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  1. Montreal has banned all large indoor public gatherings. If Worlds hadn't been cancelled yesterday it would've been today. Sigh I wish this virus would take a rest 😔
  2. Refund instructions for cancelled Osaka and Aichi shows
  3. Have a safe trip! No one knows what will happen yet, but hopefully you can relax and zone out for a while from all the confusion at least while on your flight. Easier said than done I know ~_~ But let the stress ease out for a while
  4. This is ridiculous. An obvious attempt to downplay the dangers posed by holding the event, and so many facts so conveniently omitted. Well, it really does seem a cancellation will be unlikely. Evenko was even quoted in this article making it clear no refunds for Bell Centre events happening anytime soon
  5. Even if it's just 500 though it could still be a potentially dangerous situation. And if people can't resell their tickets, people who were otherwise contemplating not to push through might end up going anyway. Anyway we'll see how Skate Canada plans to organize this. They haven't really announced who will be given entry to the red carpet. Maybe they will try to regulate it in some way
  6. If there's a chance to see Yuzu sadly I think a thousand people will turn up despite the dangers. People line up outside in freezing temperatures overnight after all to see him.
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