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  1. It ain't easy trying to 'capture' a unicorn
  2. Yuzu's dedication to the sport leaves very little room for much. He lives and breathes figureskating. He, himself, describes his life as monastic, ascetic. Perhaps to continue refining his skills, to achieve his goals requires great sacrifice as he has alluded in the past. Elite athletes, let alone the GOAT of a sport...it must be a very lonely hard path to the top of the mountain
  3. This undermines Yuzuru's achievements and sets up the propaganda machinery to normalize the ' someone who should have won is actually better and went away emptyhanded view'. All this, setting the stage for Beijing 2022 and their favourite fed skater to win. In any congratulatory article....why is the focus on the also rans insinuating that N** should have won? It is a slap in the face to the winner!!
  4. I read some translations : Yuzu lights fires in people's hearts; Yuzu is a heart arsonist; he is imprisoned in our hearts!
  5. I find the article upsetting because the average person reading this may believe this junk journalism as fact coming from the 'Olympic channel'.
  6. @EternalSpin....you are too kind to ISU They are too stupid to appreciate the precious treasure, Yuzuru Hanyu. With all the errors of omission and commission in our boy's bio: ISU couldn't find it's way out of a paper bag
  7. ACI would have had more spectators....but the full rink could hold 3600 people only, lol
  8. you mean ...masked bandit who usually comes out in the night? Except this masked bandit robs you blind in daylight. Not only.....the unmasked ISU is f***UGLY
  9. That had better be the case, because the 'drafts' are unacceptable and obscene in their erasure of the GOAT achievements!!
  10. Yup, totally identify with that!!
  11. collector items for the most part, for myself. I do use a clearfile of Yuzu at work: for my timesheets and vacation paperwork(most of which was oriented around Yuzu)
  12. Ari is looking like a shyster to me, more and more. ISU can be summed up in 4 letters words. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised....Russians have an appreciation for artistic figureskating, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet etc unlike your generic American....(I know I am generalizing) who seem to think N**C is the best thing to happen to figure skating since sliced bread
  14. reading this....I am not alone in feeling angry and frustrated... I am unutterably sad to see Yuzu who loves the sport and has given so much of himself to figureskating be so devalued!
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