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  1. katonice

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    I thought Shoma's 4F was UR too. Certainly if the panel here had been as strict as in SkAM, that would've been called. Happy for Voronov for skating so well, and thrilled that Sota will be skating in the 2nd group 🙂
  2. katonice

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Ladies SP & FS

    Now I need to catch up with the rest of the ladies... What happened to Rika?
  3. katonice

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Ladies SP & FS

    Nice one Mai! I'm still not really warming up to this program, but well done!
  4. Yay! NHK Trophy time! This will be aired live won't it? Looking forward to being able to follow the competition and watching it with everyone which I haven't been able to do since Skate Canada. I think I'm most excited about the ladies. Finally Mai! And BB Rika!
  5. Yes you only need to show the tickets on your phone at the entrance. After that, you can sit in any of the seats either of you have tickets for
  6. Finally they announce ticket sales for foreigners yay! Goodluck to all of us. And I'm definitely up for applying for 2 tickets and sharing the extra tickets with other people here 🙂
  7. Congratulations! Was C your first choice? Just wondering maybe I should be strategic in targeting the seat category.
  8. No luck 😢 Will try again tomorrow though. @Melodie Congratulations!! That's great! I wonder how many people applied... it's so hard to get a ticket...
  9. Same. I'm afraid I might have to really start packing right on the night before I leave 😔
  10. My thoughts exactly, though I'm trying not to get my temper up about it right now...
  11. katonice

    [2018] GP Skate America - Men SP & FS

    This is why I tend to tune out Tara and Johnny's commentary. Mostly Tara though. I think they commentate based on "what's good for business," i.e., what's good for NBC.
  12. katonice

    [2018] GP Skate America - Men SP & FS

    LOL I cringed at the Tara and Johnny gushing last year too. Even with the shaky landings of Nate's jumps, you'd think he performed the most perfect skate ever the way they were praising him on air. Made me think, "Are we watching the same thing??"
  13. katonice

    [2018] GP Skate America - Men SP & FS

    It wasn't all the way around, but it was within a quarter turn as well I thought. What's the criteria for UR currently? Compared to a <<? The 3A I haven't seen in slow-mo yet