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  1. I am on board my flight to Tokyo now waiting for taking off. If anyone has last minute tickets for men sp,FS or gala...I would be very grateful for an opportunity to purchase. Thank you all in advance, Lea
  2. Count me in as well...I will be in Tokyo Mar 19-25, unless I actually manage to get tickets
  3. Good luck to everyone looking to buy tickets!
  4. I am still looking for tickets to Mar 21, 23 and 24th. If there are any available, I would be delighted to purchase. Thank you in advance!
  5. I wonder why the system makes it so complicated for foreigners
  6. Hello, Hoi; I would certainly be interested in your ticket!! Regards, Lea
  7. Dreamer

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He is so talented and adorable...people with eyes, hearts and souls are going to fall for him
  8. Dreamer

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think he said that he thought they were cheering for him....so he was wondering why at the end of a near perfect skate...there was so little applause! After, Plushy withdrew.....the Polish or was it Czech commentator said that the Russians clapped for Yuzuru in the Mens SP single event but noted they were only clapping for their own countrymen/countrywomen. So Yuzu impressed them with his WR SP!!
  9. Dreamer

    General Yuzuru Chat

    no guarantees that that will be the final selling price...may need several organs!!
  10. that would be heartbreaking...to think you finally have tickets...go to collect and 'do not pass go'
  11. I think he paid but they haven't been issued yet so he's asking for money then he'll give you the code to collect it from Lawson. @yuzurahanyaHe could do this to a lot of people and they'd go only to find out that the tickets have already been collected by someone else. Wow....that is terribly ingenious and dreadful!
  12. I don't know, sounds rather fishy...if it is unpaid, he wouldn't have the ticket?
  13. Dreamer

    General Yuzuru Chat

    thank u Fay! Similar to when Yuzu thought he was being cheered in the team event Sochi and wondered at the sparse applause at the end of the skate
  14. Hello, Everyone: I am interested in purchasing tickets for Men SP and Men FS and the gala. I would be fine with last minute notice as I will be in Saitama or Tokyo (just give me time to catch the train). Thanks for reading this and please feel free to pass this on. Lea
  15. I just want to say thank you for the fans who have extra tickets and are giving us the chance to buy first. I want to say a bigger thank you for the fans with extra tickets who are not asking for very inflated scalpers pricing. I know it is pretty hard not to be tempted to sell for more when there is such huge demand.