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Who is your favorite female skater?


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adiosnonino said:
For me it's Yuna Kim, hands down. :love:

She has (had) the most complete package imo and I like to rewatch her programs regurarly to this day. :grin:

Forever The Queen. :bow::love:

Though, I recently started loving & supporting Mai Mihara. Her skating is just so light and visually pleasing even if she didn't fully develop artistically yet.

Welcome to the forum, adiosnonino! Your namesake, Yuna's 2014 LP, is an interesting program, it's very subtle and I grew to like it the more I watched it, but I think unfortunately competing so little that season didn't give the judges/audience the time to appreciate it as much as they could have. :sad4:


LadyLou, I also haven't found a new ladies skater that I've become very attached to in this new bunch, but the leaders of the pack are all very young, and I can imagine how great they'll be a couple of years from now. :yay:

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6 hours ago, ladycomyn said:

My favorite female skater is Irina Slutskaya and I don't know why... :party0012:



Sometimes you just like a skater and don't have to have concrete reasons for it... just like how Mai Mihara stole my heart this year :P

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32 minutes ago, GoldMedalist said:

Radionova, Tukt, Baiul, Lipinski, Gold, Witt and Osmond doesn't get any love? :sad4:


I adore Osmond. She's such a standout in the current field of ladies. And Radio is just a ball of sunshine. :SunFace:



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I love Arakawa- I wish I had the time and money to go to Japan and see her in Hyoen 2017 - she looks astonishingly beautiful in the photos.  I like her style and I like the way she is still going- there is a skating life after competition.   I love Satoko - I know her jumps aren't great but she does her best to put them right and the rest is just gorgeous- elegant and stylish.  i also like the Canadians, they aren't as elegant but they look like athletic normal women which shows that you don't have to be a skinny adolescent to skate- healthy role models, which isn't always the case with sports like skating and gymnastics where aesthetics play a part.

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On 5/5/2017 at 09:54, Hannah said:

It's hard to choose when you have 2 favorite skaters: one from history and one currently skating. Maybe we should have two polls: favorite skater of all times (for me it's Kim Yuna) and current favorite skater (for me it's Evgenia).


I have the same problem with different people: My no longer competing favorite female skater is the one and only Katarina Witt, but after having seen Marin Honda in the Makuhari broadcast, it's got to be her now. 

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I hope this is an okay place to discuss this topic, and I hope this doesn't start a bashing/flaming discussion that we usually see on other boards (that's why I didn't want to start a separate thread on this lol).

But recently I decided to try to understand the very high scores that Evgenia Medvedeva has been receiving in competition (please don't hit me ^_^;).

To be honest, I'm not her biggest fan, and I have to admit I don't usually go out of my way to watch her performances. 

But she IS the reigning world champion, winning consecutively for the past 2 years, and she's basically won everything this past season, and almost everything the season before that as well.


So I've started really watching some of her performances recently, specifically TEB and Skate Canada.

And I've found myself starting to see some of the qualities that other people have been praising her about, namely her great skating skills and the transitions that she includes in her programs. She also has good interpretation and performs her programs well. She's not the fastest skater, at least from what I can see, but she does have good quality in her edges.

In terms of jumps, I don't really see her as having the best technique, but I must admit she includes a lot of transitions into/out of her jumps, and of course the tanoes, which I guess must be part of the reason why she gets such high GOEs (I was actually amazed at some of the GOEs she's received for her jumps).


Of course, these are all just my opinions, and I'm curious to hear what you guys think as well.

What do you think is the reason(s) she receives such record-breaking scores? Is it really mainly just because of her consistency? Or are her qualities as a skater really such a standout from everyone else?


Again, I hope I'm not starting too much of a heated discussion here. I just really want to understand what other people think of her as a skater, and where people think she really excels at thereby receiving very high scores from the judges.



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7 часов назад, katonice сказал:

Or are her qualities as a skater really such a standout from everyone else?

yes. She's incredible. In my opinion.  She makes everything look so easy. She has always had been way more polish than the others. Good posture, no flailing, executes choreography with fluidity and grace. Evgenia's the most well-rounded skater. Plenty of polish + interacting with the audience and giving emotion. 
Her ability to get the right mindset, to concentrate and show her maximum amazes me. And her being so relaxed that she makes it look like it is an everyday training session and not a competitions or world championships.  You can see the pressure in everyone but not in Medvedeva. Never in doubt. 

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I think GOE is interesting because while we as an audience know what is "good technique" (i.e. no mule kick, as an example, not that Evgenia has a mule kick), I don't think judges actually take off for "bad technique," unless of course your bad technique leads to a UR or bad landing or something (I would say pre-rotation but there doesn't seem to be a system in place that catches or deducts for that, yet). Like, what is to say that a mule kick isn't actually good technique (for you??). There's no official rulebook for that. So I think judges are actually supposed to be impartial to technique. And of course, transitions Evgenia has in spades (so does Alina, but hers are a bit more unpolished, like randomly grabbing the blade after a jump, sorry but it's horrid, I hope she stops doing that).


I don't think that most of the Russian skaters have the greatest skating skills (I think the Japanese girls are better in that department), but Evgenia's are not bad.

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Wakaba is not in that list, but I can see her potential to be a special skater -she is so powerful in her jumping, great spins, speed, and I think that she shows real ability in terms of expression and musicality - when this develops further I think she will be very exciting to watch - she needs a good choreographer and some fab music to show her skills off to the full. :goe:

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