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  1. [SALE] All-Event Ticket for World Championships 2020 SECTION 102 - ROW O - SEAT 7 Please PM me if you're interested.
  2. Omg. My sister, who is a quadrennial FS fan just got into YOI..... A few years ago she was really into Yuzu as a casual fan because of me but I think now she's a FS fan in the making....
  3. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Eric is such a sweetheart, I'm so happy for them
  4. Its days like today (this week?) that I feel like I've spent 1/3 of my life procrastinating.
  5. I honestly don't even want to hear about the 4A this season. I can only hope he's smart enough to not practice a jump that had even the best jumpers worried about breaking their necks over, during the Olympic season. I have a serious case of PTSD regarding his injury prone self.
  6. He's probably playing with the layout. In case his 4Lo has a (-) success rate, he'll likely go for the 4T during the OG. Its something he and Nathan seems to do often whereas Yuzu is more of a do-or-die kind of guy.
  7. ISU News: Challenger Series Announcement http://static.isu.org/media/520340/cs2017-18_announcement-final.pdf Challenger Series (10) US International FS (Sept 13-17) Lombardia Trophy (Sept 14-17) Autumn Classic International (Sept 20-23) Ondrej Nepela Trophy (Sept 21-23) Nebelhorn Trophy(Sept 27-30) Finlandia Trophy (Oct 6-8) Minsk-Arena Ice Star (Oct 26-29) Warsaw Cup (Nov 16-19) Tallinn Trophy (Nov 21-26) Golden Spin of Zagreb (Dec 6-9)
  8. It says so much yet so little Judging by the language she used, its likely not Seimei 2.0? Looks like I'll miss the excitement this weekend.
  9. Copying this over from FSU @Ka3sha Why is Petrov on the main list while Sergei's on reserve? Off memory, his international results were not all that great and was actually behind Sergei's, no? K/S and I/Z makes me
  10. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20170602-00010004-sportiva-spo https://sportiva.shueisha.co.jp/clm/othersports/figure/2017/06/02/post_16/ New article w/ Yuzu explaining his reasons for bring back Ballade : His decision wasn't based on the fact that its a WR program. He loves the program itself and feels he hasn't done it justice / to its full potential. He knows he can do it better and feels Ballade shows a side of his skating that only Ballade can. Sounds like Chopin's here to stay guys I thought I had seen it at its best and I hope he proves me wrong, like he always does.
  11. It was quite obvious unfortunately. Silence from both of them for a while, not even a good luck from Miki during GPF/Worlds and she posted stuff about others skaters. Nothing during the holidays either. But it's lovely to see they're still on good terms whether they're back together or not.
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