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  1. katonice

    Team Korea

    Translation of an article about the Min/Gamelin breakup. Click through to the tweet to read the full translation.
  2. It looks quite promising. And the music is very Nathan, and sounds really good. Looking forward to seeing it in comp.
  3. katonice

    Mascot Fest

    The official mascots of Tokyo 2020 have been unveiled! Miraitowa and Someity.
  4. katonice

    Team USA

    More footage of Nathan's practice
  5. katonice

    Team USA

    At first thought this might be from last year but realised I couldn't recognise the choreo
  6. katonice

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu!! His hair is so long
  7. I like this. Something very different for Zhenya. Now to see what choreo David will come up with.
  8. katonice

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Livestream of Denis' funeral happening now...
  9. ETA: Aww sorry guys I think the ticket above is sold already. The poster already deleted their post.