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  1. FaOI Sendai special goods! Available at the venue and online as well 🙂
  2. Last year he wasn't seeded so he couldn't pick his assignments. This year since he's in the Top 3 of Worlds, he'll probably be able to choose and maybe he will pick Canada. All speculation of course but I think this year there's a higher probability.
  3. I'm assuming they sell the tickets at a higher price in China, so they earn a little bit more from the sales there. I haven't seen their ticket pricing though so I'm not really sure. They might also have further plans for the Chinese market, and have taken this as a first step. Can't be denied they have a huge potential customer base there, so not surprising they're trying to take business advantage of it.
  4. This is just argh. I hope the agencies responsible for this receive penalties. We're already dealing with scalpers in JPN, we don't need to be dealing with them elsewhere too.
  5. FaOI Toyama tickets already sold out. Not even 5mins in. Ig they didn't leave many tickets from the lotteries.
  6. I'm happy Yuzu's Chinese fanbase is getting acknowledged. Now I hope other foreign fans can get better access to tickets too. Do I need to create my own travel agency for this? 😆
  7. Well this was worse than the Sendai sale. Less than 5mins in and tickets were sold out on Pia. And the Lawson website just completely crashed on me, and I still can't get in...😭
  8. https://www.japanconcerttickets.com is a popular one. I heard the proxy services are mostly all booked out, but I think you can still try and maybe they can purchase for you after the first release of tickets. It might be like Sendai where more tickets were released after the general sale. Not sure how likely that will be though.
  9. Anyone with Kobe tickets to sell please let me know! Or if you see any tickets for sale 🙏
  10. No worries, they decided to use Haru chan for their other graphics at least 😊
  11. I just saw it too. FINALLY!!! ETA: Website header updated!
  12. Yes, now I'm convinced this must be the reason. The organisers probably want to highlight as much as possible this new addition to their program. And ig this means we won't hear any official announcement on Yuzu until next week 😩
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