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There is a rule about bots of clothing falling off during the skate, I remember reading complaints from fans of one or two skaters who got caught by it.  Of course Yuzu's glove ain't falling anywhere  :10814716: but I doubt the tech people will see it that way....


How are the weibo people reacting to last night? Much like us?

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I just flashed back to the World's gala, where everyone but Yuzu was in black and red, and most of the numbers were on the angsty side, and it was ... well, a bit boring. 


I think we've seen Yuzu's response: "You want black and red and angsty? Excuse me while I show you how it's done. Oh, and you might want to have fire extinguishers on hand." 






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Guys, just in case there are any of you not actively following FAOI threads at the moment, there was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake during Plushenko's number. No one is hurt, but they took a brief intermission to survey the damage, which was nothing major. They're into the second half now. I just hope the mental shock for Yuzu wasn't too much...

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Like many fans, I just stepped out for few hours expecting a quieter day but then got busy with n- new pages as Overlord gave us surprises again plus unexpected earthquakes.  Glad all are safe!  Thanks PH satellites for all the updates!


Weibo fans are as excited as us on this planet... or just died a few times and kept talking him last night and this morning... and now apparently confirming the gauntlet-throw idea came from our grown-up boy!!


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