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  1. And I imagine even if Mae wanted to change coaches, it’s probably not so easy to do mid-season.
  2. Sounds like I should definitely get my iSakura subscription updated in time for 4CC. Wish I could understand Japanese commentary. But if it’s quieter, probably worth it anyways.
  3. My expectations for the circus that is ISU are so low that fairness in PCS is a pipe dream more unrealistic than befriending Yuzu. I would be *shocked* if they could even get tech calls and GOE’s close to right......
  4. Me too. I do really like her. I’m just even more for jumps being fairly called if there really was edge and UR issues. Let’s hope this keeps up in the final group......
  5. Couldn't watch it the FS live and trying to watch it now, but the youtube video on the ISU site is blocked for me? I've tried a handful of different VPN's but nothing seems to work. Anyone know where to watch the FS in full?
  6. I’m late because I was busy all day!! But here’s some: You can see the flag dragging on the ice lol. And we know Roman isn’t exactly short.
  7. I forgot which section our tickets are but won't be there till the men's event later!
  8. I hovered over the player and the bar appears at the bottom with the unmute function. It took me 3 tries of clicking on the screen and getting a pop up before the bar appears though.
  9. I thankfully only got sports gambling pop ups but it did eventually get to the stream.
  10. They recapped Nam at Skate Canada and there’s all these Yuzu banners in the background.
  11. This one!! It's fluff with Keegan right now! http://watch.crichd.to/tsn5-live-streaming
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