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  1. To quote Rhett: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a [email protected]@@ I already have my country flag from yuzuangel and I will be using it! If people like the design...go for it If you don't then go with your own Opinions are like [email protected]@holes, everyone has one
  2. If it wasn’t for Yuzu....I wouldn’t have stood in a lineup for > 3 hours
  3. Thank you, Yuzuangel for organizing the flags. iMHO, I think your original design is succinct and to the point! we/I love/❤️ Putting my flag in the heart is 👌 Yuzu Putting country names is too cumbersome especially with long names. personally, a picture is worth a thousand word👌 On that same note, I AM a Yuzu fan, I do not feel the need to apologize for that fact to anyone! in fact, everyone has the freedom to show love to their own favourite skater in accepted format. I do not worship Yuzuru as a God and think it is a fallacy to assume all or a majority of his fandom do. I do think YUZU is the GOAT
  4. I think it is best not to mix national flags. Some Chinese elders would voice upset if their younger counterparts started waving Japanese flags. I am Chinese and out of respect for their past experiences... I will never wave a Japanese flag,, nor a hybrid. This is also why many Chinese people around the world are perturbed when young Hong kongers wave the US and Union Jack as their flags' but that is another can of worms
  5. i will be in Toronto Pearson Airport before 1300hr tomorrow, if all goes well. I will be going in to Oakville. If anyone is travelling at the same time?
  6. Personally, if it was the magazine cover fishnet photo, I thought he looked very cute and mischievious! And FOI costumes are the tackiest but the skaters don't get to choose
  7. I think that is just a very rude comment to make about someone you don't know and has nothing to do with why we love Yuzu.
  8. good comparison: Elvis was a genius, super charismatic, handsome, kind, generous to his fans....I'll never forget his quote when he was asked about the fans tearing at his clothing...to paraphrase...he said something along the lines of...thanks to his fans, he had clothes on his back! Elvis had one of the most naturally beautiful voices of all time
  9. I think of Yuzu fondly as a third 'son'...a very talented 'godson' so....no to Rod Stewart who is the antithesis of Yuzu. Rod is definitely sleazy, multiple children from a multitude of women, was banned from certain hotels as he was known for trashing rooms, notoriously tight with $$ etc
  10. that sounds very cold: I would rather dress warmly and take off if I need to ...then shiver miserably through the entire event
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