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  1. Yuzuru giving Johnny a whole ass tribute program and he does him like this lmaooooo. Well, I just hope patterns don't repeat with Nate going into a big competition with all this hype around him again, because we all know what happened at Helsinki Worlds and the Olys. Johnny and Tara turn on him just as quick when he messes up, so I'm just hoping for good skates from everyone as well as scoring that doesn't read as completely delusional.
  2. I hope he posts a picture wearing all 7 Euro medals one day Thank you for everything, Javi;;
  3. ohhhh... I'm glad he's smiling
  4. oh my god please let it just be him taking precautions...... this can't be happening again
  5. it's 4 am and i'm SOBBING this is fine
  6. obscurite

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    100+ tes at his first gp eta: nvm i spoke too soon fml
  7. obscurite

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Men Short Program

    Did he make the forest joke again...?
  8. obscurite

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Men Short Program

  9. late post but I’m sitting right in the corner he does his combo in and I think I’m on another plane of existence right now
  10. obscurite

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    ... I'm still condemning that top to heck no matter how good he looks in it (so incredibly good ) I can't even wrap my head around it; there's so many things going on. why is there one long sleeve. why is there a buffet napkin on the bottom
  11. obscurite

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I've been laughing over this for 10 minutes oh my god