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  1. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    Explains why her basic skills are amazing. Eteri's camp is not known for their SS, you know.
  2. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    If I am Eteri, I'll self-reflect and ask myself why.
  3. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    Go Anna!
  4. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    "practice and pray"
  5. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    I actually thought from the beginning that it won't be her costume for this season. Her programs are Orange Colored Sky and Libertango and I don't think black and gray would represent that appropriately.
  6. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    So pretty!!!
  7. PapiandPooh422

    Team Russia

    They say that the costume earlier is for this?
  8. PapiandPooh422

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    If you mean the FS, the song is actually chosen by the choreographer, Denis Ten. Uncle Voro went to Kazakhstan with a song suggestion but Denis convinced him to skate to this song, Way Down We Go by Kaleo. You can actually see Denis' nuances in that program, from the twizzles to the knee slide and finally the ending pose. The only problem is, I can see Denis skate to it, but it's not Uncle Voro's style. Also, Uncle Voro is known for telegraphing his jumps so
  9. PapiandPooh422

    Media Day 2018

    Isn't it the first one, though he kinda' changed it a little bit.
  10. PapiandPooh422

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    It's starting. This account has an Instalive.