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  1. It needs only few years of life experience to know how Nathan is merely a PR product and his words in this apology are all written by his own agency. He is just reciting what is told to him. As emotionless and insincere as his skating… he probably thinks showing some emotions might hurt his fragile masculinity To me, he is just an icon of overscored-privileged-homophobic skating. We all saw his true self and opinions in that interview when he wasn't given a script.
  2. So TSL pulled a victim out of poor Nathan. Rubbish defending rubbish: "how can you possibly answer that correctly" well by this: He was always a privileged PR product, will always remain as such.
  3. I just saw that his Japanese haters are also very busy today and are shading him for mentioning BTS as well. Apparently, there is another special edition of DOI and is going to be broadcasted in August (29th). (apologies if it is shared already) That 3A right into sit twizzle was very satisfying to watch btw. It was one of the main highlights of today's documentary for me. Very beautiful and controlled. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  4. 3 pm (japan time): This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Oh hmmm…. I’m surprised that Yuzu wasn’t involved at all. He didn’t even appear in the torch relay in Miyagi prefecture. It’s a little strange to me Maybe he declined himself for obvious reasons (He really deserved the honor though ) Anyway, tomorrow the DOI documentary
  6. “a person who has strong spirit and also very strong sense of justice” So sad that such a person has to endure a great deal of injustice for years. The other day I saw a video of a young Yuzu talking about how he thinks he was overscored in gpf13 and I realized how different he is from all these PR-created skaters who accept any injustice as long as they are given the gold/win. Anyway, it's just a week since DOI but I don't know why I feel it's been years. I really miss his skating again. Maybe because his last Masquerade performance was just so other-worldly amazing. I can hones
  7. So Ghislain is in Switzerland. Did..he lose a lot of weight? It took me a good 1-2 seconds to recognize him. Seems Yuzu is stressing him out by all those 4A attempts. Yuzu might be very responsible for Brian's hair loss and Ghislain's weight loss. Didn't the unfounded rumors say Ghislain was going to Japan for two months? I happily believed them btw, why DOI seems so far away though, I really miss his skating
  8. So the BV of 4lo was supposed to increase… It’s easy to guess why it wasn’t, the American boy has difficulty with that jump. Very nice. What an intense dark drama is happening behind the closed door in ISU. Recently, Irina Slutskaya also mockingly said that everything is bought and sold. Now they are bold enough to say this in the daylight and laugh about it. I’m glad Yuzu is now only focused on 4A, there is no real “competition” in figure skating anymore. They can “put the gold medal in chen’s pocket” as they want, that bought medal has no value anyway.
  9. Sorry in advance if this has been shared already. https://twitter.com/yyM3IAYR7EGIBVw/status/1399336270376042498 If I understood correctly, the brother-in-law of OP was involved in several events with yuzu. He praised his personality and shared that despite being popular and having lots of achievements, he is very humble and greets everyone This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. Do we have any translations from the (infamous) Life magazine? I haven't seen any. It has interviews with Nanami Abe and also the custome designer of FaOI 2019. I was lurking in Japanese tweets and it looks like it contains some interesting takes
  11. Probably an unpopular opinion but I would like him to skate to something other than LGC. The rinks for ice shows are too small to fully display the glory of LGC. But well, the drought is too painful these days, I take anything happily (except blinding lights, I still cannot watch it without cringing to death)
  12. Btw, is DOI going to be the place where the dreams come true…. Should I anticipate 4A attempts?… Didn’t he try it in public for the first time in DOI six years ago? I’m curious about the song he is going to skate to, maybe his new SP
  13. To be very very honest, I have a bit of conflicting feelings about DOI. Well, SOI ended well both for skaters and the audience (based on infection figures) and Hachinohe locals were specifically grateful at the end. I have recently seen the story of a japanese girl with chronic illness who endured fighting for a year merely with the hope of seeing him in SOI (as she had a ticket). I don’t know, maybe he affects people’s lives more than I guessed. Anyway, I just hope this one also goes well and everyone (including Yuzu himself) leaves healthy with happy heart. I have to confess that I
  14. Ah! Thank you very much, I was waiting for this Yuzu having a sense of mission over just a mere desire to win He is so special and his skating indeed has a special unique feeling/charm to it. I was hoping to get some information from Tracy regarding that unfortunate day but I think I should stop being a bad fan/person and stop digging into something that Yuzu himself would like to cover/hide. But Tracy saying he is very confident (yet humble) feels like a big slap in the face of those JSF puppets who want to spread "nervousness" lie over and over. Btw, apparently an intervie
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