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  1. Dreamer

    Fan project

    I was thinking of adding but didn’t.....that only Antarctic and Australia do not figure greatly in number.....imo , my interpretation would be ...low population numbers in Antarctica and internet is probably more govt research facility based, not for personal use. Now, Australia: probably not a winter sport fanbase and there are barriers to travel to isu events. I know Sparklesalad is one of our yuzu Aussi fans but it takes effort . Your data and stats help us understand yuzu’s fanbase better...beauty and talent has no boundaries
  2. Dreamer

    Fan project

    @Veveco You have done an incredible job...it is fantastic fun to look at and fascinating to read all that information: such as: nearly half of Yuzu's fan base comes from Japan and China; nearly a quarter from Europe and a quarter from North and South America
  3. Henni147....that is an amazing fan video!! And you just threw that together?!! I am a fan of Freddie's talent...he had one of the best voices in pop history...several octave range, performance, charisma and talent in spades. If anyone likes vinyl, I recommend buying the original UK editions as the dynamics on the UK vinyl are way better than the US editions
  4. That's because Yuzu's beautiful skating is more than the sum of its parts/jumps. Unfortunately he feels he needs jumps to contend with the jumping beans.
  5. I am in denial. I have bought so much Under Armour clothing for my family( the winter clothing is pretty good stuff)...my husband frowns when he sees Under Armour courier. Of course, when I gave my older son the white UA golfing pants I had originally planned to give him, he wanted one too!! Too late, that model was all sold out! My sons are appreciative of the UA gear I bought them. I have some magazines, Yuzu's bios, Sekkisei BB cream(regular, and extra moisturizing), Phiten necklaces, bands for family and self, Sarah Alaiin CDs and of course this season I am attending ACI , Skate Canada, and World 2020. Apart from my hifi gear: Yuzu is my most recent moneypit
  6. and binoculars, cause even the cheapest seats are not inexpensive and you will be in the nosebleed section
  7. Please consider this person An Ja Li If anyone has Saturday or all event tickets for sale Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, Would anyone pretty please kindly translate this? Apparently, Yuzu was called the Picasso of Ice! Sometimes the German commentators are very complimentary!
  9. also do you think we will be able to do group buys in other skating events?
  10. committed to new job, same department in healthcare. Looking forward to having new enthusiasm for work and the cherry on top: professional development paid for and more money in the bank!
  11. Any reason this GP seems to have less traffic? I suppose it is missing the global superstar GOAT!
  12. For people who are looking for tickets: Saturday is the hardest to find. I would suggest that for courtesy sake: one let the buyer or seller know your final decision/response. For example, when I had a buyer email me after I had a sale pending: I responded to her email to let her know the situation, and then another email to say the tickets were sold. I have had buyers who asked a question which I answered...and then nothing. How about just saying: thanks, but I'll just keep looking! Salty 2 cents
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