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Hi guys.. thanks for your hard work! I can't contribute much and I won't always be available to visit here, especially comment regularly due to my work.

Anyway, sent you my little donation. Hope you've got it~ :thumbup:



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Finally sent my donation, planethanyu.com should be getting $10.43!


This little experience taught me to have some change available at my paypal account just in case, banks do take their time.


It's fine, either way we got it :) Thank you!

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Altie said:
Ah, I made the same mistake : I clicked too quickly !

The number of the transaction is : 5S252382NK060791W

Cheers and long live Planet Hanyu \o/


It's ok :pbow::pbow:

We go it, thank you!

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First of all, thank you to all admin and mod team (and whoever else was involved, if any :) ) for bringing the new forum up. The new features on new server are really good!


But the change of server made me wonder about our donations funds ;)

On Kuyashii there was the list of persons with the total amount "promised", but I couldn't find any info here (if it's somewhere else, please point me to that direction, I'm the worst at finding things for myself) :)


So I was wondering... how much did we raise? How much did all start-up operations (server + any other expenses you had to face) cost? Is there a "planned expenses" schedule for the near future?


Sorry for all the questions but I'm looking forward how Yuzu's fans community can grow and it would be great if the team can share their future vision with the usage of residual funds, so that more members can contribute!


Thanks in advance! :)

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