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  1. Zu is all about the 'gold'....that photo, he is so beautiful!!
  2. I feel resentful at times that the pandemic has robbed us of an opportunity to watch Yuzu's brilliance on ice, as he inevitably grows older. OTOH, the pandemic may be a blessing that Yuzu has more time to rest his body, and work on what he wishes to master during an Oly year
  3. ' I couldn't help but feel annoyed (and wrathful tbh) whenever I think of how the judges would shamelessly underscore him in the coming competition, especially when he faces off the favored, star-spangled skater™.' Agree
  4. Oh, I didn't mean the Chinese netizens....hating on Yuzu/backstabbing him. I meant certain USF, ISU judges, journalists and snide NBC commentators etc. Yuzu has an enormous Chinese fanbase in China, after all, they have great discernment and appreciation for ARTISTIC figureskating.
  5. Frankly, I find it unfathomable how anyone could possibly dislike or even 'hate' on Yuzuru? A lot has to do with jealousy, I am sure, that no one else is so successful in figureskating and global recognition, without an agent or even JSF, ISU giving you big candies and media hype
  6. The way his eyes keep flitting to his left, the lack of spontaneaity, the concepts he talks about: my $$$ on scripted and plagiarized
  7. I totally feel the same way, which is why I am so hard on Nathan now.
  8. I have Yuzu skating to Muse on loop in my office at work....on breaks I have the video and music on....during work, I play Muse in the background. Helps me keep calm and focused when work gets crazy
  9. I concur with Geo1: I already asked for the SCI time off and booked a flight to Vancouver, as I can stay with family. However, now that Yuzu won't be there....I have no desire to pay $20 plus dollars for parking daily, attend a rodent infested arena(alleged...though I didn't see any at the GPF 2018) and rent a car. Guess I will also save my $$ for a 3 day pass as I won't be purchasing.
  10. Thank you, Henni147 for your wonderful work. This can counterbalance the propaganda I$U, J$F and U$fed is promoting preOlympic season that Yuzu is washed up and etoile and others are the stars
  11. No rationale given. I would think caution, testing, and quarantine should still be part of the response...but I live in one of the most reckless places in Canada, with a high number of antimask and antivaxers. My work consists of caring for leukemia patients undergoing high dose chemotherapy on an outpatient basis...my job is to try to keep them safe, well and out of hospital and out of the ER. Everyone masks and we wear eye protection. Today, I found out some of the people in my church are antivaxers...currently, we are virtual but that will definitely affect my decision when restrictions are further eased July 1st.
  12. At work today, we received a memo that there is no need to quarantine if in contact with a Covid 19 positive person, as long as one is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic. . In our neck of the woods, we are nearly at 70% of eligible persons vaccinated with the first dose.
  13. It is the $$ from networks like NBC that they care about. Which is why they had the crazy schedule for FS at PC Olympics for men: it was scheduled for NBC programming
  14. I see the Golden Globes is also getting pressure to change their traditional ways. Apparently, the Hollywood Foreign Press has no black journalists!! So, ISU should not feel singled out when ISU is called out for antediluvian and corrupt judging.
  15. The Weeknd also called out The Grammys for their self congratulatory ways, old school, establishment behaviour, and said he will never attend or allow himself to be nominated.
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