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  1. Thanks! This is only one step though. Still a ways to go for those tickets! (and still no assurances will even be able to get any *crossing fingers hard* though) I'll try if my credit card will work, though based on experience with trying to purchase tickets for FaOI, the system didn't accept my card. My next option is to ask my friend to pay for me at a Lawson kombini. Will continually check the website for any updates and let you guys know anything new I can find.
  2. Successfully registered using a friend's phone number yay! But I still can't click on the 'tickets here' button. Guess it will be accessible near the lottery date. Was hoping to gather more information from the page the link goes to, but seems it'll have to wait.
  3. Oh god, how can it be this week already? I'm excited! But come Wednesday, I'll probably start feeling the nerves. And by the end of the week will be an unproductive member of society once again as Yuzu crowds everything out of my brain
  4. Will it also be open to those without Japanese phone numbers?
  5. Protocols
  6. Congratulations to Satton, Eunsoo and Yelim! Liked Satton the best today. Great start to her season.
  7. Oh no rough skate for Gaby. I guess Satton wins this...
  8. She really wants that 2nd GP assignment so badly doesn't she? Reminds me of Young yesterday, gotta feel for them. And 122 for Eunsoo. She's gonna podium yay!
  9. Yeah, did Rafael just decide to conserve and handed down Mariah's program? Or maybe Eunsoo liked Mariah's program so much...