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  1. Neat! And also just wanted to say, it was great meeting you all and cheering and celebrating for Yuzu with everyone! It was a memorable experience, all the more made special because of being able to meet fellow fans Just landed from our flight back home. Can't believe it's over and it's back to reality. But also can't help but think that we're now living in a reality where Yuzu is 2x Olympic champion, and isn't that just something to smile about everyday
  2. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Not just some. After the Mens FS medal ceremony, I think about 2/3 of the crowd at the Medals Plaza emptied out. Before that it was so crowded we could hardly move without bumping into someone. But we were so happy for Yuzu we really didn't mind being jostled around and freezing our fingers off in the cold lol. CONGRATULATIONS YUZU!!! So happy for you!!
  3. We're already on the bus to the Olympic Plaza. We'll just see you there
  4. Okay we're about to get on TS30 shuttle bus to Olympic Plaza.
  5. We saw you but lost you again ^^;
  6. Great. We'll meet you at Jinbu.
  7. @asiacheetah Okay. We've also hopped on the train to Incheon Airport leaving at 16:30. We'll get off at Jinbu.
  8. We're on our way to the shuttle bus.
  9. @asiacheetah Is it okay if you guys wait for us at the train station?
  10. @asiacheetah Where are you guys? @sallycinnamonis with me.
  11. @sallycinnamon We're in front of the arena. Are you going to the ceremony?
  12. [2018] Olympic Games Men Short Program

    I feel like I'm dying... Too.stressed... Help!
  13. And even when everyone gave a collective "Aawwww" when Ballade started playing But it's great to see Yuzu fans being very good-natured. I don't think I saw anyone pouting or complaining when Yuzu wasn't there. Or maybe most everyone there already knew he wasn't coming. Everyone's happiness when Boyang popped up though. The crowd's cheers were extra loud for him when he took to the ice ^^
  14. No Patrick, Adam and Dmitri. I'm starting to wonder who'll show up for the last group LOL.