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  1. I think even the non-103 satellites would help us with that. Haha. My saving grace is that I also like and wanted to watch Ladies, so to buy single tickets for everything would be way more than what I paid for all event, even with better seats.
  2. At GP Helsinki, it was between 2 competitions so I just stayed for it because where would I go for like 40 minutes? There was a flag ceremony and I think the Finnish synchro team performed.
  3. Same. I looked on a whim; I probably shouldn’t have. I just can’t justify spending more money after almost $2K already. I’m in 103 too though!
  4. Does anyone know/remember whether the venue has wifi? I have work to do and if I’m just going to be standing outside for hours on Friday morning, I may as well get to it.
  5. It’s so you can just show the bracelet as you go in and out of the rink instead of them having to check tickets every time you leave to use the washroom or something. And Yes, they will give you the all-event bracelet, or all 3 bracelets, the first day if you want. Just show up with all 3 tickets the first time. Think doors opened half an hour before first practice last year?
  6. It's evening for me! So happy to give this new streaming thing a try. Do you have to be invited? Mine says "you've requested to join" but nothing is showing. Edit: looks like I'm joined now.
  7. I'm pretty sure the "no throwing gifts on the ice" was part of last year's rules too. A couple people threw gifts for the ladies' event the day before though, which the skaters themselves picked up, because there were no sweepers at the event. SC must have figured out that since they didn't reinforce it for the ladies' event, they should be better prepared for Yuzu though, lol - because there were suddenly a couple volunteers the next day for the mens' event. (I think it's probably why Yuzu helped out, because he knew they weren't actually sweepers.)
  8. I don’t think the 2019 schedule is out yet, but here’s the 2018 one to get a basic idea: http://www.isuresults.com/schedules/gpcan2018_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf It’s likely to be similar - Thursday practice, Friday SP, Saturday FP, Sunday gala. If you don’t mind missing practice, you can always travel in Thursday? - saves a day of time off work and a night of hotel cost. Re: transportation - some kind satellites had provided a lot of details about driving from Vancouver some pages back. Maybe check if those make you nervous? There seems to be some conditions about winter tires at that time of the year that you may need to make your rental car company aware of if you choose driving.
  9. Crossing my fingers too. It's ridiculous that I have paid and received a confirmation for a ticket and still fear not having a seat for an event. What are they doing?? My tips for first time travelling solo: - Give yourself plenty of time. You'll be much calmer if you know you have time to spare (for flights, etc.) than rushing. - Make sure you get into Kelowna during daylight. Because you don't know the place, you'll feel much better looking for your accommodations in broad daylight. And also less sketched out if you have to stop a stranger for directions during day time. - You can do some research ahead and Google Map some directions to give yourself a sense of how long it should take to get airport --> accommodations, and/or accommodations --> rink. Some people feel better if they feel at least a little prepared. That said, it's Kelowna in Canada. Should be pretty safe. Plus, it sounds like there's a lot of us going, so you might only be solo until you find the accommodations (I think a bunch of satellites said earlier in the thread they are staying in Samesun too if you end up there) or Thursday at the latest when we all go to the rink.
  10. Oh, I'm flying Toronto too! Hoping for the price to go down a bit too! Sounds like there'll be at least a few of us; so maybe I don't have to eat alone Sunday night.
  11. Can I ask what airlines you guys are flying to leave Kelowna on Sunday night? I'm checking my options and it seems like my only option is 8pm on that night, which I'm afraid might be a bit close, plus it'll be a red-eye for me which is usually terrible, so I am considering staying one more night and flying the next morning instead. And is there anyone staying Sunday night?
  12. I've heard recently of Swoop (https://www.flyswoop.com/), which I think is a new(-ish) budget airline?, but they don't fly Vancouver to Montreal. They only do Abbotsford to Hamilton (Ontario), so you'd have to find a way to Abbotsford, and also from Hamilton to probably Toronto and then to Montreal..... which I don't know if any money you save will be worth that hassle.... Our country is unfortunately not great at this budget airline thing.
  13. Definitely interested in sightseeing! Also looking forward to meeting some of you all!
  14. There is. I’ve emailed them to ask about it. I’ll give it a couple days before I make a phone call. Thanks for everyone’s help!
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