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  1. Yuna’s dress It’s like trying to even out the loveliness of her SP dress....
  2. Really enjoyed Yuhana’s FS. Pity about the 3Lo - it looked pretty painful.
  3. Think they scored a little bit higher at SCI. But I agree I enjoyed this performance better than SCI. To be fair, I was pretty nervous at SCI between Rika and Yuzu, so I don’t know if that’s a good measure.
  4. My computer decided to crash after men’s. I guess it’s protesting. Still trying to get the stream for ice dance to work.
  5. Stands are so empty.... I still haven’t caught up for RD, but here we go!
  6. Gonna head to ice dance now because I’m done with this men’s event....
  7. I was thinking about that! I wonder if they would have given Makar more PCS if Shoma had gone for a triple and landed it.....
  8. Me too. Was so sure PCS would be lower since I felt like I was watching a jump show.
  9. Welp. Russian sweep of podium. Guess the complaining worked.
  10. I’m not used to being nervous for Shoma, but these last 2 competitions have been awww but Shoma and Stephane together in k&c
  11. I still find Brezina’s music too hurried and there’s too many pieces. This is like....a trip through Beatles hits for busy people.... Go Kazuki!
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