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  1. Thanks for the help! Yay, photo books to spend the rest of my hard earned money on buy. (That UA poster seems pretty tempting indeed, lol) Also, I found a Memorial edition magazine of Pyeonchang olympics on amazon jp and was wondering if it was worth purchasing
  2. Also, I just watched Yuzu's Change EX for the first time and HOLY CRAP THAT FOOTWORK!!!
  3. Posted this in the photobook thread I think but thought i'd post it here too, does anyone have any photobook/magazine recommendations? I would really like to have a few with good qualities photos and posters (posters are key lol). Especially keeping an eye out for quality one with swanyu/hyk/origin/seimei. Aso, is the new ice jewels worth purchasing?? By the way those new clear files WOW I need those in my life. If only I lived in Japan
  4. Does anyone know a good company that will ship to NZ and also have any recommendations? There are so many I can't choose
  5. I actually enjoy the music... as long at it isn't choreographed with the premise of emulating the movie, I think it could be rather cool. However, if they tackle the themes of the actual story....
  6. Does anyone know how hard it will be for a New Zealander to get tickets? I might be going to Japan while Makuhari is on... although I'd love to get to any of the shows as I'll probably only ever get to see Yuzu skate once...
  7. Yeah, I really want them to do some in sync choreo like that video that popped up on this thread a few weeks ago of the simultaneous 4T+spins. It is B E A U T I F U L to watch. I dunno, but a streaming party is a must...
  8. Yuzu and Javi doing the Flamenco together.... O.M.G. I really wanna see that now...
  9. OMG YES I REMEMBER THAT... lol. I really wish I could go to Faoi sometime, but I live in NZ so you have to book flights a long way out, and considering how hard it is to get tickets outside Japan, plus how risky it is with Yuzu never confirming his participation till the last minute... it's never gonna happen. And we're never gonna get anything like a GP assignment here, so...
  10. I love that he's doing shows, but every single movement he makes on the ice gives me a heart attack... I guess I said goodbye to a normal life and sleep schedule when I became a fanyu...
  11. This is Yuzu we are talking about... of course he will. I hope he is careful though.
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