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  1. Guys a friend is selling her extra practice ticket. DM me for details 🙂
  2. Thank you so much! This is very helpful. Since it's probable there will be a second lottery, I think I'll wait for that, and then decide whether to push through with my trip or not. I'm just seeing so many people looking for Mens SP and FS tickets on twitter... it really does tend to leave one with little optimism
  3. I'm getting so fed up with this clownery 😡
  4. So I won a ticket to the Ladies/Pairs SP, and I also have a ticket to MOI (through my friend's help). No tickets to the Mens events though. Now I'm debating whether to push through with my trip. Do you guys know if there will be another lottery, general sale or ticket trade for tickets? I'm not too familiar with how the process has been for Nationals tickets. Should I still push through on the chance I might still get tickets for the mens events from now until December? Do you guys think they will offer standing tickets this year too? And then there's the question of how possible it is to get tickets considering so many people are looking. Sigh so much to think about... 😩
  5. Han Yan silver! He was on nobody's radar at the start of the season and now he's on the podium! And congratulations Boyangman!!!!
  6. Wow that was wondeful Hanie... His jumps are so relaxed. Literally did not see that 3Lo coming
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