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  1. Pretty much. Personally I would've wanted to go--the lineup is really good and it's in Vegas, which, apart from last season's 4CC, is the closest competition from where I live--but the timing kind of makes it impossible, since I'll be in Skate Canada the following week. You just...gotta pick ones you can't not see live and, however much I love Boyang and Wakaba, Zuzu reigns supreme.
  2. edit: deleted cos I did not make much sense - thought I was replying to the ACI thread this is what happens when you attempt to reply while at work around 4/5-ish AM.
  3. Yeahhh I thought the same thing so that's the section I picked. I don't know if we'll get a good look at the K&C from that section though, since the K&C backdrop thing might be too high
  4. I feel like at this point my brain is all YOLO let's try to follow Yuzu in every event he might possibly go to except maybe GPF because how the hell do I go to Japan and THEN Italy in a span of two weeks without losing my job and so much money. But yes I shall try to join the bloodbath too. I'm already mapping out my schedule to make way for NHK
  5. ...and so the bloodbath for tickets begins... (In all seriousness though, the lineup is really good! I really wanna see Alena this season...)
  6. This is why these skating organizations keep raising the prices--it's because they KNOW we're gonna bite as long as Yuzu might be there
  7. I must be crazy but I just got a ticket for this Canada isn't even my favorite country but I already got plans to go there THREE TIMES this season Yuzu what are you doing to me
  8. I just realized there's a whole lot of DMing I need to manually do to notify everyone so I'll just put out the announcement here: winner has been contacted and both tickets have already been sold and sent. I wish I had tickets for everyone who needed them though!
  9. Lottery is closed! I'll let you guys know via DM if you won or not.
  10. FYI, I'll close the lottery for two Saturday tickets at 21:00 PDT. I still need to figure out how to split one PDF into different parts why do they do this to me Edit: I found an online splitter! Hallelujah!
  11. Update on this: my parents decided to keep the Friday tickets but will want to keep their Saturday free for sightseeing so I have two Saturday tickets available. Quite a number of people have messaged me and quoted me about the tickets--wish I had one for everyone!--so I'll probably just make some kind of lottery for everyone who messaged/quoted me for Saturday tickets (I know...not another lottery just like Japanese FS events --but this is the only fair way I could think of ) . @Minnie @story_81826 @Kimzizi @Carolynkk (@07Nina! Lemme know if you need Saturday tickets and I'll add you too) I'll try to message everyone who messaged me too about the info. Re: the lottery, the person who wins the lottery gets dibs on the two Saturday tickets, so if the winner only wants one, then I'll draw another name. Hopefully this seems fair for everyone. EDIT: sold
  12. I might have extra Fri or Sat tickets (or both!) on hand if my parent(s) decide they (or one of them...sheesh) don't wanna come watch figure skating. I'll have to make them decide soon because it's making me go crazy too. Will let you guys know asap!
  13. If I remember correctly, last year they just looked at my print outs and they look at the confirmation number, highlight it on their list that it got picked up, and it got exchanged for the wristbands. You don't really need an ID so you can try for someone else.
  14. Yes, thank you so much @Rachel!!! I was at work when it started but I got my tickets just fine. Now to pray that the unicorn appears at Oakville again...
  15. True! I escaped the stress of getting tickets, really. But my wallet is weeping
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