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  1. That is a beautiful first page @Anabel. Thank you
  2. This will get confusing though because this Youtuber has marketed Yuzu's video as his new channel, but it is NOT his channel and this Youtuber is getting all the subscribers! Oh dear:
  3. I wonder if his PR team might add his kanji name and name in English too, as well as some hashtags or embeds that will help direct traffic to his new channel?
  4. See....he DID listen to my request of July 21!!!
  5. I am trying to stream this. It is my first time trying to stream, but if you want my discord server link...pls DM me
  6. @caramelicht @Anni I DM'd you re streaming
  7. He cracks me up...he is so spontaneous (and quick thinking too)
  8. @caramelichtand @Xiupia Thanks for explaining that. So it related specifically to the official FAOI channel. Makes sense. So if we put one of their videos in our archive on PH, they would still get the credit though.
  9. Does anyone know what this is really about? It seems to say that we are not allowed to take extracts from FAOI and make our own uploads/clips?
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