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  1. Oh no! 😂 But completely understandable. Yuzu x Chopin really has that effect
  2. If anyone's still looking for tickets been seeing quite a number of posts on twitter so that might be a good place to keep an eye out
  3. This also confirms what @yumeaki already said above on what is needed to claim tickets, specificall for all-events First tweet is when a non-buyer claims the ticket. Second tweet is for when the buyer claims the ticket There's mention of an advance sales breakdown being required to be presented. I wonder what this is referring to?
  4. It's true though that Evenko and Skate Canada might have very different ideas of when the tickets will be sent out, so still best to confirm with Evenko
  5. I read before that to claim your ticket you need a copy of your ID, a copy of the actual purchaser's ID and the ticket confirmation email. I will have to look again to see if I can trace where I read this though
  6. Strange.. only the practice sessions on the 7th (or was it 8th?) are sold out on the Global site And they also sold tickets in A section Or did you mean for some days only B sections were available?
  7. Didn't see any practice tickets for those sections Is is just for some days and not all I wonder?
  8. I checked what happened at 4CC in 2017, and it looks like he attended all practice days. As @yumeaki said though, not sure now if he'll do the same and attend the Tuesday practice, esp. as the Mens SP doesn't start until Friday. Although worth noting in 2017 Mens SP also happened on Friday but he was there for Tuesday practice. In short, it's hard to say I guess ^^;
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