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  1. oh my god It's 3 am and I'm losing my entire mind at that costume. I thought I'd be prepared having seen that asymmetrical spectacle he had last year but I WASN'T
  2. AND him sitting in the sakura k&c as a sakura flower himself. I want the sweet release of death wtf
  3. oh wow. ohh wow i am crying so hard thank you thank you yuzuru
  4. oh wow, a small medal with an entire invalidated element? guess that speaks to how well this men’s event is going
  5. thanks I hate it! If I know what’s good for me, I’d turn off the stream now but I’m a masochist :^)
  6. If anyone else gets above 46 in pcs, I’m throwing hands. Ridiculous.
  7. oooohhh my god I’m so incredibly happy for them T___T that was so beautiful
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