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Truthfully, I’m not upset that he’s leaving competition. I said so to a friend yesterday before the press con too. I’m only upset that the last competition was so heartbreaking and that I never got to see him off. I selfishly wanted to see him in competition one more time and give him the send-off he deserves. 4CC in 2020 is going to remain my biggest regret; at the time, I kept justifying that I would see him in Montreal and the cost of going to both was too much. I should have just gone.


Still, every year we got after PC was a gift, borrowed time. I got 4 more years than I thought I would. Thank you for the amazing journey, Yuzu. :heart: I hope whatever you have in the works, I’m able to see in person.

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We knew it was coming one day and we were very fortunate that he stayed as long as he did..


I won't lie and say I am not heartbroken since I know I will miss his competitive programs and just following him when he faces each challenge during the season. Yuzu has been giving me strength and motivation for the past six years, and I will miss that.

However, as long as this is his wish and what he wants to do, I will support him with all my heart. I will look forward to whatever he will be showing us next. My only wish is for him is to be healthy, happy and satisfied.


Good Luck Yuzu in all you future endeavours :tumblr_inline_nhkf04zUM41qid2nw:

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I've been away from the forum for a couple of weeks due to a traumatic time which has certainly made me put things into perspective a lot more. 2 weeks ago I would have been devastated by the retirement news.


While I'm sad and very surprised to read the news today (did he enjoy FaOI so much he realised he can just retire and enjoy ice shows for the rest of this life without having to put up with the ISU crap and the competition madness?) I'm also very pleased because the very little I've seen from the interview is that he's "not sad at all" and it's all that matters.


Yuzuru has done great things and wil continue to do great things no matter the platform.

Thank you very much Yuzu for everything you've done and will continue to do, we love you very much.

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8 minutes ago, LiaRy said:

I'm processing this, as a fan since Beijing, it's tough news. But I'm excited to see what he'll bring on the ice during ice shows. It's the start of a new era and I'm grateful to be hear for it.

Same - I only got to see him from Beijing... makes the retirement harder for sure!

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Thank you for allowing me to follow you for half your senior career, Yuzu! :7938863:


I really feel privileged to have known him before Pyeongchang. And now I'm glad that he can continue skating on his own terms and bring us more beauty in figure skating.


I'm no longer going to look up the GP assignments, I will find out when I find out. I think I'm mostly done with ISU too, I will only check in on a few skaters I still care about once in a while.



Has JSF still not posted anything yet? Maybe Yuzu disowned them :space:


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I'm crying and hasn't stopped even while typing this, i guess it's because i missed all the moments when he was competitive skater (i hate that i write 'was'). I don't know whether i feel sad or happy, because i'm sad really sad that i don't have any chance to see him in competition but at the same time when i saw his face, how he seems free and not under pressure, i can't help but feeling happy as if i'm looking forward to new competition. as he said he hates the words retire and the way he still the same and keep fighting, learning, and become better as Yuzuru Hanyu, i'm happy for him as if i'll see him in new season. I guess i just need to process everything, but now if i remember what made me love him and become his fan... it's because he's Yuzuru Hanyu and his skate moves me, i don't really understand about jumps so stsq and chsq are interesting. I guess the new rule of ISU is one of factors that to strengthen his decision. Idk if my english messed up or what. I guess i need to time to process everything because i can't stop crying ... i'm sorry i maybe ruin everyoen's happiness. I need to take a rest (a.k.a continue my thesis to distract my mind for a while)

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32 minutes ago, river said:

Ooh, you know this is going to be good.


i expected nothing less


33 minutes ago, kittkat said:

Torn being crying because I genuinely thought he would continue this year and I wanted to watch a full season with him... but also happy because now he's away from the ISU and can choose what to do. I'm still crying though


this is the only regret,that it should've ended on a different note,but he is free now from the vile rotten cesspool that is ISU,the way he's been treated over the last few years has been utterly nasty and despicable,and all the people who did this to him are not seeing heaven i can tell you that. Imagine doing that to a once in a lifetime phenomenon whom you were lucky enough to have him grace your sport...i'm so glad he finally got the strength to break off from this abusive environment even if he's now at the peak of his skating and could've easily continued to compete and collect some medals even despite their heinous scoring.


i saw a comment in the chat of the live-stream i was watching that said "i'm glad that he's chosen to put his mental health above everything" and,given what he was subjected to these last few years,i couldn't agree more with that.


and i just know he will continue to do well and be successful in his endeavours whatever those might be,bc he's not only the GOAT of figure skating but also an extraordinary human being. I will support him forever

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