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  1. Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    (the lighting in most of my pictures are terrible so I tried to clean them up to a questionable degree of success)
  2. Random Thought Theater

    My university is rather large (a freshman class size of 31k was admitted this year!) and my major is one of the most impacted ones on top of that so I do completely understand this! Student affairs workers are incredible and work hard to expand classes that are in demand and accommodate as many students as they can so I'm definitely not putting the blame on anyone. I'm just complaining for my own sake, I guess Although it's gotten a lot better as I'm taking upper divisions/specialization courses now which are of course in lesser demand than the intro level courses.
  3. Random Thought Theater

    I feel you so hard on the bad scheduling. Although I think I prefer back to back classes, the worst for me is when I have a 4+ hour gap between classes which I seem to get every quarter Once I had a lab at 8 am and then class from 7pm to 10pm. Why. Classes for 6 straight hours sounds like a killer though (how did I do this every day in high school?? I had 3 classes in a row last year for 4.5 hours and I was Suffering) Can you not eat in class?
  4. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Can confirm, he did the crossrolls right in front of where I was sitting for Seimei and I was blasted with the full force of the Murder Glare up close. Full body chills tbh. I don't even want to think about what I would do if I were as close as the judges were during that moment. It's leveled right at them
  5. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Yuzu's usual music/headbang session before day 3 practice :~) Aaaaand a better angle of the same thing. (not my video)
  6. So I totally wasn't planning to go to Worlds at all as it's right during the school year for me but experiencing ACI in person has taken every rational thought I had and smashed them into 112.72 bits so here I am looking at plane tickets and for places to stay And the kicker is that it's taking place during the last half of my finals week I haven't registered for classes for that quarter yet so I don't know the dates of my exams. I'm crossing everything that I have that they'll be during the first half, or that my professors will be kind enough to let me take them earlier ;___; But I'll be trying my best to make it along with everyone else!
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    Going through the pictures I took and figured this one was too good not to post immediately The maple leaf reflected onto his face makes it all the more sinister. Abe no Seimei vs. the Canadian curse?
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    ((i still have a headache from crying so hard. I can't believe i got to witness that with my own two eyes))
  9. [2017] CS Autumn Classic International (20-23.09)

    UHHHH I'M BACK FROM COMPETITION So I don't have much else to add but here are some super late probably unneeded comments the Seimei runthrough was MAGICAL even though it wasn't complete and he hydrobladed like //literally// ten feet away from me and I Ascended To The Astral Plane. the lutz lmao *looks into the camera like I'm on the office* because of course he's putting the lutz in. I'm also super glad to hear that his knee injury isn't serious and that he's taking the proper precautions for it. He looked really good in practice today :') i don't know if it was in the livestream but he did a suuuuper long besti squat like through most of the rink and it's all I'm going to think about for the next week probably. and two 4-3 combos in the second half lol watered down content who (I also got a really crappy fancam of seimei. And a video of him rinkside lip syncing to his music where he headbangs for like 12 seconds straight. And mostly bad pictures because my hands were shaking so much but there were some good ones in there. I'll probably upload these later/over the next few days on twitter) ((MAI DESERVED BETTER))
  10. [2017] CS Lombardia Trophy (14-17.09)

    Watching From Russia With Love being done in a referee costume is kind of surreal...
  11. [2017] CS Lombardia Trophy (14-17.09)

    Oh my god that spiral my soul just left my body
  12. [2017] CS Lombardia Trophy (14-17.09)

    Uhhhhhhhh isn't that a new overall PB