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  1. Yes there were small medals ceremony in Milan. Only for the FS though (for all disciplines). The small medals ceremony for the SP was not open to the public. In Saitama there were also small medal ceremonies for the FS. So maybe this is typical? -- the more experienced fans who attend competitions might be able to confirm better though.
  2. I'm screaming I'm just so happy to see her jumping the 3A!!!!! Alena bb aaaaahhhh!!!!
  3. Yes I did. I applied for both S and A category tickets on the same day I only won the A ticket though.
  4. Great news guys I was able to get a ticket for SP from the ticket trade website This is through the help of a friend in Japan, but can confirm that EMTG accepts foreign credit cards for payment.
  5. Ah sorry for confusion. Japanese fans could either choose to receive tickets as paper tickets or electronic tickets. For paper tickets they will be sent via courier/mail. For electronic tickets they will be sent through the EMTG app. For foreign fans only electronic ticket option was provided. I assume however that electronic tickets for Japanese and foreign fans will be available for download around the same time.
  6. Yeah it does look like there's only a handful of tickets for trade per day. I remember for GPF 2017 there were hundreds of tickets on exchange per day. Now it's just like 20 or even less. Sigh 😔 Does anyone know when the next round of ticketing for Pia will be?
  7. They specified a date for sending out the tickets. I think it's around the end of October, or at least that's when the paper tickets will be sent out. For electronic tickets it wouldn't be surprising if they sent it out first week of November.
  8. Somebody posted this on tw. Not sure if it's really possible to transfer tour reservations, but might be worth a try.
  9. This gives some idea on what to expect with the face photo. So even your companion will need to provide a photo! http://help.emtg.jp/other/1494/
  10. Thanks. So it really does seem you can only download the ticket to the number you used for your application.
  11. It's bec they list paper and electronic tickets separately. If the seller has paper tickets, I think it takes longer to confirm the transaction. For this lottery it seems they dont precharge you. You only have until the end of the day though to pay for your tickets.
  12. Oh so they let you know if they think you have duplicate accounts? Do they let you know by email? Or they simply reject your application?
  13. If you register on the website you won't need to do phone verification yet. Just email verification.
  14. I've thought about this too. One thing to note while applying for a ticket on the resale website is that it specifically asks the phone number you will be using to download the tickets. Even if you're already logged into you EMTG account (which should already have the phone number associated with your account recorded), and applying for tickets using said account, it still asks you to input the phone number you will be using. And the instructions given on the EMTG resale website for purchasing have the following written in red font (I'm writing the English translation): "Tickets can only be used with the [phone number registered at the time of purchase]" I'm not really sure if the above really means you won't be able to change the phone number you'll be using with the tickets anymore after sending in your application. What would happen if for example you lost your phone before you can claim the tickets? Surely you shouldn't be penalized for that and there should be a way to change the phone no. associated with the tickets. Maybe you will need to have it manually revised by emailing EMTG in this case? Or would the allocated twice-per-year phone number change apply? So many questions...
  15. Yes come to think of it there is only one EMTG app available for download on Google Play. I'm just wary it might be capable of reading the sim card of Japanese phones, and it's only with foreign sims that it doesn't have this capability. The app seems to have not been fully developed yet for use outside Japan (e.g., when transferring tickets using the app, you have to change the phone language to Japanese for it to work.) Hopefully it would be the same for both Japanese and foreign sims. It would provide some added flexibility when asking friends from Japan to apply on one's behalf.
  16. I saw 2 all-event tickets on sale earlier. Now they're gone. They wouldn't have drawn yet could they?
  17. Oh wow the website can't be accessed. A lot of traffic...
  18. So it's possible to join the lottery for resale tickets using our foreign EMTG accounts, however we won't be able to automatically download the tickets. Since the phone number registered with our accounts is not Japanese, we will need to email EMTG for them to manually send the tickets to our accounts. Did I understand everything correctly? (It's all so confusing and becoming a jumble isn't it? All these possibilities and permutations.)
  19. Does this apply regardless of whether the account is a Japanese EMTG account or a foreign one? For example if a Japanese friend wins the tickets using her EMTG account, would it also be possible to do the above transfer to my phone?
  20. Reading from the site it seems once you apply your application will be included in the lottery until you win, or until the end of the entire lottery period. As for the prices, they charge a usage fee for the site. So it will be the original price of tickets + some system fees. And yes from what I understand you can apply for 2 tickets (or whatever is the limit they set per application). I wonder if we can really participate in the lottery. That would be great if that's the case. For Worlds I remember only Japanese fans could buy/sell tickets on the website. But that could change of course
  21. Yes you can. It will be a lottery everyday so everyday will be a chance to get a ticket. As long as someone puts in a ticket for sale, you'll be able to participate
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