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  1. I wonder how will this affect Prism on Ice next year and her invitations to Japanese ice shows like FaOI and SOI.
  2. Yes. As a fan it was really disappointing to see her behave that way. The whole fiasco was so off putting you can actually consider me out of the fanclub. Tell me how can you enjoy watching someone who does that when one day after another your colleagues get sick and die.
  3. I don't think this is possible tho, even if she chooses TCC because there's a lot of top skaters in TCC now. It'll be too much of a clash. And I remember Jason almost not getting in but Tracy adores him and he got the push.
  4. Brian must be so frustrated right now since you can tell that he got attached to her (even if he denies it with all his skaters) in a short period of time.
  5. Okay, I think there's no redeeming in her case other than her being transparent with everything that has happened. If she continuously act like this she will just look more and more guilty.
  6. Hmmm. I don't know... This I kinda doubt. The comment in her Instagram was completely diplomatic and look how she reciprocated.
  7. It would be appreciated though if the wait is a real wait and not "I'm gonna hop from one prefecture to another like how a bee flies from one flower to another" (if what is buzzing around is the truth).
  8. If this is true... Oh my gosh. She really screwed up.
  9. Simply put, a frontliner and MD in title but doesn't have the spirit of beneficence and non maleficence.
  10. Some even reasoned that the "I love and respect Japan" image she upholds will not only be tainted by what she did but also by her fans who keeps dragging one of the most lovable personas in Japan. It just doesn't look good for her, no matter where you look.
  11. I've read this as well. If I remember correctly PoI was canceled on April 16. Then the Russian government offered to take Russians who were stranded in Japan home all they need to do is register until the 18th. She opted to stay with no business whatsoever since PoI was already canceled and based on her Instagram post when she traveled to Japan she went there because she has an ice show and she needs to prepare and it's impossible to do that in Toronto since all rinks are closed. Now with PoI canceled she doesn't really have a valid reason to stay but she still did.
  12. Indeed. Protect your mental health.
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