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10 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



If one of the other members also gets a solo #1, will BTS be the only group that's done it? I know McCartney has #1s , but what about the other Beatles? 


Edited to add:


Answering my own question with the help of Google: all four of the Beatles had multiple solo #1s on BB, but they all came after the group broke up.  


Of the Supremes, only Diana Ross had solo #1s.


Jimin and BTS are so far the only group of the top 3 to have a member get a solo #1 while the group is still together. 


BTS is seriously on their way to matching the Beatles, or surpassing them, in terms of success.

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40 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

Wouldn't surprise me! 

It's HOT along that coast in Mexico now, if that's where anyone was thinking of being.  And the first season was done shooting in February.  And no word on whether it would be picked up for another season (at least on Amazon).  Tae must be working on something, but he's not giving any clues.


A change in Weverse shipping .  Not sure if it's good news, but I think it is.


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26 minutes ago, ralucutzagy said:




I like the song, I like the MV and Yoongi looks amazing! :heart:


I doubt we'll get anywhere close to what Jimin achieved, but we should be able to make IU the highest charting female soloist on the Hot 100. Currently it's Youjeen, when Wildflower hit #83. I believe the highest charting kpop female soloist that isn't on a BTS track, is Lisa at #90

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What do you all think of the song?


Love how he’s showing off his singing lessons here 🤣


I didn’t like IU’s part singing the chorus to be honest. It feels too repetitive throughout the entire song, like there is something missing. Don’t know how to explain it.

It’s definitely a more mature Agust D here and I love that.


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