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  1. Also when you download the app, it says you can share etickets? Would that be possible on Worlds tickets?
  2. I think it'll be pretty easy. A lot of people are still looking for tickets right now. That sucks though that you won't be able to go!
  3. Oh, I'm sure I'll be fine with a few items--I'm just a worrywart, is all. I need to take out a few things from my luggage since I think I packed almost as much as I did for Pyeongchang--and in February I was there for three weeks whereas I'll only be in Helsinki for a week-ish (also I looked at the forecast and it's not too bad)? and even then I think I over layered cos by the time I got to the rink I was sweating
  4. (Not-so) new challenge: how to pack light for cold weather. Anyone else got this problem?
  5. Yay! Bring a jacket/blanket inside to keep you warm, especially if you get cold easily. Take lots of photos lmao (I haven't looked at what 4CC is okay with for photography this time) and have fun!
  6. Still in disbelief? Told myself and my friends who helped me get tickets that Pyeongchang is that once in a lifetime thing but here I am, seeing him for a third time this year (second this season). 2018 is an awesome year!
  7. If you have the all-event ticket I think showing those should be enough to get in to the practice sessions. I didn't get one this time cos goddamn those expensive tickets but yeah, official practices are interesting since you get much more than a glimpse with your favorite skaters!
  8. Kolyada and Deniss won't be there since they're from European countries. I think it'll still be a nice but hella expensive competition to see whether Yuzu or not will show up though if I'm being honest I hope his kuyashii from having 3 silver medals at 4CC gets so bad he just decides to show up to get that gold once and for all
  9. If more people do it maybe it'll increase the chances of him going? I just want to see him again now that Worlds seem just more and more impossible to go to.
  10. I am down for meeting up too! Couldn't do it at ACI so I want to meet up with PH members at Helsinki. Do we already have a PM group for those going? I know there's one for those staying at Cheap sleep. I'm staying at SweetDream Guesthouse, btw, if anyone else is!
  11. Thanks! I'm dragging my parents to see some of the events with me this time so they can appreciate what their daughter has been traveling all over for haha! My mother's first question though was, "Is Yuzu going to be there?" I looked at some cheap hotels near Honda Center and the prices are not too bad at all! We might just go to Disneyland for a day too since we're already there and I haven't been in maybe a couple years
  12. Thanks, @Whee1000! Got single tickets for me and my family.
  13. Sigh 4CC is so close to where I live and yet that price is pushing me away. I don't even know who's gonna end up going since this is the one championship skaters skip more than the rest...
  14. Lmao that's probably me and my sister! I honestly thought it was someone watching FS since I saw the other room occupied during the same dates, hee.