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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh gosh he's skating so early. Definitely can't be late!
  2. Don't give me ideas... And 7777th post! Congratulations! 🎉 And I've found that the best way to not get nervous about the competition is to go sightseeing. Getting busy taking photos is really taking my mind off the fact that OP starts tomorrow!
  3. So we should've been looking at the colour of his luggage all along! The skate guards were a decoy! Oh no! I love my coffee!
  4. Never say never Though I'm not really expecting to bump into him tomorrow. He's probably too focused on the competition to do any sort of leisure activities beforehand. The guy got no chill lol.
  5. I can't believe I'm in the same city as Yuzu right now. And just a few stops away on the Metro... Still can't get my head around it somehow. I'm going sightseeing tomorrow (or rather later today, as it's already past midnight). Perchance will I bump into him somewhere, somehow?...
  6. That's great! And it's so nice of the seller not to jack up the price. There are still good people in this world
  7. It's good to regularly check since some people who have it in their shopping carts may suddenly release those tickets. I usually check as much as I can at least up to an hour after sale opens. Then still as regularly as I can after that.
  8. Ladies' FS and Gala are available too!
  9. There're Cat C's for Men's SP now!
  10. Did only C tickets become available for the Men's events? I missed the start of when they became available... I was able to load Gala tickets though...
  11. Okay, re-quoting the posts where info on availability of Men's tickets are provided. Maybe no C tickets were left to resell? The next checkpoint will be at the end of October when the fan-to-fan reselling website opens. And then 6th Nov when B tickets for the Men's events will supposedly go on sale.
  12. Well, it doesn't seem anything became available...
  13. I guess eventually you can get used to it...
  14. For me too. For the Men's SP, LP, Ladies' LP and Gala -- the high demand sessions. I've noticed on the mobile version of their website though the ticket availability can be shown as Medium when it's already low on the PC version of the website. Not sure how it is now. Maybe shown as low already as well. ETA: Just checked and the high demand sessions are still Medium availability on the mobile version.