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21 minutes ago, Melodie said:



Mother hen development: Oily food -> Vegetables :grin:


PS: He hates pickles.


Small correction regarding English subtitles. Yuzu said that he likes tonkatsu and this has been translated as “beef cutlet”, but this is incorrect. Tonkatsu is Japanese-style pork cutlet.

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11 hours ago, sweetwater said:


I am afraid that both translations contain some mistranslations here and there, so let me share a full translation.



Kao kun's comments from his Insta-live:

"I was surprised to hear "RISE" at the opening of the last show of SOI tour. I guess it perplexed Hanyu kun the most. He (T/n: or everyone) was like, "Whose music is it?" and I was like, "Oh no, that's my music :tumblr_inline_mg16f1RxCn1qdlkyg:" As to the choreography Hanyu kun did for himself, I was impressed by the way he did it on the ice putting many thoughts into it. I finally bought MONSTER HUNTER RISE recently. Hanyu kun said to me, "You started playing it now?" "



"I met Hanyu kun at SOI for the first time since JNats and was feeling shy to talk to him, but Hanyu kun was very friendly and kindly talked to me very often. When I was picking up tons of rice and meat from catered foods, he said, "Don't you have some vegetables? You should have them as well. Well, I am not in a position to say this to you. If possible, I would eat only strawberries and gyozas." "



(T/n: Probably on acnes) "I think it is getting a bit better as I am trying to eat vegetables following Hanyu kun's advice... Or I may be cured by Hanyu kun's words themselves. (Laughs) Hanyu kun gets acne too,  for example, when he failed to rinse off hair conditioner, and he advised me that having fruits would help."



"When Shun and I were impersonating baseballers, Hanyu kun asked me to impersonate Giita, (Yuki Yanagita of Softbank Hawks) specifically, when he bats. When I did it, he said, "That was Asamura~ (T/n: Probably Hideto Asamura of Rakuten Golden Eagles)" He knew well about not only the famous players but also the setup pitchers and the middle relief pitchers. I thought he watched baseball a lot. I've watched (the video of) his ceremonial opening pitch. That was a nice pitch!"









"My favorite programs of Hanyu kun are H&L, SEIMEI, LMEY... all of them. I mean, he looks cool no matter what he skates. I would love to copy LMEY. The trick of his I want to try is the lunge. (T/n: The lunge in PW. Sorry I forgot how you call it in English) I wish someday Hanyu kun choreograph my program. If I could have a ticket to land 4A or 4Lz in the second half of the program, I would choose the 4Lz in the second half. The ticket to land 4A is for Hanyu kun..."



Q: If you have a training camp and can choose a coach you train with, who would you choose? Brian Orser? Evgeny Plushenko? Yuzuru Hanyu? Or anyone else?

"Definitely Hanyu kun. First, I want to learn how he thinks. I want to learn from the way he dedicates his life to figure skating and the way he controls his mind toward his performance. Hanyu kun calls me "Kao!" It is nice that he knows my name. Hanyu kun is funny and extremely kind."



Kao: Which one of Shun's and my love for Hanyu is stronger? Well, Shun's sure is strong but mine is as strong as his. (Laughs)



(T/n: From @tyugaeri) Kao kun says it is OK to share his comments on SNS as long as you are not sharing wrong info, but it is not ok to upload the video on YouTube or elsewhere, please don't.


Here's another translation by Shu-Pa! on twitter:


This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].


Thank you @sweetwaterさん! :thanks:


Ahh, so now we know where Yuzu gets his lovely halo from. :giggle:

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3 hours ago, Melodie said:



Mother hen development: Oily food -> Vegetables :grin:


PS: He hates pickles.

Another small correction: In the English subtitle, after Yuzu named tonkatsu and gyoza as his favorite foods at that time, the reporter asks him, "Roasted? Boiled?" However, the real question is "Rosu ga ii? Hire ga ii? (ロースがいい? ヒレがいい?)" which means "Which do you prefer, loin or tenderloin?" and Yuzu answers "I prefer loin. I like fatty meat quite a bit."

He was 15 years old back then, as old as Kao is now.

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2 hours ago, IceWings said:

7 years later, he looks practically the same! 




Does this mean Yuzu in moving faster than the speed of light??

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7 minutes ago, Alpha_orionis said:

He's moving exactly at the speed of light, there is no passing of time for him! (Btw nice to meet another physics enthusiast ;) )


Haha I only know if you're moving at the speed of light, no time passes.  But for Yuzu's case, his age seem to fluctuate sometime (looks younger or older than the former himself at sometime) so maybe he moves faster than light to go back the time a bit then comes back...? :D 


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10 hours ago, CiONTUw4A said:

Yuzu in an office setting: 



That looks more like Hanyu-sensei the PE teacher/soccer coach. 

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10 hours ago, CiONTUw4A said:

Yuzu in an office setting: 




13 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

That looks more like Hanyu-sensei the PE teacher/soccer coach. 


Yep. The caption says "See me in the teachers room later". Also I've seen few Japanese tweets referring Yuzu's SOI white shirt look as "PE teacher" so :D


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