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  1. katonice

    Fan project

    Thank you so much @Veveco for putting this together! It's an amazing job!! 💕 Yuzu will be so happy to receive this! ❤️
  2. Deleted. Oops it seems that was from last year's ACi. No wonder there was no article ahdjldlalalla
  3. For the first round of lotteries, which are for Japan residents, tickets will be sold as either all-event tickets or single day tickets. All-event tickets will be sold as electronic tickets only, which means unless the person buying for you is willing to lend you her phone for the duration of the event, it will be difficult for them to buy you the tickets. For the single day tickets, these will be sold as paper or electronic tickets. Since paper tickets are available, it will be possible for friends to buy tickets on your behalf. There will be lotteries for overseas fans, but it seems details will be announced in August. So at the moment, it's unsure what type of tickets they'll sell us -- if electronic, paper, single or all-events. Last year though, they had all-event tickets for overseas fans and provided access to their electronic ticketing system. Hopefully it will be the same this year, and dare I hope more improved.
  4. Looks like it didn't become a bloodbath after all? Those prices really did their trick.
  5. Btw does anyone have experience with Pia electronic ticketing? It will.be via the EMTG system too right?
  6. Yeah... surprised to see that as well. Sigh... They don't have ticket inflation and their tickets are reasonably priced. But the way they get around that to increase their income is this
  7. The pdf version of the Sendai travel guide will be available online on July 22 🙂
  8. Yes the seats behind the judges were VIP Platinum (purple sections in map)
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