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  1. Blue Rodeo Try I have seen them a few times live but really like their older catalogue
  2. This is a tweet from: Crystal‏ @YuzuRules 35m35 minutes ago More Replying to @olympicchannel @ISU_Figure [email protected], for acknowledging Yuzu’s quality as a TRUE artist. Indeed, he is inspirational to ppl from all walks of life. Well, @ISU_Figure and #JSF, the photo is for you guys.
  3. and unnecessary GI upset and GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease) also AKA 'heartburn' literally
  4. I know that I have been grousing about the prices. I was at Stars on Ice yesterday and had seats in the 2nd row...it was literally eyeopening. Now I am tempted to go with Gold...
  5. looking at Yuzu's t-shirt.... Now he is a superstar whose every word and movement is scrutinized and shared! Not only is Yuzuru Hanyu's name legendary and already written in the history books: He is in our HEARTs where he wishes to be remembered and cherished!! He has already overachieved, Mr Extra Hanyu!
  6. I am so tired of the USF and US hyping of their American skaters. ...so tired of their attempt to rewrite skating perspective through an American jaundiced lens. Give credit where credit is DUE!! Yuzu is the most beautiful skater I have ever seen...an artist who is a phenomenal athlete! His movements are ineffably beautiful, his arms, hands, fingers...entire body expresses wonderfully.
  7. Does Mrs. Hanyu still cut Yuzu's hair? No one ever comes out of the woodwork claiming to be Yuzu's hair stylist? No one ever claims to be his stylist....lol ...his shirt sleeves and blazer sleeve discrepancies
  8. Was it a German commentator at WC 2019 FS? To paraphrase, he couldn't understand how Nathan scored higher than Yuzu: he finally concluded that Nathan's score was 'just a number'. In this situation, Yuzu succeeded in "I want to give the kind of performances that stays in their hearts." Similarly, the ISU ranking is just a number
  9. I don't know who said: " anyone with eyes and a soul ' is touched by Yuzu's skating!! I truly believe that....
  10. Thank you for the lovely ballet tribute...I also loved your sense of humor....ballet ankles post( I was rofl)
  11. Traveling in winter from my home city is usually a nightmare, so I never planned to go to GPF. Additionally, I am too financially strained already in order to attend ACI, Skate Canada and Worlds.
  12. I have been listening to the wonderful Celine Dion...she will be on a world tour in 2020 to my city and I want to go. ' She is a clever and gracious human being and of course Canadian!
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