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21 minutes ago, Perelandra said:

Virtual Pooh rain for our Emperor

btw Some of the small Poohs were intended to give as gifts for Satellites at the GP events. Sad that we won't be meeting at comps, but hopefully we can go to ice shows together

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2 minutes ago, Xiupia said:

@Muffinator I think Yuzu should be kept out of this, at least for the year or so. Don’t think his management will want to join in this right now regardless.



Yuzu does not have to mentioned at all, but he will know that the idea was born out of loyalty for him and what was done to him by external forces

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Looks like we may see Yuzu's interview later on News Zero (around 11pm JST). He will appear live. 

Seems will also appear live on NHK News watch (around 9pm JST).

Expect more interviews video later on twitter.







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Oh Yuzu. It’s been a journey. It’s the end of an era but the state of the sport had already ended it after PC. I’m sad considering I have been watching him and feeling with him for almost 6 years now. Waiting for comp season to watch Yuzu has been a yearly routine. But I am also really happy Yuzu has finally let go! I would have loved to see the 4A but I was always worried about the cost to his body and his mind. He has achieved so much, he does not need to prove himself to anyone, also not to his younger self. His retirement is to the sport’s detriment not his. 


Anyway, mixed feelings. We love you Yuzu and will support you no matter what. 


Aaaand his retirement also marks my release. I won’t have a need to engage with a single competition or anything related to this shit show of a sport anymore yay  :) 

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53 minutes ago, IceWings said:



THIS! yes, he couldn't show all of his abilities in competitions, because he still had to go by the rules and if he wanted to have a chance to win, he had to stick to them. And with the rules changing and artisty beeing worth less and less, yes, maybe it's good that he already said goodbye to the whole thing (still sad and a bit angry, but its getting better).

He doesn't need comps to be successful or to show his skating. Now he can do and show what he wants. And if it's some crazy jump combo, noone is there to say "sorry, that wont get you many points".


40 minutes ago, ralucutzagy said:

It's a sad day for the sport but a good day for him.

Thank you very much for everything, Yuzuru Hanyu.

I'll always be grateful for all these years that you graced us with your amazing performances. 

Good luck and be happy.

The best is yet to come.


LOL, nice reference ;)


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