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  1. Go Sota! Make it to the A list
  2. So, you're saying sport is defined by judges.... This doesn't make any sense to me. Sport is everything where people have to form their body, are physically active and in form. That for me is the definition of sport.
  3. He won silver with a gold-worthy performance, he couldn't do much more. It wasn't like in Boston or Shanghai. That's why this is the most beautiful silver in my eyes, the rest of the world saw it. It's kind of like Yuna Kim's silver in Sochi. It underlines his status as the GOAT even more. Just amazing! Hope he won't retire and that kuyashii will continue to burn and he tries it again next year
  4. How to make your faves look better: talk about their "polish" and great SS and bash others because they're "flutzing". This "argument" is getting old. As if the japanese skaters don't UR and flutz
  5. It will, because fans are free people and can make their own decisions But maybe this person wants that people stop cheering for him, well, these people spent a lot of money to get there, maybe they should just stay at home the next time
  6. His 4S is now like his best scored jump, who would've thought this 4 years ago
  7. 4CC, Skate Canada.... another WC, another national title....
  8. I was just trying to remember, who are his biggest rivals this season? I guess Uno and Chen and Mikhail if he puts it together. Who else
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