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  1. Oh. Now I understand. The last paragraph is what I'm also fearing that will happen since the judges doesn't appreciate (or refuse to appreciate is the better term?) brightly choreographed programs and tends to overscore skaters who does "quads" which we all know are the skaters he does choreography for. He might think he did something great when in fact his choreography is not coherent at all.
  2. A year ago I and other fanyus did the same thing, got a thousand of tweets nominating him while other athletes had only hundreds, some not even getting there. And yet, no Yuzu nomination whatsoever.
  3. I will never forget her 2A, one of the best jumps from any ladies. This is so sad.
  4. What if she has all of Celine's songs remixed, flowing like it's a single song?
  5. Reminds me of Florence Nightingale, Nursing's "The Lady with a Lamp". So Yuzu's like that in skating huh?
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