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  1. Strange.. only the practice sessions on the 7th (or was it 8th?) are sold out on the Global site And they also sold tickets in A section Or did you mean for some days only B sections were available?
  2. Didn't see any practice tickets for those sections Is is just for some days and not all I wonder?
  3. I checked what happened at 4CC in 2017, and it looks like he attended all practice days. As @yumeaki said though, not sure now if he'll do the same and attend the Tuesday practice, esp. as the Mens SP doesn't start until Friday. Although worth noting in 2017 Mens SP also happened on Friday but he was there for Tuesday practice. In short, it's hard to say I guess ^^;
  4. Coloured time schedule is out http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111955.htm
  5. Yes I think so. Ig now with Yuzu, they know there will be a lot of all-event ticket holders attending even for practices
  6. Practice tickets will start sales soon. And practice session seating has been changed to reserved seating
  7. Yuzu will be performing at Stars on Ice!!!
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