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3 hours ago, Fay said:

I couldn’t quite place it, it was clear it was close to the North of England. Northern East Midlands? 

Yorkshire.  My sister lives in Sheffield.  Used to go as a teenager to the ice rink.  Never got beyond skating forward. :67638860:

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2 hours ago, Henni147 said:



I share it here too, because I'd like to collect as many impressions as possible.

It can be absolutely anything that comes to your mind. Correct answers only.

1. I wish it would go on for two hours rather than two minutes.

2. Yuzu is in a class not with other humans but with phenomena like Yosemite or Chartres cathedral. 

3. In the realm of humans he arguably moves more beautifully than any other member of the species -- of this or any age. 


I've thought about #3 for a while and this is as good a time as any to make my case. I started by trying to think of any other type of movement that rivals FS for beauty. Acrobats, gymnasts, skiers, snowboarders and other athletes sometimes move beautifully. Dancers certainly do. But none of those disciplines combines the speed, the flow, the explosiveness, the defiance of gravity, the power and especially the delicacy that skaters display.  


So, if skaters move more beautifully than any other group of people, Yuzu moves more beautifully than any other person ever has. I take it as an absolute given, backed by the opinions of the vast majority of his peers -- coaches, choreographers, commentators, other skaters -- that he stands alone at the apex of the FS world. He is beautiful when still, but once in motion, he is as beautiful as it is possible for a human to be. 



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:animated-smileys-character-075:  the fanyus : I wanted what I have in France in Yuzu, other than the fruit and which you know  :peace2: and I came across this


https://www.yuzushop.fr/    which sell air conditioners and it is written (which will be translated later) : "YUZU the comfort accessible to all and to feel good at home" : is not it  :wink_star:    and also


https://yuzu-sas.fr/   which sell kitchens and bathrooms and crafts : therefore a good product (is not Yuzu who wants  :wink2: ) and why "Yuzu"? they speak of citrus / lemon and which was originally used to perfume bath water in Japan (surely the Onsens?) and its vitamin side well symbolizes the state of mind and the energy of the Yuzu team: well YES : softYuzu:


And for the chalenge impression of Fanyu by Henni and entirely in agreement with the answer of Zucritter (well your avatar) which brings together perfectly the feelings and emotions  :girlsigh:  and here EVERYTHING is said  :heartpound:   and on the other hand : why the cathedral of Chartr es ?? 

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On 9/19/2021 at 2:10 PM, Henni147 said:

I share it here too, because I'd like to collect as many impressions as possible.

It can be absolutely anything that comes to your mind. Correct answers only.

1. the world needs more Yuzu at all times

2. the original music fits the performance better

3. why can't people just accept Yuzu's music choices? His taste is impeccable and there is no need to re-edit with other music

4. I sound cranky, thinking that. 

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On 9/17/2021 at 6:10 AM, Mary_kyo said:

Definitely, the outcome should matter in a fair game. Correct evaluation of the athletes is the least any governing body should provide to award all those hard works properly. But when ISU goes for politicking game and even fans don’t know (or even care) about the rules, I can’t call figure skating a “ competitive sport”. Honestly, figure skating shouldn’t be near the Olympics stage at this point. I have no power to change this faulty system and that’s why I won’t care about Beijing, not because I belittle the athlete’s efforts. My brain says that I shouldn't care but I'm not sure how my heart will behave



Yes, underscoring and humiliating him was heartbreaking. They might have done everything to dethrone him but it feels like this has backfired and actually caused more passionate support from the fans. Watching him not giving up (although he has won everything), still keeping his ideal skating (although not appreciated by the judges), going for 4A (although he is mocked) makes him very inspirational. His struggles makes his journey more special and his successes more meaningful. I hope this epic journey will have a happy beautiful ending as he desires.


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BTW, I was watching Sasha’s recent free skate. I was thinking how her skate proved that Nathan’s legacy, that is, landing many quads in an empty program is not some far-fetched achievement. We will probably see this in near future again but how long it will take us to see another skater like Yuzu?


@Yuzuwinne and @Mary_kyo, I take comfort with your kind words and the sharing of your views which I totally agree with. Appreciate that I can lean on fellow satellites, esp. the seasoned ones in this Olympic season to help maintain my composure and sanity.:grouphug2:

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On 9/17/2021 at 7:49 AM, KendallKlaire said:

Absolutely agree.  This reminds me of what Oksana Baiul(?) said in a recent interview about how quads are impressive for a second, but what's interesting about the rest of the program? People get bored of things so fast. Sadly, as excited as I should be about women jumping quads, I am already bored or unimpressed by it because the girls doing them are mostly Eteri girls who seek to win above creating a complete program. Because I know that the judges will go crazy with points even without transitions, great skating skills, or interpretation, what even is figure skating now?

I, for one, cannot stay interested for long (if I can last till the end, let’s not even talk about rewatching) over programs that are either too athletic or artistic. On the contrary, my senses felt blessed after a Yuzu performance (including his competitive programs). He makes music through his unique blend of high technicalities and brilliant artistry, bringing out fully the mood/character alive, enabling his performances to outlast time. This, sets him apart from other talented figure skaters. Hence, I have no issues rewatching his older programs which are timeless acts eg. RJ1 and PW. He always brings with him element of surprises which keep viewers interested, excited and wanting more.

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On 9/19/2021 at 8:10 AM, Henni147 said:



I share it here too, because I'd like to collect as many impressions as possible.

It can be absolutely anything that comes to your mind. Correct answers only.


1. Yuzu's skating is beautiful.

2. Somehow using the same piece of music for these different programs highlights his dynamic range more than I think a montage of the same clips with their original music would.

3. Nevertheless I found it very uncomfortable to watch because of my strong associations between those clips and the original music. It just sounded wrong because I expected to hear something different. This effect was stronger when I had more emotional connections to a specific clip.

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