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  1. A thread showing basis of conclusions Zhenya had been traveling around Japan despite requests from local governments to avoid non-essential travel
  2. Yay the forum's back! Just as a heads up to everyone that the Music With Wings Guidebook can now be purchased online 🙂
  3. An educational read to understand a little bit the undercurrents of politics within JSF. Click on the tweet for the complete thread.
  4. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 EVERYONE!!! Wishing for a wonderful year and decade ahead for our boy May all his wishes and dreams come true
  5. Lol yes I was laughing at that too. And him accidentally squeezing out some on his nose 😂
  6. I gave him the lotion 🙈 It's a simple gift but I'm glad he had fun opening it at least 😊
  7. Aaaaaahhhh my gift is here!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  8. Iirc all federations can send 3 representatives for each discipline. They only need to meet the min TES requirements
  9. This news is both sad and disgusting
  10. I'm getting so fed up with this clownery 😡
  11. This is so beautiful 💗 I've rewatched it so many times already and it's 1:27am and I need to sleep but I just can't get enough... I can watch this forever I am so in love 💗💗💗
  12. Hi everyone I'm looking for a FS or SP ticket for NHK Trophy for my friend who has an extra ticket to the Gala. She has an extra A ticket, and she was hoping to exchange it with a FS or SP ticket of any category (she will pay for the price difference). She would really like a FS ticket, but SP ticket is okay too. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks so much!
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