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  1. um....no...only in high school...and my conversational French is less than that of a 3 yr old
  2. Don't forget that Yuzu and Javi won the men's gold medal WC x the entire quad 2014-2017
  3. I would be happy with whatever you decide. Yuzu beautifies everything
  4. Yuzu has always had a vision...he is a visionary. A messiah of figureskating, spreading the philosophy that artistic figureskating is equally artistic and technical. He is a man of his word ..'all in my calculations', and a man of action. He is truly admirable and also very fortunate that along his life journey: his parents, family, initial sponsor ANA, and mentors have recognized and nurtured his incredible once in forever talent!!
  5. Yuzu is extraordinarily intelligent and prescient in how he views the direction of figure skating sport. He is not only physically gifted but he has the heart, mind, and soul of a champion!!
  6. speaking of medical therapies in cancer care. Chinese doctors in Mainland China were the first to use arsenic containing protocol to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia(APL) patients. When the results were published, others scoffed at arsenic treatment and the medical community raised collective eyebrows, and gave side eye. Now, it is the mainstay for Lo-Coco protocol for many APL patients. I remember because it came into use in the early 2000's. Now, I look after many patients on arsenic treatments as part of my work Interestingly, we use thalidomide and lenalidomide now in graft vs host disease and in the treatment of multiple myeloma. But the price hike after its new application from harmful antiemetic for pregnancy to other therapies is a whole other story!!
  7. I think Masquerade is very fitting to 'the award show' and the whole fiasco that is ISU, JSF and unfair judging. And the blatant gouging of Yuzu's fanbase
  8. early medical books were often written in German. Germany has an actual compedium of herbal medicine, diagnosis and remedies(doseages and applications). Also, Germany is cutting edge research and application for cancer therapies: which is why many patients will seek care there.
  9. Dreamer

    Music talk

    Fascinating information 💖. I happen to have the vinyl record of K. Z. playing Chopin.
  10. It worked. We bought a 65 inch 4k TV.... And then I wanted an even bigger one to watch beautiful Yuzu with 😊
  11. I love the first design with Seimei Yuzu in a snowy background...it's feels as if Yuzu is presenting you...voila, my friend!! Rounded edges would be so pretty, dreamlike and soft ...wow, that is a fine start, Rockstaryuzu...how do you outdo this one?
  12. It will be another challenge for Yuzu, but his upper lip only seems to have a little down, not hair per se.
  13. hahah....made me smile. you know what they say, if you ever look like the photo in your driver's licence...you are having a rough day!! But we understand, we want to have a lovely souvenir to reminisce over where we are looking
  14. In ISU's case...I think we should prepare for the worst case scenario as I am sure they will not disappoint
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