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Just now, Veveco said:

Not gonna lie, with the lack social distancing from skaters at the Nagoya festival,  I'm glad Yuzu went back to his secret cave :13877886: 

come on team Japan, didn't you listen to your senpai at JNats?? :13877886:


Ugh, yes. I'm really worried for Mai: I have a family member with the same disease, and we were told getting covid could trigger a flare-up. I don't want her to fall ill again when she's just gone into remission.


But yeah, I'm also so glad Yuzu is staying far away from all of that.

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17 hours ago, watermelonda said:

Hey guys I did a drawing of Yuzu but don't know what to do with the background/rest of it (currently it's just a white background). What do you guys think? I would love some ideas for what to do with the rest of it :)



Oh how beautiful! I'm not known for my artistic sense, but since it's HYK, can I just suggest light traces of wispy, dusky sunrise colours?

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hace 1 minuto , Veveco said:


From what I read on Twitter it seems that they are publishing a hand-written message from Yuzu to the healthcare workers:softYuzu:

Google translation:

“In a world where viruses are rampant, there are people who fight hard.
There are people who are at the forefront even if they endanger themselves and become physically and mentally exhausted.
Yuzuru Hanyu (26 = ANA), a figure skating boy, sent a handwritten message to Sponichi by the 5th under the title of "Medical personnel". With the thought I want to convey now.
Hanyu asks. Are we getting used to something?
Hanyu believes. When we unite beyond the individual, we can be the light.
And Hanyu is carved in the chest. The precious sparkle of the brave men who face life.
[Hereafter, the full text of Hanyu's message]
Medical professionals, are we living for you?
Are we making everyone happy?
Is there still light in your wishes and hopes?
There is very little I can do and I am not strong enough.
I think there is always something we can do.
In the darkness spreading in front of you,
As if the light of "us" was lit
We will live in the present with hope and determination.
I, we,
You are not numbers, not magic,
That it is an irreplaceable flame of life
I will never forget it.
 Yuzuru Hanyu”


ETA: We need to wait for a proper translation 😭

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39 minutes ago, Yuzu_legend said:

Newspaper with message from Yuzu?!:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:




Yuzu, you can't make me cry at my desk at work like that!


(Seriously. We haven't been hit all that hard yet here, but... from the bottom of my health care worker heart, thank you.)

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Young Yuzu! The video is posted by the end of the thread!!! 

This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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