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  1. Do we have a thread to speculate on which Grand Prix Yuzu will show up at next season yet?
  2. I feel like we went through this drama last year too. Yet he missed Nats and won the Olympics. I think there are enough sensible people left to follow that example, aside from the tantrum throwers behind the article. If they mess him up for Worlds, Saitama ticket sales will suffer. It’s a bad business decision and money always talks.
  3. I’m sure I’m repeating what’s been said, but I find the Weir/Plushenko inspired programs so touching, sweet and respectful. So characteristic of Yuzu. It’s rare to see the recognition of heritage in skating. Too often there is forgetting, always anointing the new. And yes, he’s set himself a considerable challenge, because those were his idols at their best. The only hesitation I have is the choices seem kinda r-wordish, in the sense of coming full circle in his career.
  4. I just wanna fast forward through hearing about everyone else’s programs to get to the main event. Some really cliched music choices again.
  5. Admittedly I’m a big Misha fan, and lately Kazuki too. This collaboration feels full of possibility. Glad to see the Fed making the investment.
  6. I’m lucky enough to be going on vacation to Japan soon (not FAOI or Sendai though), and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for the best places in Tokyo to buy Yuzu-related things. My dream would be a Ciontu shirt, but I don’t know if they’re available outside the shows themselves. Thank you very much in advance!
  7. In my opinion, combining Yale and elite skating isn’t doable. But I doubt Nathan is blind to the problem. He’s chosen school, and this announcement amounts to semi-retirement. I’m not surprised at all that his heart lies more with his off-ice future, because that was the vibe I got all along. His level of talent and his level of skating obsession/dedication don’t match up. When Yuzu said he wanted the OGM more than anyone, he wasn’t boasting, just stating a fact. Crazy people like Yuzu and Aljona are more intense. Naturally, they’re a tiny minority, and it’s also unrealistic to expect other people to be like them. It is valuable to live a balanced life, even though as a fan I most admire the singleminded ones.
  8. I’m always an advocate for Helsinki LGC. The combo didn’t impact the performance one bit. It was an ecstatic experience being in the audience. We probably would’ve exploded and died if he’d gone clean. That judging was something alright
  9. I definitely want new programs. But I’m open to absolutely anything. I want to see the IDGAF mentality in action. Wear a tutu or a spacesuit, pretend to be a caterpillar, be a human calligraphy brush. Kidding, but it would be cool to see something not safe, something he loves that the judges might not embrace. Like poor H&L, sigh.
  10. And they have to be allowed substances too. I don’t even like thinking about the complexities of it.
  11. Yeah, I mean I know Yuzu took note of Vincent doing the combination and it motivated him... but I always put a mental asterisk next to Vincent’s quads.
  12. It’s pretty amazing Javi kept Yuzu’s secrets coming into the Olys. If his true condition were known, his gold strategy could’ve failed. Not many in this world would do that for a competitor.
  13. I hope it's Anthony Liu, because of the good work he did with Tatsuki Machida
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