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  1. Thank you. It does seem like this protocol has some basis in actual medical practice. However, there's still the question if ISU/organizers will use this protocol correctly. Sadly, ISU and some federations have shown themselves quite capable of acting completely for their own self-interest, regardless of even common sense. The level of distrust is so high that I think few believe they will not try to use this to keep some COVID positive athletes in the competition.
  2. Anyone here who might be familiar with the medical basis for this new protocol from ISU? This applies to anyone who tests positive in their PCR test but is asymptomatic and has had COVID before. It seems to me like a way for people to test positive but still be allowed into the competition bubble. Has this been also done in other sports?
  3. For one the organizers of the Speed Skating Championships released their Health Guidelines more than a month before the start of their events. For the Figure Skating branch, until now no detailed health protocols. Though we still have one week until the deadline for feds to make a decision. Maybe they will still produce the health protocols before then. They also asked participants to be at Heerenveen at least 5 days before their competition start. For Figure Skating, they only ask skaters to arrive 2 days before first practices, and substitutes can even arrive the day before.
  4. Worlds promotional video https://www.instagram.com/p/CI7_aw_JQB3/?igshid=5q18ew9ahorz This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. The added difficulty for Worlds is that athletes and their entire teams will be travelling from various parts of the world all at the same time. Ideally they should quarantine for at least a week after arrival, but would mean athletes will not be able to practice during this time. And tbh I don't really trust ISU and the organizers will be able to implement an effective bubble. Even looking at how they responded to what happened at Rostelecom, what will they do if someone fails to follow the rules? Kick them out? Doubtful they can tell Rusfed for example what to do. A
  6. Not to mention they haven't exactly been enforcing their own COVID prevention measures on their members. I don't think everyone will suddenly start following rules just bec they announce it for Worlds, when so many have been flouting them with no consequences all this time.
  7. Some news! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  8. A small update on tickets. The October schedule for ticket info seems to be not that certain now. Instead they just say they will release updates once they receive new guidelines from the Swedish authorities
  9. It looks like they've postponed Worlds ticket sales until at least October
  10. So the ¥320K is really just the ticket price. Even with the handling fee that just might be the highest price of tickets so far? I can't recall how much the most expensive tickets were for Montreal
  11. A thread showing basis of conclusions Zhenya had been traveling around Japan despite requests from local governments to avoid non-essential travel
  12. SOI Yokohama will be postponed to April 2021 They will announce the cast around Nov/Dec this year. Afterwards, there will be a refund period until Dec 31st. Refunded tickets will be resold
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