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  1. I'm in accounting, but not project accounting, so if anyone is more knowledgeable, please feel free to correct me. Also, I am speculating only. I would think planning for Worlds is something like planning for a wedding....with the advantage of having the cash upfront since tickets were paid for as early as May of last year. The revenue from ticket sales were probably used to pay for, at a minimum, the venue. Even for weddings, you usually have to foot the bill for the venue by the 1-month before the event timeline. I can't imagine for an event as big as Worlds that the Bell Centre would give the ISU a more lenient timeline. So, by this point (less than a week from the event), typically almost everything has been paid for. I don't actually believe the ISU has the free cash to refund all the tickets, because it's probably already all tied up in all the other expenses. Usually, the contract between the venue and the organizer would include a clause for "force majeure", which would basically release either party of the contractual obligations including the financial obligation in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance that stops either party from fulfilling the contract. Interestingly, I just had to review a contract with this clause 2 days ago - it doesn't include disease outbreak or threat of disease outbreak. That means the two parties would have to voluntarily release each other of the contract for them to get their money back, assuming this clause is the same in their contract. I speculated awhile ago that they were waiting for the QC government to step in and forcefully call it off in order to activate the clause. That doesn't seem to have happened so it's probably back to whether the Bell Centre and Evenko would give them a refund, for them to even have cash to refund us in a cancellation. The thing is though - I understand the financial aspect of it and maybe they don't have a choice on this front. What I don't get is why there's no precautions being taken with the audience. From everything I heard out of 4CC, they were on high alert about the virus and did a lot to make sure everyone was safe. Why isn't Worlds being given the same treatment when the COVID-19 is worse now than it was at the time of 4CC?
  2. My Airbnb and train tickets are non-refundable as well, so I’ve been thinking of what to do if Worlds does end up being cancelled. I actually have work to do that week and was going to do it in between the competition. If it’s not happening, it would be so stupid to take the vacation days to go to Montreal just to spend half my time working.
  3. I was debating sending a reply to confirm my attendance of the closing banquet. Too bad I already got the correction email that the original was sent in error.
  4. I’ve never been so happy to an option that’s not the ISU commentator.....I will opt to sit through odd Japanese commercials....
  5. I always think Kailani’s Lz entry is a bit strange.
  6. That’s the standard Skate Canada policy. They had the same one at SCI and at Canadian Nationals (I think ACI too?) and all 3 times, I got my camera in just fine. (While it’s not a DSLR, it’s definitely not a “small digital camera”.) I think it’ll really depend how strictly they reinforce it.
  7. If she knew, then that’s different. I must admit I didn’t watch the video. I figured giving it views would only encourage the behaviour. It was only a thought as I suddenly remembered the 2 fans I met at ACI.
  8. Well yes. All I meant was that where we draw the line may be different because of what each person has been taught as “acceptable”.
  9. I wonder if this is a Korean culture thing. And I don’t mean this maliciously. I met a couple of Korean fans of Jun at ACI. They were kind, respectful, never crowded anyone or did anything that I thought was “questionable fan behaviour”. But they did have this habit every one of those 3 days, to go outside and see his car off. I don’t think they chased him down but they would go wait and see him off. So I just wonder if maybe it’s a culture thing?
  10. No, sorry, I didn't think to ask. It only came up because she was trying to confirm what ticket I had to see if it's been issued. I think it may be because of batch processing. If you're concerned, you can email them with your order number and they can see if it's been issued. They got back to me pretty fast in email too, and asked me to call if I didn't get it by Monday (today). I think it's Skate Canada if it hasn't even been issued yet, and it's Evenko/Bell Centre if it's been issued but you didn't get it.
  11. Oh, this was from SCI to Kelowna. I'm (unfortunately) not going to 4CC.
  12. Can definitely confirm this.... He also ninja-ed his way onto the plane in Toronto pretty fast. @Veveco and I were at the gate 2 hours early, met, and started skater-watching to pass the time and never saw him....in fact, almost missed him sitting on the plane.....
  13. Hey all, I just called the Bell Centre to resolve my ticket issue, and the extremely kind lady I got on the phone provided some info - might be useful for someone here so I thought I'd share. - All-events have gone out, so if you haven't received yours, maybe call them. The lady I got was super nice, stayed on the phone with me until I saw the ticket in my email and everything. - Single day tickets are being rolled out in order of days (like Monday, then Tuesday, and so on) and it sounds like not all the days have gone out yet. Might be a couple days delay.
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