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  1. appearing on a cover of a magazine that is named Beauty: how appropriate!! It will be a bestseller for sure....
  2. perhaps like idf, the ice may have been the problem....when so many skaters are wiping out...and I am sure they have put in the hardwork and practice...it may be external factors
  3. I feel that this change should have been implemented with the next WC 2021 not this year. Additionally, schedules should have been posted to show the end time of the gala so purchasers can realistically book flights in advance!! Now I have to decide to attend half a gala or pay another 400 dollars to book another flight and $$ for hotel to attend the full event or sell my gala ticket NOT A HAPPY CAMPER
  4. OiP is a private photographer/videographer...if he worked for one of the newspapers or magazines or ISU or feds...he would have access to film Yuzu
  5. Consumers protection must count for something. Better Business bureau anyone?
  6. I think Mr. Kikuchi used to do that, but since he has retired: I dont see anyone else doing it. It would be fascinating for Yuzu to do a documentary on his theories and applications to the practice of figure skating.
  7. Seriously, it is time someone starts videotaping everything he does for posterity because he is uniquely talented and we will never see another like him ever again
  8. mindblowingly beautiful....I just wish he had recorded the entire runthrough...for the ages and archives
  9. the latest flight out of Montreal is 645pm to the west coast...so I would be very pissed if I miss Yuzu's part of the gala. Hope they put the awards at the end, then we can skip out if we need to make our flights. I was surprised when Yuzu did not close out SCI gala but that may be the silver lining....they will go with pairs or ice dance gold medalist. I just want to see Yuzu at the gala...This is bait and switch...
  10. I was talking to my friend at SCI: that the ridiculous scoring at ACI may have been the silver lining. I am hoping that judges and ISU know now, that their scores will be scrutinized and that the audience will be demanding accountability for scores not just for Yuzu but all skaters. Yuzu also subtly indicated that the phantom calls were bulls**t. Perhaps, ISU has told judges to judge according to the rule books and not by 'feels'? Or did ISU decide to reward Yuzu more generously since he also indicated he may be up for Beijing 2020 if he was competitive to win? It is better that the corrupt scoring be ironed out in a Challenger series that a GP event. Of course, Yuzu being more frank about the PCS award fiasco, also helps. I dont know why people may be shocked that Yuzu brings attention to this...why should he just suck it up? He is ISU's biggest star and moneymaker...ISU should appreciate and value his contributions because the longer Yuzu feels motivated to skate...the brighter ISU's future and prospects.
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