver front row seat that's right next to that area. I dunno if I should take it or let it go...
  11. I already have a stockpile of Pooh bears here but I might need more