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  1. Maybe they're just trying to scare us. I mean, they should know a large percentage of attendees bought their tickets from resellers. So many people would be up in arms if they decide to be strict about this all of a sudden.
  2. katonice

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    FaOI Toyama lottery application starts today. Link below is for Ticket Pia, but Lawson is opening applications as well. Head to the FaOI website to get the links to the ticket websites.
  3. It's an all-event ticket from the Japanese ticket site? So they also don't have the seating allocation yet. I wonder why. And yes, it's the same for everyone here I believe who have all-event tickets. No seating allocation still 😒
  4. Thanks! We learn more about the app everyday 🙂
  5. You'll need to engage the services of a proxy service, since those websites I believe only allow JPN residents to purchase. Japanconcerttickets is one of the popular proxy services available. Here's their website: https://www.japanconcerttickets.com
  6. Oh, I see. I thought they settled for an unusual schedule this time ^^;
  7. Hmm what an unusual schedule. Maybe since they couldnt book the arena early enough they had to settle with those dates.
  8. Thanks for sharing. It seems so far using the app on an iPhone is easier. The iPhone also allows the tickets to be usable while offline, which isn't the case right now for the Android version. Just curious about the uninstalling part before re-installing on another device. Was the app able to detect that it was still installed on another device? (Just want to learn as much as possible about the software for future reference ^^;)
  9. A number of tickets for sale in this post
  10. katonice

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    I remember trying the year before but couldn't finish the transaction bec the system wouldn't accept foreign credit cards. Not to say it will be the same this time, so still worth a try even if you don't have a JPN credit card. You can also opt for over the counter payment, if the option is available and if you have a friend in Japan who can help you with payment.