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  1. Love you for this! Optimistically, I bought for men’s short and free. Wonder if I should get a ladies short now or if I’ll be able to get something good at the last minute?
  2. beki

    [2018] GPF - Ice Dance RD & FD

    H/D’s dance doesn’t work and I say that as their fan... Jun and Kostornaia’s R/J do.
  3. beki

    [2018] GPF - Ice Dance RD & FD

    I’m an H/D fan but I really think they should change this dance. At the venue btw. S/B’s program is as exciting as it looks. R rated lol! Maybe they’re a victim of their own passion, getting a little rough around the edges. S/K skated well, but imo only placed that high because they received the Russian push after S/B’s RD mistake. Sort of a Yulia/Adelina situation where one is immediately swapped for another.
  4. How would you like to receive it? In person or electronically?
  5. beki

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I feel like we went through this drama last year too. Yet he missed Nats and won the Olympics. I think there are enough sensible people left to follow that example, aside from the tantrum throwers behind the article. If they mess him up for Worlds, Saitama ticket sales will suffer. It’s a bad business decision and money always talks.
  6. Would anyone like a super fan bag voucher? I have an extra! I could email it or meet up before the men’s short.
  7. I prefer Shoma over Nate, but he is overscored more this season 😑 Never count out Uncle Sergei; he often peaks at GPF. Hoping for Jun to get a podium place. He’s been consistent. I bought a Korean flag to wave for him (and hopefully Eun Soo in the future). Leaving for Vancouver tomorrow morning!
  8. I bought better tickets, but I can’t sell my original ones... there’s too many flooding the market. Don’t ask the money spent... Ah, the Hanyuconomy!
  9. I have two extra GPF all-event tickets up for grabs. They’re in section 113, row 18, seats 8 and 9. I paid $500 US for both, but will consider offers. I want someone to enjoy them even in this uncertain time for Yuzu. (PayPal or Zelle and I will do a Ticketmaster transfer.) Please message me with your interest.
  10. beki

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    I picked her for bronze anyway. Hope springs eternal
  11. Wow, I’m completely shellshocked. Because I had to work and didn’t want to be spoiled, I watched the free skate without knowing anything. Of course I could see something was off, so I came here to find this devastating news. What rotten luck. Nothing is easy or fair. Of course those two Olympic golds can never be taken away. My GPF trip is already set in stone, so I need to make the mental adjustment. Just shocked.
  12. I was partly thinking Raf’s Russian connection would make him a more acceptable choice for the fed. Another skater to TCC would be too controversial. It can be complicated where confidence comes from. It could be training methods and not simply a warm personal relationship. The work they did over the summer made a difference on the Challenger circuit. Also, look how Brezina turned things around!
  13. Simply bizarre commentary. This short goes in with his all-time best performances. So much charisma, spins looking amazing (the wonderful running transition into the sit is back!). That jump in attitude position gave me chills. So odd to think this does any harm to Johnny. It only burnishes his reputation and extends his professional skating career. From what I understand he was quite touched. I also wish Kolyada would move to Raf. He could be Yuzu’s best rival. In terms of pure quality he’s above Shoma and Nathan.
  14. I’ve been doing quite poorly, but at least it’s fun to preview who I’ll see at the next competition. One of these days Kolyada will come through for me, maybe... What results will help Kaori make the final?