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  1. I’ve been doing quite poorly, but at least it’s fun to preview who I’ll see at the next competition. One of these days Kolyada will come through for me, maybe... What results will help Kaori make the final?
  2. They’ll probably replay the short though; so we may get his reaction after all!
  3. Brezina’s renaissance is pretty amazing to see. It shows confidence is key and Raf has gotten him to a good place.
  4. Mika is so good, but confidence is a problem. I wonder if Yuzu psyched him out
  5. There’s still A LOT of room for his score to go up. Wonder if the layback will return. Hate to feel that judges feedback is stifling the creativity he was developing in the summer shows
  6. That went by so fast! Just minor kuyashi. I miss that Johnny running transition before the first spin. Looks less unique than ACI, more similar to what he’s done in the past
  7. Men’s is already way better than the other disciplines here
  8. Wow charisma Still so disappointed he didn’t end up at TCC. It would’ve been next level
  9. If Kolyada ever manages to go clean he is a big deal
  10. Brezina looking good lately
  11. Aljona’s coach is everywhere now
  12. Superior flow across the ice
  13. His lower body moves better than his upper imo. Shoulders and arms a bit stiff